My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1740

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Hang Jin: stupid

Chi Yangyang: "just you..."

Before she finished speaking, Hang Jin once again blocked her back in her mouth.

Even in the police station, there were Zhao Ziqian and other people around, but Hang Jin seemed to see no one else at all, and he was so domineering that he almost kissed Chi Yang violently.

His kiss, as savage and unreasonable as he was, could not be resisted by Chi Yang.

Chi Yangyang felt scared and tried to push him. It didn\'t work. Or when he had kissed enough, she just escaped from his arms: "Hang Jin, what the hell are you doing?"

Chi Yangyang\'s face was red, angry and ashamed. He stepped on him and ran away.

Zhao Ziqian and others haven\'t calmed down from the scene of surprise until the voice of Lord Hang Jin rings: "just watch it, don\'t talk about it, especially don\'t make her feel embarrassed in front of Chi Yang."

The woman of Chiyang Yang rejected him from her heart and was not willing to disclose their relationship. Hang Jin, no matter how tyrannical and shameless she was, still had to take her feelings into consideration.

Zhao Ziqian can mix up to today, is also a personal Elite: "just what happened?"

Other police officers: "team Zhao, I just called you from above."

"Is it?" Zhao Ziqian looks at Hang Jin and smiles flatteringly. "Hang Shao, I\'m still busy, so I won\'t send you off. Please walk slowly. Welcome to visit again next time Oh, no, no, no, welcome one hundred to inspect our work. "

Hang Jin: "a group of useless rice buckets."

These people, before and after knowing his real identity, have different attitudes, which makes him really unhappy.


Hang Jin didn\'t expect that Chi Yangyang didn\'t run away. She could still wait for him at the door of the police station, but her face was still smelly, which proved that she was really angry just now.

He strode to her side and naturally put his arm on her shoulder, but next second he was shot off by Chi Yang: "don\'t touch me!"

Hang Jin smiled indifferently: "don\'t let me touch you. You are still waiting for me here. You are such an idiot."

Chi Yang Yang glared at him fiercely: "who is waiting for you?"

Hang Jin shrugged: "otherwise? Are you waiting for another wild man? "

However, the answer to Hang Jin is not that of Chi Yang, but that of Jiang Zhen. Jiang Zhen\'s face was still expressionless, and he could not see any happiness, anger, sorrow or happiness from his face. However, when Hang Jin saw him, he was extremely upset. He forced chi yang to his arms: "Chi Yang, are you transparent when you are my young master? I\'m still here, so you\'re busy meeting wild men. "

"Hang Jin, you\'d better not offend me," he said

This girl, did you dare to eat bear heart leopard today?

However, most of the time, it was Chiyang who was bullied by him to be obedient, but she was really upset. This girl was also hurled at people.

He really experienced it.

But who is Hang Jin? If he knew how to step back, he would not have liked Chi Yangyang for so many years. Chi Yangyang still knew nothing about his heart, and even thought that he would not give up until he killed her.

"He said:" Oh, little four eyes, who gave you the courage to dare to cross in front of this young master

Chiyang didn\'t want to talk to him. He broke off his hand and went to Jiangzhen. Just after taking a step, he was dragged back by Hang Jin: "Chiyang, you dare to take another step."

Chiyangyang: "..."

Looking at the scene in front of him, Jiang Zhen still didn\'t have too much expression. He looked at Chi Yangyang and said lightly, "Yangyang, if it\'s inconvenient for you, we\'ll talk later."

Like Hangjin, he dragged the pool center behind him: "it\'s not convenient for her any day."

Jiang Zhen didn\'t pick up Hang Jin. He smiled at Chi Yang and turned back.

As soon as Jiang Zhen left, Chi Yang was so angry that he stepped on Hang Jin again and said, "Hang Jin, are you going to make me lose this job? Are you just satisfied?"

Hang Jin: "you deal with dead people every day in this job. Don\'t forget it."

"Hang Jin!" Chi Yangyang roared out his name, and suddenly his eyes turned red. When his nose was sour, she would cry. But she looked up and tried to force the tears back. After a long time, she said, "Hang Jin, you really want to kill me, are you satisfied?"

For the first time, he didn\'t know how to contradict her. Chi Yangyang inhaled his nose and forced his grievances and afflictions back into his stomach: "Hang Jin, I know you hate me. I hate me since I was a child. I\'m trying to get rid of me. I wish I could kill me. But I beg you to do well. Please let me go for a while. When I find the murderer of my parents, I\'ll disappear from your eyes. I won\'t get in your eyes any more. "

"You know?" All of a sudden, Hang Jin smiled bitterly. "Chi Yang Yang, you idiot, you fucking know what a fart!"

He wanted to live with her all his life, and this idiot always thought he hated eating her.

Leaving his words, Hang Jin left angrily.

Chi Yang was so angry that he could do nothing but stamp his feet in place.

It was clear that he had made her angry, but at last it seemed that she had made him angry.

Is there justice at the end of the day?


Hang Jin left first. Chi had to drive by herself, but instead of going home, she went to the hospital first to see her grandfather.

Before entering the ward, Chi Yang adjusted his mood. He didn\'t want grandpa to worry about her, but she said two words just when she entered the room, and the old man was very careful.

Grandpa Chi rubs the head of central Chi: "central, are you not happy?"

Chi Yangyang tried to smile: "No." Grandpa Chi knew that she was trying to be brave and didn\'t break it down. Instead, he changed the topic: "Yang Yang, grandpa didn\'t think about it carefully last night, so he arranged a blind date for you. Today, when is the age when there are so many people who don\'t want to marry but don\'t have children? As long as our central bank is comfortable and married or not, what does it matter if we want to have children. So don\'t worry about what grandpa said last night. Live the life you want to live. "

Grandpa, who is in his seventies, has the thought of the older generation no matter how enlightened he is. Not getting married and not having children is absolutely not what he thinks. He said that, he certainly does not want to give her pressure. Chi Yang knows that.

Grandpa thinks about her everywhere. How can she be selfish enough to ignore the old man\'s idea.

She smiled: "Grandpa, in fact, I plan to marry him, and he is also the one I want to have children with. I will bring him to see you officially some other day."

Hearing this, Grandpa Chi was happy. Excitedly, he grabbed Chi\'s hand: "Yang, is it true?"

"Pool Yang Yang nods:" of course it is true Grandpa Chi danced with joy like a child: "our central bank is so excellent, which man we central bank look at must be the blessing he built in his last life."