My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1739

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What the hell is Hang Jin doing?

How to make yourself like this?

Is his blood his or someone else\'s?

Chi Yangyang held his shaking fist tightly, and looked at Hang Jin from top to bottom again and again to make sure that he was OK. The suffocation in his heart just disappeared: "I\'m asking you something."

"Why am I here?" Hang Jin smiled, an expression that Lao Tzu was not afraid of heaven and earth. "Where can I still report to you?"

"You..." Chi Yangyang was so angry that he bit his teeth. Hang Jin, the two hundred and five, did he know what he was doing? This is the scene of the murder. Does he think it\'s for fun?

Chiyang Yang wanted to ignore him and let Zhao Ziqian take him back and shut him up for 180 days, but he couldn\'t help walking towards him. She approached him and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear: "Hang Jin, I don\'t care if you are making a fool of yourself. Now there\'s a homicide here. The murderer hasn\'t been caught yet. You happen to appear here covered with blood. If you don\'t make it clear today, you are not the murderer, and I can\'t save you. " "How do you know I\'m not a murderer?" Chi Yangyang\'s words are very common, but when she heard Hang Jin\'s ears, they were very unusual. The girl had a little conscience. Before he said that he had not killed anyone, she decided that he was not the murderer.

Well, very well, this stupid girl is not stupid at this time.

Chi Yangyang\'s face turned white with rage: "what are you talking about? Is this the time to make a fool of yourself? " Chi Yangyang, a stupid woman, chooses to believe in herself, which makes Hang Jin in a good mood. He reaches out his hand and pinches her face: "I know what I\'m doing. Go away, don\'t stop me from doing things." He looked at Zhao Ziqian again and said, "put your gun away. If you hurt my young master by fire, you will not have ten lives to die." With Hang Jin\'s skill, Zhao Ziqian has no ability to hurt him. What Hang Jin is worried about is that Zhao Ziqian\'s gun might hurt Chiyang, a little idiot, in case of fire This little idiot usually avoids him like a snake and a beast. At this time, she doesn\'t even roll when she rolls around.

she knows to sing against him all day long. It\'s very hateful.

Zhao Ziqian ignored Hang Jin, but looked at Chi Yangyang beside him: "Yang Yang, do you know?"

Chi Yangyang glanced up at Hang Jin. She didn\'t want to admit that she knew this son of a bitch in front of outsiders, but she said, "well, we\'ve known each other since childhood."

Although he concealed the fact that Hang Jin was her legal husband, Chi felt that he knew him from an early age, and he should also be able to express the relationship between them, which Zhao Ziqian should understand.

"You\'ve known each other since childhood? Have you seen him in this period of time? " Zhao Ziqian slowly put away his gun, but his eyes were still on Hang Jin, as if he could shoot Hang Jin\'s head as long as he dared to do something.

"Yes. Almost every day... " When Chi Yangyang said this, he thought of the fact that Hang Jin was not at home these two nights, and suddenly became stuttered, "he, he..." "Although Hang Jin is arrogant, domineering and self righteous, and has no social morality, he certainly won\'t kill people." Later, Chi also wanted to tell Zhao Ziqian, but as a forensic doctor, she was very clear. Whether she killed

people or didn\'t kill people, she had to show real evidence, so she swallowed this sentence back to her stomach and looked at Hang Jin worried. "Central bank, from now on, you will hand over all the work related to this case to Xiao Fan, and you will go home for a rest during the holiday." The person who interrupted suddenly was Jiang Zhen. His eyes swept over Hang Jin. There was no mood fluctuation. It seemed that there was no unhappiness between them last night.

"Teacher, I......" Chi wants to help Zhao Ziqian solve the cases as soon as possible, but now Hang Jin is involved in these cases. With her "husband and wife relationship" with Hang Jin, she really should avoid suspicion. "Yang Yang, since you know each other, you are really not suitable to continue with this case." It\'s not that they can\'t trust Chi Yang. Anyone should avoid this situation. Zhao Ziqian is also dissatisfied with Hang Jin\'s arrogant attitude, and his tone of voice is not polite "No wonder we can\'t solve the case in so many days. A group of people only know how to catch ordinary people. It\'s strange that they can solve the case. " After that, Hang Jin looked to Chi Yang and lowered his head to her ear and whispered, "I\'m not a murderer. These rabbits can\'t help me. Go home and wait for me. You\'d better fry two dishes and prepare two more liquors."

Chi Yangyang is speechless. At this time, does Hang Jin think it\'s just a fight?

This is a murder! A series of murders with a very bad plot!

Don\'t think about it until you find the real killer.


After Zhao Ziqian took Hang Jin back to the police station, Chi Yangyang went back to the forensic department to hand over her work. After the hand over, she hurried to the Criminal Police Brigade and heard that Hang Jin had been asked into the interrogation room for half an hour.

Because she didn\'t understand the situation of the interrogation room, Chi Yangyang was so anxious that she couldn\'t sit still. She found a familiar criminal police Consultant: "brother Wang, that suspect has been in for so long, how is the situation now?"

"The criminal police said:" Yang Yang, you know, in general, this kind of big case is interrogated by Zhao team in person, and the news can\'t reach me

But just then, Hang Jin and Zhao Ziqian came out of the interrogation room.

Hang Jin walked ahead, proud as a cockerel who defeated. Zhao Ziqian follows him, bows his head and bows his waist. There is no way that a captain of the criminal police should look like.

There was a 180 degree reversal of the situation, and Chi Yang was shocked. He couldn\'t help exclaiming: "it\'s a cow to have a powerful family background!"

Hang Jin strode over to catch Chi Yang: "little four eyes, I didn\'t do anything illegal and criminal. They should have let people go. It\'s half a dime to do with my family background?"

Chiyangyang: "..."

She believes he didn\'t kill, but isn\'t the trial too far off?

Zhao Ziqian is not selfless, he just let such a big criminal suspect go?

"Small four eyes son, this young master is free, you are not happy?" Hang Jin suddenly picked up her face, which made Chi Yang stare, "what are you doing?"

"I\'m very happy today," said Hang Jin with a smile


He understood that Hang Jin\'s brain was really different from that of ordinary people: "you are a criminal suspect now, you are still happy, and what\'s wrong with you?"

Hang Jin: what do you know Chi Yangyang: "I Well, you know! "