My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1728

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Just after the circle of friends was finished, Ding Dong, the elevator beside it rang, Chi Yangyang plunged into it. Unexpectedly, there was a person standing in the elevator, just left her Hang Jin.

She was so scared that she stepped back several times before she could hold on: "Why are you coming down again?"


Hang Jin scolded her more than once in his heart, but he never wanted to talk to her. This woman is not so stupid. Does she really think that he can safely leave her alone downstairs?

Just after he got to the first floor, he changed the elevator to pick her up.

However, when the woman saw his expression, it was not a surprise, but a fright on her face. He was not a man eater or a beast. How could she be frightened like this?

Forget it, can\'t think about it. The more you think about it, the more you hate to strangle her.

Hang Jin is not happy. Chi Yang knows it, but I don\'t know why he\'s getting more and more unhappy. He doesn\'t know that she sent out his embarrassment, does he?

If that\'s the case, she\'s done.

But it seems that it\'s not. If Hang Jin knew about her sending a circle of friends, he must have yelled at her and scolded her. It\'s not his normal performance to be so steady.

Hang Jin stood straight in the middle of the elevator, expressionless, and Chiyang didn\'t dare to approach easily. She quietly gave herself a few blows of air, and just got up the courage to walk into the elevator and stand beside him.

When he didn\'t move, she didn\'t dare to move, causing the elevator door to close for a long time, and no one had pressed the elevator.

Hang Jin couldn\'t help it after all. He roared: "Chi Yang, the elevator floor can\'t be pressed. Is your brain in water?" Chi Yangyang was so frightened that he hurried to the 21st floor and stepped back to Hang Jin\'s back. He stood in the corner obediently. He didn\'t dare to say it. He cursed him ten times in his heart: "I\'m really in the middle of my head. Otherwise, why do I take the wind to show you that I\'m married with you and suffer from this cowardice?"

"What do you say?" Hang Jin\'s eyes suddenly shot at him. He was so scared that Chi Yang tied his tongue again. "I didn\'t say anything."



"Chi Yangyang, I think your gall is getting fatter and fatter. I don\'t want to be authoritative. Do you really treat me as a sick cat? "

"I dare not." I don\'t think this man really knows mind reading.

Really, if you stay with him, sooner or later, she will scare him out of his heart attack.

However, now Hang Jin is not tired of playing the game of marriage. He should not propose divorce in a short time, so she still has a hard time.

No, it can\'t go on like this.

She had to find a way out of his clutches.

However, Chi Yangyang knows very well that the more you fight against him, the more motivated he is. The best way is to follow him. If he asks her to go east, she will go east. Never disobey him.


"Fourth young master, what have I done wrong? You can say it directly. You know I\'m stupid. You still scare me with such a flat face, which will only scare me more and more stupid. I\'m stupid. I\'ll only make you angry. What\'s the matter with you, old man? " "Damn it!" He knew that this woman didn\'t realize why he was angry at all. However, he just thought in the elevator. Maybe this woman has such a little conscience and might think about why he was angry. It seems that he is still looking at her. Soon, when the elevator reached the 21st floor, the door of the elevator opened with a Ding Dong, and Hang Jin walked away. Chi Yang ran quickly to keep up with her. This time, she was smart. She ran several steps to his front, opened the door before he arrived at the door, and then

retreated to one side: "Sir, please come in!"

Hang Jin stopped and gave her a vicious look, but he still didn\'t speak, leading the room.

Chiyangyang ran up to him again and took his slippers for him: "please change your shoes, sir."

Chi Yangyang didn\'t know why. She was so clever and sensible. But Hang Jin\'s face didn\'t get better or even worse. It was a sign of a storm.

Hang Jin, who changed his shoes, turned and went to the study. Chi finally took a long breath of relief. Finally, the role of Qi receiving Bao\'s daughter-in-law came to an end.

Tomorrow, I have to go to work. It\'s not early now. Chi Yangyang doesn\'t have much thought. He simply combs and goes to bed.

When I fell asleep, my teeth were growling. I probably chewed on Hang Jin\'s bones in my sleep.


At the same time.

Hang Jin in the study is on a video call. "Has anyone I asked you to help me find any news?" The man in the video has elegant temperament but cold expression. He knows his identity at a glance, but the edge in his eyes is properly covered by the golden spectacle frame on the bridge of his nose.

"I found it, but I was curious." Hang Jin is sitting on the chair with his legs on the table, which is in sharp contrast to the elegant and upright sitting posture of the man in the video.

"Send me her information." The man on the other side of the video has a cold expression. Even if he asked Hang Jin to help him, his expression has no attitude of asking people to do things.

"President Qin Da, how many women give you arms and arms, and you are sitting still. How did you suddenly fall in love with this woman called Jianran?" Hang Jin chuckled and said, "it\'s called Jianran. I don\'t remember the wrong name."

The man at the end of the video didn\'t answer, but his eyes narrowed slightly under the golden mirror frame. It\'s hard for people who don\'t know him to find out that he is unhappy, but Hang Jin knows.

Knowing what happened, Hangjin didn\'t fear him, so he continued to gossip and dig deeply: "it\'s a nice name, and people are beautiful. But I still can\'t figure out which of her strengths attracted you? "

"Send the information to my email." With that, the man in the video cut off the video call. The other side didn\'t give Hang Jin face, and Hang Jin didn\'t get angry. Instead, he raised a curious smile on the corner of his mouth. He lightly stroked his finger on the woman\'s face in the photo: "Jane, Jane, you are just a general

employee in the innovation technology business department. Why did President Qin Da of Shengtian group, who has been abstinent for more than 20 years, fall in love with you? I am very curious. "

Hang Jin has never been curious about other people\'s affairs. The stupid woman beside Chi Yang has broken his heart. How can he care about other people\'s affairs.

But this time it\'s different. This time it\'s about him, an old classmate who has never been in love for more than 20 years and who hasn\'t moved his heart to any woman. He can\'t be curious.

Man, he has found it, but he has to continue to observe it. He can\'t let his old classmate who has been a monk for more than 20 years be cheated. He took out his mobile phone and dialed a phone number: "I heard that the girl named Jane ran who you helped me check is busy with dating recently. Help me arrange it. I\'ll have a blind date with him tomorrow afternoon."