My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1735

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"Get out of the car first. I\'ll find a parking space and come in a moment." Hang Jin parked his car at the gate of the hospital. There was a very hard to see gentleness in his voice, but Chi didn\'t care. He got off the car and went to the inpatient department.

Before, she would go to see her grandfather at least twice a week. Recently, because of Hang Jin\'s obsession, she hasn\'t visited the old man for half a month, so she doesn\'t know if he is ill.

Chi Yangyang was so upset that she slapped her head hard. She was left with such a family member. Isn\'t the past lesson enough? She didn\'t know how to cherish it.

But when he arrived at the old man\'s ward, he heard the old man\'s laughter at the door: "well, listen to you young people." It sounds good. It doesn\'t sound like illness.

Chi Yangyang pushes the door into the room: "Grandpa......"

Before she had finished speaking, she saw Jiang Zhen, who was beside her grandfather\'s bed: "old teacher, how are you here?"

Jiang Zhen looks back and takes a look at Chi Yang Yang. He avoids watching with him without trace: "call the old man tonight. I\'ll come and have a look when I hear that he is ill."

"Yang Yang, you are here." Grandpa Chi smiled and waved, "come here, let Grandpa have a good look at you."

"How do you know grandpa?" he asked

Grandpa Chi said, "Jiang Zhen studied with your mother for two years before going abroad to study. Now your mother is gone, but the feeling is still there. He will come to see me."

"Oh." Chiyang Yang really doesn\'t know that Jiang Zhen has this relationship with his mother, so does Jiang Zhen care for her these days because of her mother\'s relationship? "Yang Yang, sit down quickly. Grandpa has something to talk with you." Grandpa Chi took Chi\'s hand and patted her gently on the back of her hand. "I didn\'t pay attention to it at ordinary times. Now I look carefully. My little girl is really a big girl.

chi yang yang pulled up the quilt and put it on Grandpa Chi: "Grandpa, if you have something to say, Yang Yang will listen."

Grandpa Chi looked at him, then turned his eyes to Jiang Zhen, looked back and forth for a while, and then said, "do you remember that young talent grandpa mentioned to you a few days ago?"

"Grandpa..." In that case, Chi thought that Grandpa just mentioned it casually, but later he forgot. Unexpectedly, he mentioned it in front of an outsider, which made her a little embarrassed.

Jiang Zhen didn\'t talk much, but he was flexible in his mind: "you talk first, old man. I\'ll fetch a pot of boiling water."

"Good." Grandpa Chi watched Jiang Zhen leave. After a while, he just took back his eyes: "what do you think of your teacher Jiang? To be honest, don\'t cheat Grandpa. " "Mr. Jiang is very kind. He is young, good-looking, talented and cultured. He is polite and polite to people. He never bullies people because he is older than others." When it comes to Jiang Zhen, Chiyang really thinks that he is very good, especially when he is compared with the second ancestor of Hang Jin naxiao.

Grandpa Chi\'s face was happy: "so you agree?"

"Grandpa, what do I agree with?" he said

Grandpa Chi said, "of course, I agree to associate with Jiang Zhen." Chi Yangyang also didn\'t drink water. If he drank water, he would choke to death: "Grandpa, what do you say? He is my predecessor in the Bureau. How can I have other ideas about him. Don\'t say these words, or how can I work in the future.

”Grandpa Chi grabbed Chi\'s hand and said, "girl, you just said that he is excellent. You want to deny it." "Grandpa, do I have to deal with all the excellent men? In that case, there are so many excellent men in the world. I have to change a few boyfriends a day. " "Grandpa, first of all, I don\'t want to say that I would like to

not to say that I don\'t want to. Even if he is a teacher of Renmin Jiang, he won\'t either."

"Who says he won\'t? He just promised me." Grandpa Chi\'s face was proud, as if he was saying that the little girl wanted to cover me, but there was no way.

Chi Yangyang was surprised and opened his mouth: "did the teacher agree?"

At the end of the day, how could she suddenly find that she was a little dizzy? What exactly is this? How could she not figure it out for a while.

Grandpa Chi said: "Yang Yang, Grandpa\'s body is getting worse every day. Maybe one day he will leave suddenly But Grandpa, don\'t worry about you. If Grandpa leaves, what should you do with a little girl movie? "

"Grandpa, I have..."

Damn it, why hasn\'t Hang Jin come here? If he is here at this time, she can use him to block it.

Fortunately, Jiang Zhen hasn\'t come back yet. Otherwise, the scene will be so embarrassing that people can drill holes. "Yang Yang, I know that you are all looking for the murderer of your parents. Grandpa wants to find the murderer, but grandpa wants to tell you that we have to find the murderer, and we have to live a good life." Thinking of his daughter and son-in-law, the old man unconsciously wet his eyes, but he is stubborn enough not to show his sadness in front of the child.

The more the old man is like this, the more painful he is. She stands up and embraces the old man with open arms. She can\'t say a word. She knew that Grandpa must be more miserable than him.

After a long time, the old man said slowly, "if your parents are alive, they must hope you marry a man who loves you and live a good life. Don\'t carry anything on your shoulders."

"Grandpa..." Chi Yangyang bit his lips hard, forcing back the tears in his eyes. "I\'ve known Jiang Zhen for several years. We all see him as a very good man. If he will accompany you in the future, Grandpa will die... " Later, the old man didn\'t say anything. He was afraid that his children would be sad.

Death, the word, is the word that Chi Yangyang is most afraid to touch after her parents were killed. After several efforts, she just suppressed the pain in her heart: "Grandpa......"

"Damn it, those dogs that don\'t have eyes, even my young master dare to throw them." When the arrogant voice of Hang Jin came, people rushed in and broke the sad atmosphere accumulated in the ward.

As soon as he turned his head, he saw Hang Jin drenched like a drowned chicken.

She swore that she didn\'t want to laugh, but she couldn\'t control herself when she saw him embarrassed

Seeing the appearance of Hang Jin, Grandpa Chi frowned: "how come the young master of Hang family?" Hang Jin took off his shirt and wiped his body casually: "old man, you\'re going to have a blind date with Xiao Siyan. How can I do if I don\'t come?"