My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1743

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When Hangjin woke up in a daze, he opened his eyes and saw that there was a little fool in his arms. It seemed that the drunk headache didn\'t hurt for a moment. He gently held her in his arms and gently took her with him: "little idiot, I didn\'t know how to take off my glasses when I was sleeping."

He took off his eyes for her and saw that her dark circles seemed to be heavier. He vaguely remembered that he had a high fever last night. The fool had no less work to take care of him.

Hang Jin flicked the tip of her nose, and the corner of her lips rose slightly involuntarily: "little four eyes, you still have a little conscience!"

"Brother Jin..."

"Well?" All of a sudden, I heard her call herself softly. For a moment, Hang Jin felt that he had an illusion. He fixed his eyes and saw that the little four eyes were talking, "what\'s the matter?"

"Don\'t......" Chi Yang Yang shakes his head, his expression looks very painful.

"Nothing?" Don\'t the girl let him near her in her dream? Thinking of this, Hang Jin\'s face was a little gloomy. "I just hate you?"

"Dad, mom Don\'t go. I\'m the central government. " Chi Yangyang suddenly reached out and grasped Hang Jin tightly. It was as tight as a life-saving straw. "Don\'t go! Don\'t go! Please don\'t go! "

"Chiyangyang, I\'m not your parents. Don\'t shout!" Hang Jin knew that she had another nightmare. He picked her up like a chicken and shook her twice. Finally, he pulled Chi Yang out of the nightmare.

The dream has awakened, but in the dream to see that terrible suffocating feeling is still. Chi Yangyang stared at Hang Jin tremblingly, and he pulled her back from the dark abyss.

"Chiyangyang......" Hang Jin roared, but he could not speak any more before the words came out, because Chi Yang suddenly threw himself into his arms, "brother Jin, hold me tight!"

When Chi Yangyang was born, Hang Jin knew the girl. She had known her for more than 20 years. She asked him to hold her for a few times, and he could count it with one hand.

He clearly remembered that the first time she asked him to hold her was when he was nine and she was six, when she was just in grade one of primary school.

At that time, there was a nationwide massacre in Jiangbei City. Her parents were busy with their work in those days, and her grandfather was not in Jiangbei, so she had to stay at home alone.

On that day, he sent her home after school as usual. When he learned that there was no one in her family, he asked her to go back to his home with him. But the girl was stubborn and unwilling, so he had to go back first, and then the nanny at home cooked food for her.

No one answered when he knocked at the door, so he had to take out her spare key to open the door. The door opened, and the room was dark. When he pressed the key to turn on the light, the light at home did not light up: "central pool..." He yelled and shouted several times, but no one responded. Just as he was walking towards her room, a small figure came to him in the corner. He knew it was her and caught her quickly. Then he heard her say, "brother Jin, hold

hold me."

Later, I found out that it was the short circuit in her home. She was black and scared at home alone. She made many calls to her parents, but no one answered. She was so scared that she hid until he came

Since then, as long as her parents and relatives are not at home, whether she wants to or not, he will stay at her home with her until her family comes back.

The second time, when she was in junior high school, there was a student violence in her school that year. A girl was undressed by several girls, took a video and posted it on the Internet. The girl jumped out of the building and killed herself.

The girl who committed suicide by jumping off a building is her best friend

When she knew it, she huddled in the place where the girl jumped for a few hours. When he heard the news, she saw him that day. Her tears broke the bank and said, "brother Jin, hold me!" The third time was the night when he came back from abroad not long ago. That night, she was drunk and confused, playing cute and saving cuddles in his arms: "brother Jin, I\'m your little four eyes, haven\'t seen you for so long, don\'t you want to cuddle me? Hee hee... "

She rubbed like a kitten in his arms and took the initiative to open her arms around him: "you hug me."

Every time, Chi Yang asked for a hug. Hang Jin kept it in mind. This time, she was also afraid. Only when she was afraid would she want his hug. Hang Jin can\'t say what she felt in her heart. She needs to meet her needs, and she only needs his loss when she\'s afraid. But the movement on his hand is not slow. He has long held her tightly in his arms as he said, freeing up a light hand

and caressed her back, as usual [comfort]: "what are you afraid of? If I\'m here, can someone eat you No? "

Well, it\'s OK that he doesn\'t speak. When he speaks, it\'s like a 250

Sure enough, as soon as he spoke, Chiyang Yang began to struggle, but he didn\'t let go. "You let me hold you. I held you and wanted to escape. You thought that my young master was the little suckling dog that you called and waved."

Chiyangyang: "..."

My heart ached with anger!

I knew that last night he was killed by a high fever. She took care of him all night after eating too much.

Hang Jin, the king of the world Chi Yangyang wished he could scold all the words he could scold him, but his brain had been short circuited by his anger, and he could not think of any more words.

"No more talking?"

"Go away!"

"Little four eyes, you little white eye wolf, you are fucking dying."

"Yes, I want to die. I have the ability to kill my mother!" Chi Yang Yang craned his neck and looked at death as if he were going home. Hang Jin couldn\'t help it.

Hang Jin: fuck

Chi Yangyang: "fuck!"

He thought only he could fuck, so could she!

Hang Jin: "..."

He\'s going to be pissed off by this idiot!

Chiyangyang: "..."

One day, she will turn over and abuse him.

Jingling bell!

A telephone call broke the ice.

Hang Jin picked up her mobile phone, turned out of bed, walked out of the room and just connected: "what\'s up?"

I don\'t know what he said over there, he said: "if he doesn\'t talk, you can\'t think of a way to let him talk?"? Why didn\'t I know you were useless? "

"Well, don\'t talk nonsense to me. I\'ll give you another morning. If you don\'t let him talk again, there will be good things waiting for you."


He hung up the phone, turned around and went back to his room to see that Chi Yangyang had got up. "Your boss didn\'t ask you to hand over the case to others. What are you doing so early?"

Chi Yangyang gave him a look: "idiot, do you think we have a single case?"

Hang Jin pulled up his sleeves. "I said you are a little idiot. Who are you talking about?"

Chi Yangyang: "who should I say?"

Hang Jin: "Oh, I think you are tired of living!" Chi Yangyang: "I said, if you have the ability, you can kill me. Otherwise, don\'t just shout."