My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1736

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I don\'t know why. Hearing Hang Jin\'s words, Chi Yangyang breathed a sigh of relief quietly. Just now, his restless heart was calm.

Grandpa Chi coughed softly: "master hang, we are talking about business. Don\'t make trouble."

"Old man, I take care of xiaosiyan. Don\'t bother to help him find someone else." Hang Jin took off his shirt in his hand. Did he wipe it on his body for a while? "I take care of her, don\'t you feel relieved?" "I don\'t trust you." Don\'t see that Hang Jin is OK. As soon as he sees grandpa Hang Jin Chi, he feels that his brain melon seeds hurt. He immediately points to Chi Yang, "I said that young master of Hang family, open your bright red phoenix eyes and have a good look at me

our Yang Yang."

"I\'m looking. What\'s the matter?" Not only look, Hang Jin also reached out and kneaded the face of Chi Yang, "the little four eyes are really a little ugly, but the skin is still good, full of collagen."

Listen to Hang Jin. Grandpa Chi is very dissatisfied. What\'s wrong with his children? But now is not the time to argue whether he is ugly or not. He just wants Hang Jin to think that Chi Yangyang is really ugly: "yes, yes, you are right. You see, the child in Yangyang is as thin as a bamboo pole, without any sense of beauty. It\'s also rustic to wear clothes. I wear black suits every day, like a little old woman. There is also the myopia to five or six Baidu have it, do not wear glasses is a little blind, the key is that she also wear this kind of black frame glasses Anyway, she is not worthy of you, young master hang. "

"Grandpa, am I still your granddaughter?" How can grandpa damage her so much in front of Hang Jin.

Look, Hang Jin\'s son of a bitch is about to become a peacock. "Old man, I know that little four eyes are so ugly that they don\'t deserve me. The woman who is worthy of my Hang Jin may not have been born in the end of the day. Am I going to fight a bachelor all my life because others are ugly? " It\'s clear that Grandpa Chi\'s words are polite, but he, uncle hang, accepted them politely. He pushed his face close to him and said, "look at my face, old man. Look at my face. I promise that if she marries me and we have a baby, your family\'s genes will be better in the future.

this bastard is so arrogant that his tail is almost cocked up to the sky. Grandpa Chi only feels that blood is flowing up to the forehead and almost faints him: "cough..."

Do evil!

How could such a lovely and sensible girl in his family be so entangled by such a god of plague.

Hang Jin didn\'t know his arrogance at all. Maybe he didn\'t know it, but he was always his biggest: "old man, you say I\'m right."

"Hang Jin, there is no business for you here. You can go back first." Chi Yanyang forces Hang Jin out of the ward and leaves him here to make a fool of himself. He has to die.

Chi Yangyang drives away Hang Jin and goes back to the ward. Grandpa Chi, who is just coughing out of his lungs, has nothing to do with it. Instead, he looks at Chi Yangyang excitedly: "Yang Yang, are you refusing Jiang Zhen because of Hang family?"

"By the way, why hasn\'t Mr. Jiang Zhen turned on the water and come back?" Chiyangyang deliberately digs the topic, but the old man doesn\'t eat her, "little girl, answer me well."

Chi Yangyang scratched his head: "Grandpa, you think more. It\'s even more impossible for me and Hang Jin. You don\'t know how he bullied me when I was growing up. "

Grandpa Chi said, "I don\'t care. Anyway, you have to choose one of them today. If you don\'t, I will..."

If he wants to say no, I won\'t take medicine, but he still loves his granddaughter. After all, he doesn\'t say anything. Instead, he acts like a child: "Yang Yang, Grandpa wants to hold his great grandson."

Chi Yangyang: "Grandpa......"

She has no mind to find children now.

But grandpa Chi insisted on this matter: "Yang Yang, Grandpa just wants to find someone to accompany you and share some pressure for you."

Some words, Grandpa Chi didn\'t say, but he understood.

Grandpa is not in good health. She always worries that she will leave one day suddenly, leaving her alone and unattended.

Chi wants to make the old happy very much, but it\'s not a joke to get married and have children. It\'s a lifetime event. You can\'t make fun of other people\'s lives.

But she really doesn\'t want to make the old man sad. Can she find a man to have a baby and make the old man happy?

When he had this idea, the first person he thought of was the devil of Hangzhou. Anyway, he got it. Let him help her to have a baby.

At this time, Hang Jin was blocking Jiang Zhen from the ward: "Jiang Zhen, right?"

Jiang Zhen doesn\'t even look at Hang Jin, let alone talk to him.

Hang Jin didn\'t take it seriously, and still went his own way: "boy, I warn you, put away your little careful thought. Chiyangyang is the woman of Laozi. Don\'t even think about it

With that, Hang Jin was about to leave. Jiang Zhen, who had been silent for a long time, said, "I certainly don\'t just think about it."

Hang Jin looks back abruptly. His eyes are always sharp and cold. He can almost make people\'s souls: "dare you!"

Jiang Zhen smiled and didn\'t speak again. He walked away from Hang Jin.


After grandpa Chi fell asleep, Chi Yang came out of the ward with full of worries. Who expected to open the door, he met Hang Jin.

He leaned against the wall, naked, with a cigarette in his hand. He saw that Chi Yang had a big head. He took the cigarette out of his hand before two steps: "hospitals can\'t smoke, don\'t you have common sense?"

Hang Jin: "I\'m happy!"

Chi Yangyang said helplessly, "well, you\'ll be happy. It\'s not early. Let\'s go back first."

Hang Jin stretched out his long arm and took the waist of chi yang to the Huaili area: "go home."

Maybe he was used to the tyranny of Hang Jin. Chi Yang didn\'t struggle. He lived in his warm arms and rubbed his face on his naked chest, which made Hang Jin itch and scold "the grinding goblin".


On the way home, Chi Yangyang was sleepy. He sat in the vice driver\'s seat and soon fell asleep. Hang Jin leaned against the side of the road and covered her with a blanket. Then he went on.

After more than half an hour\'s drive, he didn\'t wake up when he got home. Hang Jin picked her up carefully: "little four eyes, I said you are a pig, and you really treat yourself as a pig."

Chi Yangyang really sleeps like a pig, so he doesn\'t wake up.

Hang Jin wanted to wake her up by biting her twice, but seeing the black circles under the stupid woman\'s eyeglasses, he felt another pang of heartache. He pushed her head to her chest, just right at his heart. Married such a pig than the stupid woman, not her baby, can not divorce?