My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1729

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"Fourth brother, you are going to have a blind date with that girl. Are you serious? Don\'t you worry... " Hearing this from Hang Jin, the people on the other end of the phone were very surprised.

"Tomorrow at two o\'clock in the afternoon, it will be arranged in the cafe in the middle of laoxiejia. The nearest store to an innovative technology company. " Before the people there could finish speaking, Hang Jin interrupted.

"All right. But in case something happens later, don\'t be angry with me. "

"It\'s just a kiss. What can I do?" Hang Jin didn\'t want to talk about it. He just hung up.

When he returned to his room, Hang Jin saw that Chi Yangyang slept like a pig, and his anger, which had just been suppressed by other things, was quickly rekindled.


He really wanted to kick Chiyang, the heartless woman, out of bed.

She was so angry with him that she could sleep so soundly as a person who had nothing to do.

Why? But he hasn\'t moved yet. The woman in the bed suddenly raised her hand and waved her fist casually. She gnashed her teeth and said, "Hang Jin, you son of a bitch, did my aunt dig your ancestral tomb or something in her last life? Why should I be a little girl every day and let you be so bullied? "

Hang Jin knew that this was the real face of Chiyang Yang. On the surface, she was respectful to him, but in fact, she wanted to pick his skin and drink his blood and eat his meat.

Sure enough, at the next moment, Chi Yang responded to Hang Jin\'s idea with practical actions: "son of a bitch, you know how to bully people with their power. One day, my aunt will turn over. You have to pick your skin and drink your blood that day."

"Stupid woman, you can only bear it in your dream. When I wake up with ability, I also shout with Laozi. " Seeing the image of Chi Yangyang biting his teeth with anger in his dream, Hang Jin was both angry and funny.

In fact, he hoped that the reality of Chiyang could be the same, but the woman instinctively indented herself into the thick protective shell as soon as she saw him.

While Hang Jin was looking at Chi Yang, he received a wechat message with a Ding Dong on his mobile phone.

In the middle of the night, he sent wechat to him. It must be his friends. He took out his mobile phone and clicked to open wechat. The other party didn\'t send the actual content. He burst into laughter: "four brothers, four brothers. I didn\'t expect that you also have today."

There is no fire in Hang Jin\'s side, and this man just sent him to his door: "Zhu Tuozhan, do you think you have a good life recently, do you have nothing to do with it?"

The voice continued to come over there, and the laughter was so exaggerated that Hang Jin could almost imagine that the other side would smile forward and backward: "what the hell are you laughing at?"

Zhu Chuang: "fourth brother, we grew up together. Don\'t pretend in front of me."

Hang Jin said impatiently, "what can I do for you?"

Zhu Kaizhan: "fourth brother, do you really don\'t know? The circle of friends sent by the central government an hour ago, don\'t say you don\'t know. "

What did the woman do?

Hang Jin immediately clicks on the picture of Chi Yangyang to check her wechat circle of friends. However, her circle of friends is blank and nothing is sent.

Hang Jin understood that, when he was in a circle of Yafa friends, Chi Yangyang specially shielded him, but he wanted to face up, so it was absolutely impossible for outsiders to know: "without the permission of my young master, Chi Yangyang\'s wench film would dare to make a mess?"

Zhu Kaizhan\'s voice came again: "fourth brother, you are really an infatuated man. I admire you. "

After saying that, he added a bunch of laughter and heard that Hang Jin was very angry.

Hang Jin left his mobile phone and turned to find Chi Yang\'s mobile phone. He wanted to see what the woman had sent.

However, when he got his cell phone, he met with difficulties, which may be due to her professional sensitivity. The woman didn\'t set fingerprint unlocking, so she could only use password to unlock it.

He patted Chi Yang\'s face: "Chi Yang, what\'s your mobile phone unlock code?"

Chi Yangyang went to sleep again and ignored him.

Hang Jin is impatient. It\'s impossible to wait until Chi Yang Yang wakes up tomorrow morning to see what she sends. But he is reluctant to wake up Chi Yang.

He had to pick up his mobile phone and send a new message to Zhu Kaifa: "show me the screenshot of the circle of friends sent by Chi Yang Yang."

Zhu Kaizhan seems to have expected that Hang Jin would ask him to send pictures. He even sent several screenshots, all of which were friends circle of Chi Yang Yang. Without exception, all information blocked Hang Jin.

Hang Jinyue is more and more angry at this. In fact, it\'s not that angry. Suddenly, it seems that he was pinched in the heart. Some of his breathing is not smooth. How does Chi Yangyang want to shield him from her life?

She\'s so fed up that she doesn\'t want him to see the life in her circle of friends?

He clearly knew that Chiyang was not only careless about him, but also disgusted with him. However, he was still reluctant to let go, even Looking back, he saw the peaceful and beautiful sleeping face of Chiyang Yang. He couldn\'t help holding out his big hand and gently stroking: "Chiyang, you stupid woman, when are you going to be stupid to open your mind? Do you think I can wait for you for a lifetime

Mingming\'s heart was so sad that he couldn\'t find an outlet, but he smiled. His smile was mixed with some heartache and helplessness. Even if he had to wait for a lifetime, what else could he do besides wait?

Zhu Kaizhan\'s voice message came again. Hang Jin didn\'t want to open it very much, but he did. Hearing the person over there, he said, "elder brother, I have a way to test out the girl of Central Yang."

Hang Jin: "what method?" Zhu Chuang: "I\'m thinking, I\'m not sure that there is you in the heart of the girl, but she has always been slower than others, and she didn\'t find out. Then we have to find a way to stimulate her. Maybe she can see her own mind at once. "

Hang Jin: "say the way."

Zhu Kaizhan: "find a woman to make Yang Yang jealous."

Hang Jin: "Zhu Tuozhan, are you full of shit?"

Chi Yangyang that woman does not care about him, how can eat his vinegar.

Hang Jin denies Zhu\'s method, but he immediately thinks of something in his mind, so he immediately calls LAN Feiyang: "Lan Feiyang, help me tomorrow."

Blue Feiyang said with a smile: "fourth brother, I haven\'t slept yet. Is it that Yang Yang can\'t sleep beside him? "

Hang Jin said in a deep voice: "tomorrow afternoon at 2:10, take chi Yangyang to the cafe in the middle of laoxiejia city. You must be punctual, not early or late."

Then I hung up.

Blue flying: "..."

Ye Zhiyang immediately came over: "wife, what did the fourth brother say?"

LAN Feiyang: "it seems that Yang Yang has made his fourth brother out of his mind today."

In this world, only the girl in Chiyang can make Hang Jin\'s soul linger, and only the girl can make Hang Jin\'s mood fluctuate so much. In addition to Chiyang, in the past 20 years, they have never seen Hang Jin so interested in their affairs.