My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1742

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Hearing her words, Hangjin\'s dim eyes suddenly brightened: "do you know?" "Um." Chi Yangyang was so overwhelmed by his weight that he could hardly stand straight, but he nodded, "I saw the picture on my desk that morning. She was the one who splashed you boiling water that day. It was really beautiful. If I were a man, I would like her, too. So if you like her, go for it boldly. I will never drag you down by virtue of my nominal "wife" status. "

"You really want to piss me off!" Hang Jin\'s eyes dimmed little by little. Looking at her face, he felt as if she had been taken away from her. He said, "Chi Yang, the woman I like is you."

"Me? Ha ha... " Chi knows that he shouldn\'t laugh at this time, but it\'s more ridiculous than a joke.

Hang Jin, the son of a bitch, doesn\'t drink badly at ordinary times. How much did he drink today? He\'s drunk enough to say that he likes such nonsense.

"What are you laughing at?" Hang Jin shook his fist and wished he could beat her hard. "Chi Yang, you don\'t know. I like you all the time. "

"Well, you like me. I didn\'t know before, but now I know. Darling, let\'s go home first. " He said like it, she and a drunk ghost care about what.

"Little four eyes, I really like you!" If it wasn\'t for drinking, hang Jinding couldn\'t say such a thing, and it was after his first confession was ridiculed.

"Well, you like me. I\'m your favorite. I like you, too. Your favorite person is you. Brother Jin! " Chi felt that he was about to vomit.

"You like me?" Hang Jin took Chi\'s hand and said, "pull the hook! You can\'t repent if you pull the hook. You little girl can only like me. You can\'t like other people. "

"Good, hook!" Chi Yangyang scolds him for being childish, but he still pulls the hook with him. Anyway, it can\'t be taken seriously. It\'s like when he promised not to bully her when he was a child, he bullied her again and cried.

"You are my little daughter-in-law!" Hang Jin grinned like a big fool.

"Yes, I am your little daughter-in-law." He felt that his weight was getting heavier and heavier. Looking up, Hang Jin, the son of a bitch, fell asleep.

"Son of a bitch, I don\'t have anything to drink. I\'ll try my best to make trouble for this girl." It took Chiyang Yang nine cows and two tigers to help Hang Jin get on the bus and fasten his seat belt for him. "Be nice, grandson. Don\'t move. Grandma will take you home."

She was going to let Hang Jin ride in the back seat, but even if he got drunk like this, he didn\'t want to. He just sat in the front seat.

Chi Yangyang really doubts whether this grandson intentionally pretends to be drunk to cure her, but it doesn\'t look like he\'s so good at acting.

When Chi Yang Yang drove, she looked at Hang Jin from time to time. Seeing that he was honest, she speeded up her speed. In more than half an hour, she finally got Hang Jin back home.

Hang Jin is drunk and lies down. When Chi Yang Yang helps him to the bed and lies down, she feels that she is almost exhausted. But Hang Jin still hasn\'t stopped. He yells, "little four eyes, I\'m thirsty. Pour me a glass of water."

Chi Yangyang would like to pour a cup of rat medicine to Hang Jin and poison him to death, but killing is worth her life. She doesn\'t want to exchange her precious life for his cheap life.

She poured a cup of lukewarm boiled water and handed it to him, but he didn\'t reach for it. It seemed that he was drunk. He couldn\'t help it, so he had to help him up and feed him water patiently.

Hang Jin leaned on her bosom, and she was really like a little grandson, which made Chi Yangyang\'s heart soften and couldn\'t help but look at him more.

From her point of view, I can see Hang Jin\'s eyelashes. Hang Jin\'s eyelashes are very long and beautiful, especially on his face. They don\'t match him very well.

If he is not so arrogant at ordinary times, in fact, he is very popular. Unfortunately, no matter how good his appearance is, he can\'t resist the annoying temperament.

So in the eyes of Chiyang Yang, Hang Jin, a man, has no good-looking appearance.

She kneaded his face hard, and kneaded it into all kinds of Ugliness: "ugliness, ugliness, makes you do evil things."

"Little four eyes..." Hang Jin suddenly called out to her. He was so scared that Chi Yang quickly released his hand. "What\'s wrong with you, sir?"

"What you said is not a word!" They were almost asleep drunk, but Hang Jin still hung on that she liked him.

"Mr. hang, do you know who is waiting for you now? You are so affectionate that I believe you. " Fortunately, she was very rational. She would not believe it until she knew that this man could figure out all the bad ways for her.

If you believe it, the grandson will spread rumors about her secret love for it tomorrow.

"Lie down and don\'t move, or I will throw you out of the window." After feeding the water, Chi Yang put Hang Jin into the bed.

She went to the bathroom to get a towel to wipe his face. When she helped him wipe his face, she didn\'t forget to take revenge. She pinched him twice every now and then.

After everything was done, she thought that when she was finally relieved, she suddenly found that Hang Jin\'s temperature was very high. She immediately put her face on his forehead. Damn it, she really had a high fever.

Hang Jin is a man who can\'t catch cold for 360 days a year. Why did he suddenly have a high fever today?

Chi Yangyang is in a hurry

She is also not easy to catch a cold and have a fever. There is no standby antipyretic at home. At this time, the drugstore may be closed.

No matter whether the drugstore is closed or not, Chiyang Yang is still in a hurry downstairs. The drugstore in the community building has been closed. She walked several traffic lights before finding a drugstore that is still in business.

Buy medicine to rush home, Chi Yang Yang has been busy sweating.

But when he got home, Hang Jin lay on the ground.

"Hang Jin, how did you get on the ground?" If she didn\'t wake him up, she tried her best to drag him back to bed.

She said that she must have owed him too much in her last life. In this life, she has come to repay her debts. She has a cold and a fever, and he can roll to the ground.

Usually, it doesn\'t matter if he rolls on the floor. Today, she won\'t let him lie on the floor for a whole night.

What\'s more, he\'s ill, and he won\'t go back to his home to let his mother take care of him. It\'s her who works hard.

It\'s also the Civil Affairs Bureau who is off work. Otherwise, she has to take advantage of his drunkenness and pull him to get the divorce certificate. After that, she will go her own way and nobody will bother him.

Every cell in Chi Yangyang\'s body repels Hang Jin. However, he takes good care of him. He feeds him with antipyretics and takes his temperature from time to time By the time his fever subsided, it was almost dawn. He was so sleepy that he fell asleep beside him.