My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1726

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As soon as Hangjin\'s face turned black, he spat out the pig\'s head meat he had just eaten: "chiyangyang, do you deliberately not let people eat well?"

When he was eating, she said something about the headless corpse, deliberately turning him off.

If you don\'t let Hang Jin know that she\'s working on him, she\'s finished. Chiyangyang took out his mobile phone, randomly pressed a few numbers, pretended to call Zhao Ziqian, the captain of the Criminal Police: "Zhao team, you ask your people to find out if there is a pig knife at the scene of today\'s crime, and see if there is a butcher\'s house or slaughterhouse nearby. If I\'m not mistaken, the lethal weapon we can\'t find today is probably a pig knife. "

"Mmhmm......" He nodded and said, "you find it and send it to the forensic department. We will check it tomorrow when we go to work."

Seeing that Chi Yang Yang Hung up, ye Zhiyang immediately gave her a thumbs up: "Yang Yang, I can\'t see that your little girl works professionally."

Chi Yang chuckles

Hang Jin was not happy when he saw it: "Ye, take all the meat away from me, and eat vegetarian tonight."

Everyone in their group knows that Hang Jin has a hot temper. Ye Zhiyang says, "yes, our fourth young master!"

"But I want to eat meat," he said

Hang Jin glared at her: "Chiyang, will you die if you don\'t contradict me?"

Chi Yangyang reluctantly let go of his hand and murmured, "I\'ll say you\'ll be afraid and admit it! Now blame me! "

Face grievances, but the pool central heart but happy flowers.

She can\'t help laughing at the thought that there will be a day when he is afraid of the devil. However, the smile hasn\'t been opened yet, and she was glared at by Hangjin. She held back her smile in a hurry and said, "you are the master and listen to you."

Hang Jin kicks in again: "Chi Yang Yang, do you believe I kicked you back to your mother\'s stomach?"

When it comes to his mother, the smile on his face disappears instantly. His ruddy face turns white at a visible speed, and finally looks like a piece of lifeless white paper.

Time seemed to return to the rainy night of August 8 two years ago, with blood and patchwork of corpses all over the room.

Just in the suburban farm where parents often go on holiday, the murderer used the cruelest way to let their parents leave the warm world forever, and leave her and her sister\'s family forever

So far, nearly two years from that day, she still hasn\'t found a clue about the murderer of her parents.

Two years, two years after her parents died, she did nothing for them as a daughter. Hangjin realized that he had mentioned the people he shouldn\'t mention, but he was always domineering and didn\'t know how to gently persuade her, so he used his usual rude way to kick Chiyang again: "Chiyang, I just said it casually, but I didn\'t really like you. Don\'t put on a poor picture of your dead husband, or someone who doesn\'t know will think that I am bullying you. "

Isn\'t he bullying her?

No matter how much sadness I feel, I will be temporarily put aside because of the tyranny of the man, Hang Jin. Chi Yangyang bit his teeth angrily: "I am dead husband."

"Hang Jin sword eyebrow a pick:" fuck

Chi Yangyang refused to accept the defeat: "who is that night fuck who?"

That night, she was drunk and unconscious. She didn\'t know how to get Hang Jin to sleep.

After hearing the confession of Hang Jin, the son of a bitch, she forced her to attack him, stripped him of his clothes and forced him to sleep in the most brutal way.

Chi Yangyang still doesn\'t understand that Hang Jin, the big devil, is much taller and stronger than her. Doesn\'t he know how to resist when she forces him?

What\'s the truth of the fact? There\'s no evidence now. It\'s not clear to Chi Yang.

She guessed that the confessions were probably made up by Hang Jin, the big devil, in order to marry her and bully her reasonably and legally.

Chi thinks he should go to understand the law of domestic violence after his work. If Hang Jin, the big devil, dare to attack her again, she will take out legal weapons to protect herself and send him to prison for several years to see how arrogant he is.

Seeing that Chi Yangyang was sullen, Hang Jin became more grumpy: "Chi Yangyang, you and he..."

"Fourth brother, Yang Yang, what happened to you two that night?" Ye Zhiyang, who had been ignored for a long time by the two of them, had a face of gossip and wished to tell everyone in the circle of friends about it right away.

Hang Jin never wanted to hide his thoughts on Chi Yang: "what else can happen when you say you are alone in a room?"

But chiyangyang didn\'t want to admit that she had some other relationship with Hangjin: "brother Jin and I can never have anything."

But ye Zhiyang, who is full of gossip, doesn\'t believe it: "fourth brother, Yang Yang, I beg you, tell me, I promise not to tell the third person about you."

Chi Yangyang is eager to hide her and Hang Jin\'s things. He is worried and can\'t talk to his brain: "even if all the men in the world are dead, I can\'t have anything with brother Jin."

Words, just finished, Chi Yang felt Hang Jin\'s rising anger.

Well, this man thinks that he is, that everyone around him in the world is around him. She doesn\'t mean to give him face. Chi Yangyang, who has been bullied by Hang Jin for a long time, has a set of survival rules in front of Hang Jin: "no, I mean even if all the women in the world are dead, brother Jin can\'t have anything to do with me. I don\'t mean to say that some of us know that I\'m not happy with him from small to large. He thinks I\'m stupid It\'s not that he despises my stupidity. I\'m already stupid. I\'m hopelessly stupid. "

Hang Jin didn\'t say a word, but his face became more and more ugly.


That\'s not right!

Chi Yangyang scratched his head in a hurry, but he couldn\'t think of any words to please him. He only knew that he was in trouble, and there must be no good life in the next few days.


How pitiful she is!

I don\'t think I\'ve lived too long. Why don\'t I take good care of my temper when I have nothing to do with it? I\'m going to offend the Lord Hang Jin!

"Fourth brother, I\'ll change vegetables for you." Ye Zhiyang wants to help Chi Yangyang, not him. If he doesn\'t help Chi Yangyang at this time, Hang Jin will find him to settle accounts later.

However, it seems that Hang Jin didn\'t eat this set today. He put his long legs on the table and said with a smile: "Ye Zhiyang, do you want to have the wedding on time?"

"Yes! Of course! " Ye Zhiyang quickly admitted and counseled, "fourth brother, Yang Yang, you talk slowly, I won\'t disturb you."

Hang Jin sneered: "Damn it, some people just don\'t clean up!"

The implication is that everyone wants to run to his head to shit and pee if he doesn\'t follow them seriously. Is he the one who let these people bully at will?