My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1732

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It\'s up to chi yang to figure out for himself. Maybe it\'s harder than climbing to the sky. LAN Feiyang is so anxious to help Hang Jin. "Yang Yang, in fact, the fourth brother asked me to bring you here."

"He asked you to bring me here?" "If I think about it a little bit, I should guess it\'s him!" he said

She said that how considerate she is at ordinary times. Today I know that she is busy with her work and pesters her to come out. She must have been threatened by Hang Jin.

What kind of game does Hang Jin want to play? He\'s going to have a blind date. He has to be brought here to watch maliciously. How boring is his day? Looking at the reaction of Chiyang, LAN Feiyang knew that her explanation didn\'t help Hang Jin but had a bad effect. She opened her mouth and tried to explain it again. But because she knew the brain circuit of Chiyang, how could she go to the unfriendly aspect

and wanted to go, she just shut up.

After all, love is such a thing that others can\'t help if they are clear about it. Only when the parties are willing can they do it: "then go back and do it quickly. We\'ll have a good chat sometime."

"Sister Feiyang, you should go back earlier. I\'ll go first." Chi Yangyang raised his hand again and looked at the time. It was time to ask for leave. She had to hurry up and go back. She could not drop the chain at such a critical time, leaving a bad impression on Jiang Zhen.

But when she hurried out of the coffee shop, a long leg suddenly stretched out, stopped her, let her body lean forward, straight to the ground.

Scared her to scream, but someone got her back in time.

It\'s very dangerous!

I almost fell.

She patted her chest and sighed. She looked up to say thank you to the people who helped her. At this moment, she knew that it was Hang Jin who grabbed her. So it was him who just stretched out her feet to stop her and hurt her.

No matter how good his temper is, Chi Yang can\'t bear to be tricked by him again and again. She glared at the arrogant and arrogant Hang Jin angrily: "I apologized to you for what I said wrong yesterday. What do you want?"

It\'s OK not to mention what he said yesterday. When he mentioned Hangjin, he was more angry: "I really want you to die!"

Chiyangyang also has a temper: "then let me fall to death, why still reach out to pull me back."

Hang Jin: "I let you fall to death so easily. Who will play with me in the future?"

Chiyangyang: "..."

I want to scold his ancestors for eighteen generations.

With no one to play with him, can he think how to play with her?

He has a distinguished family background behind him, that is, he will never worry about food or clothing without working all his life, but would you please forgive her ordinary ordinary ordinary people?

There are a lot of complaints in her heart, but Chi Yangyang really hasn\'t the guts to say them all, in fact, it doesn\'t have much effect, so she can only continue to pretend to be her grandson: "Sir, I have to go to work, let\'s talk about something in the evening?"

Hang Jin picked up his eyebrows displeased. "Chi Yang Yang, didn\'t you see that I was dating another woman today?"

Chi Yangyang: "I see it."

Hang Jin: "then you don\'t have any expression or opinion on me?"

"Means? Opinion? " He touched his confused head, tried to understand the meaning of Hang Jin\'s words, and thought for a long time, "that girl is very beautiful, four little you are very in the eye, I wish you forever."

Hang Jin roared angrily: "Chiyang Yang, are you fucking sincere?"

Chi Yang Yang nodded stupidly: "if you need my help, I will do my best to help you as long as you give me an order."

"Go away! Get out of here! How far is it? Don\'t let me see you again! " Damn, he pulled down his face and asked her in person. This woman didn\'t even know how to be soft. It really pissed him off.

"Good!" Chi Yangyang crouches down and rolls out. However, it\'s very difficult to form a group. There are many people and cars outside and it\'s dangerous. She looks up at Hang Jin pitifully. "Four little, I can\'t roll. Can I climb?"

Hang Jin\'s fierce eyes look down!

When I look at her silly appearance, I get so angry that my teeth are growling.


How can there be such a stupid woman in the world!

Is it to piss him off?

Pool central central frighten head shrink head: "four little, roll really too hard, climb still can barely."

Hang Jin punched the wall hard: "fuck!"

He can confirm that it\'s not Chi Yang\'s brain fault, it\'s his brain fault. Knowing that he is such a fool, he even treats her as a treasure.

Chiyangyang looked at his bleeding hand and said carefully: "that, four little......"

"Shut up!" He roared, and now he left without looking at the silly woman any more. He doesn\'t want to hear a word from this woman again. If he hears one more word, he will be angry again.

Looking at the back of Hang Jin\'s departure, Chi Yangyang was dazed and at a loss.

Today, she clearly paid attention to her words. She didn\'t say anything to make him lose face. How could he still be so angry?

She couldn\'t figure out what kind of muscle Hang Jin was suffering from, and she was able to call her on the board for blind date. She didn\'t block his blind date.


Although she didn\'t volunteer to block his blind date, her current identity blocked his blind date.

No matter what reason they got married, but they are all legal couples now. If he wants to be with other women, she is the "galaxy" between them.

So now Hang Jin can\'t wait to get rid of her obstacle, but it\'s hard to be frank because of his face. Just now he reminded her so frankly, she didn\'t understand his meaning, and it\'s no wonder that he would be so angry. After figuring it out, Chi Yang quietly ordered a praise for himself, took out his mobile phone in time and sent a message to Hang Jin: "I understand what you said, uncle hang. I have to be busy in the afternoon. I will give you a satisfactory explanation when I go back in the evening.

”After sending the message, Chi put his cell phone in his office and went to work wholeheartedly. Because Jiang Zhen, a famous forensics doctor, has done a lot of things with half the effort. He is more able to learn some knowledge in every work.

According to their full forensic knowledge, the wounds on the bodies of the two women yesterday and today are the same, all caused by the same kind of murder weapon, and their heads are also missing. The police haven\'t heard from them yet. The inspection report came out at more than 9:00 p.m. and as soon as it came out, central Chi immediately passed it on to the criminal police team. Today\'s work is only temporarily over.