My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1730

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After finishing all the work, Hang Jin was lying next to Chi Yangyang. He was full of worries, but Chi Yangyang slept soundly. After all, he was still angry. Hang Jin kicked him.

In his dream, Chi Yangyang was kicked and didn\'t respond. He was still sleeping soundly. Seeing this, Hang Jin sighed helplessly: "Chi Yangyang, I owe you my last life."

Then he drags Chi Yang into his arms and holds him. With her fragrant and soft body in his arms, he finally gets a little more angry all night. To Hang Jin, he has a good life experience, a good figure and a high education background, especially a good-looking man. He goes out casually wearing dog skin, and many women stop to pay attention to him. But in the eyes of the heartless woman, Chi Yang Yang, he is a shit.

I really want to kill her.

Damn it, if you want to kill her, he really can\'t bear it. After all, his happiness in the second half of his life still needs the woman with no conscience to help him.

"Stupid!" He reached out and kneaded the face of Chi Yangyang. The mobile phone on one side suddenly rang again. He was so angry that Hang Jin opened his mouth and wanted to scold, but he didn\'t scold.

There were not many people calling him in the middle of the night. Hang Jin had guessed who was calling before he looked at the phone number. He immediately pressed the mute key. In order not to affect Chi\'s sleep, he walked out of the room and just answered: "there\'s news?"

I don\'t know what the person on the other end of the phone said. Hangjin\'s face sank and said coldly: "I\'ve got people marked to death. If there\'s any accident this time, you\'ll cover me up and leave one by one."

Hang Jin hung up the phone and went back to the room. First, he looked at the sleeping Chiyang on the bed. He checked the window again. After everything was ok, he took a coat and hurried out.


In the morning, Chiyang was also awakened by the phone.

There are no holidays or regular work and rest time in their profession. As long as there is a case, as long as there is a need for their forensic medicine, a phone call will be delivered as soon as possible.

Her mobile phone has different ringing tones for different people\'s incoming calls. When she hears this ringing tone, she knows it\'s a work-related matter. Her confused head instantly wakes up: "Zhao team, what\'s up?"

"Yang Yang, you come to qiaojiaxiang, and there are new cases." On the phone, Zhao Ziqian\'s voice was too tired and hoarse to say. It sounded like he didn\'t sleep all night.

"Good." Chi Yangyang got out of bed and washed her hands. When she came out of the bathroom, she remembered that there should be Hang Jin at home, but she didn\'t see her after she got up.

What about others?

In her impression, Hang Jin likes to sleep in late. After they got married and slept together for several nights, she didn\'t see that one day he got up earlier than her.

Is the sun coming out to the West today?

There was no shadow of Hang Jin in the living room and dining room. Before he went out to work, Chi Yangyang pushed open the door of Hang Jin\'s study, and there was no one else in the study. Instead, the picture on the desk attracted Chi Yangyang\'s attention.

She took the picture on her desk and looked at it more. The woman in the picture is very beautiful. It\'s clean and fresh and beautiful, just like the morning sun.

This girl may be the girl that Hang Jin really likes!

Before, Chi had thought about what kind of girl could get into the eyes of Hang Jin. Now it seems that the eyes of the big devil are pretty good.

The girl in the picture is not only good-looking, but also more charming with her indifferent temperament.

Just, she doesn\'t understand again. Hang Jin Mingming has a girl she likes. Why drag her to register for marriage?

If it\'s just because he wants to marry her home and bully her reasonably and legitimately, then he also takes marriage as a drama.

However, according to her understanding of Hang Jin, he always thinks about it. It\'s not surprising that he did this kind of thing.

If you want to blame her, blame her for not drinking well and still drinking. After drinking, it\'s better to sleep well, but also sleep him.

If she didn\'t drink and get drunk that day, she wouldn\'t have the following series of confused things.

When she has time another day, go to Hang Jin and have a good talk with him, make a mistake with him, let him forget that night\'s events, or give him some compensation, let him let her go, and he will pursue his own happiness.

However, there is no time for chi to think more, and there are still important things waiting for her to do. For the time being, we can only forget about Hang Jin and the girl.

When chiyangyang arrived at the scene, Zhao Ziqian and Jiang Zhen arrived.

Another headless female corpse.

The scar on this corpse is similar to that of yesterday\'s female corpse. After preliminary identification, Jiang Zhen and Chi Yang agree that it is likely to be a serial homicide.

However, this is only their preliminary judgment. It is Zhao Ziqian\'s side that has to check whether the serial homicide case is specific.

Jiang Zhen said, "Zhao team, let\'s send the body back first. We will give you the inspection report as soon as possible."

With that he turned and left.

Chi followed him closely: "teacher, I have a question I don\'t understand."

Jiang Zhen: "you say."

Chi Yangyang: "we haven\'t found the head of the body yesterday. Today, I found out such a thing again. Will they... " Jiang Zhen interrupts Chi Yangyang: "Yangyang, as a forensic doctor, we have to speak with facts. We must not have a preconceived idea before we have reached a specific conclusion, otherwise it is likely to lead to misjudgment. Forensics is a profession to help the dead talk, which you must keep in mind. "

Chi Yang nodded: "teacher, I understand."

Compared with Jiang Zhen, Chi Yang is not only young, but also experienced. With him, she can learn a lot, so Jiang Zhen has always been her idol.

In the eyes of Chiyang Yang, a man of talent and integrity like Jiang Zhen is really pleasing to the eyes. It\'s not like the man of Hang Jin who always bullies people.

Oh, how can she think of Hang Jin during working hours.

She quickly shook her head and shook off Hang Jin, who appeared in her mind.

Jiang Zhen said, "what\'s the matter?"

He shook his head: "it\'s OK.

Jiang Zhen looked at her anxiously. "Tell me something."

Chi Yangyang: "it\'s really OK."


At two o\'clock in the afternoon, there are not many people in the coffee shop. Few guests are busy with their work and few people chat.

He didn\'t sleep all night. Hang Jin, with dishevelled hair, arrived at the coffee shop ahead of the scheduled time. He ordered a cup of coffee and had two drinks. He was in a good mood. When he asked the waiter to renew his cup, he saw a woman with long hair push the door and walk in. Because he saw it in the picture, Hang Jin recognized that the woman was the object of his "blind date" today - Jane ran!