My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1723

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Hang Jin turns around and pinches Chi Yang\'s jaw: "Chi Yang, remember! When I am with you in the future, I dare to distract myself and think about other things. I will kill you in minutes. "

Chiyangyang: "..."

It\'s crazy again!

When can this man be like a normal person?

I\'m afraid I can\'t wait for this day.

Chi Yangyang didn\'t answer. Hang Jin didn\'t have the patience to pick up his eyebrows. "Didn\'t you hear me?" "Son of a bitch, I don\'t want you if you don\'t want me to. Who do you think you are? It\'s not enough for you to bully me from childhood. Do you want to marry and bully me when you grow up? " Chi Yangyang wanted to stand up and scold him like this, but when he saw that Hang Jin was pulling like one

two hundred and five, his courage fell in a straight line, so he had to shrink his neck and answer, "master, little girl remember!"

"Chiyangyang......" Hang Jin patted her on the head. "Look at your achievements!"

What does it mean to look at her achievements?

She is also an honest forensic doctor, and a second generation grandfather who doesn\'t do his job says she\'s OK.

He\'s not ashamed, she\'s all ashamed of him!

Of course, Chi Yangyang only dare to think in his heart, absolutely not dare to say it.

She still pretended to be a good daughter-in-law: "four little, I went to work."

Hang Jin nodded, "I\'ll go home early after work, and I\'ll eat meat in the evening."

Eat meat?

What dirty things are Hang Jin, a tyrant, hateful and arrogant man thinking about?

Chiyangyang would like to turn around and point to his nose and roar: "the surname is hang. There is a pig farm on the outskirts of the south of the city. If you want to eat meat, you can go there and eat as much as you want."

However, she still has no courage!

He has been oppressed by Hang Jin for 22 years. He has been enslaved in his bones. He is used to being bullied by him. He has no courage to resist, let alone bear the consequences of provoking this man.

So, as usual, she confessed, pretended to hear nothing, and stepped up to the scene of the crime.

Seeing that Chi Yangyang ran away like a fugitive, Hang Jin\'s flying eyebrows were raised high: "stupid woman, I\'m not a cannibal beast, run so fast to give birth? Next time you dare to run, be careful if I break your legs. "

After scolding, Hang Jin still didn\'t forget his business. He took out his cell phone and dialed a phone number. When the phone got through, there came a slightly old male voice: "what\'s the matter?"

Hang Jin pressed the key to move the car seat back, and lifted his feet up and put them on the steering wheel: "Chi Yangyang works in your city Bureau, taking good care of me. If she doesn\'t have a hair, you\'ll be waiting for the end of your hang family. "

After that, he didn\'t care whether the other party heard or not. Hang Jin hung up the phone and scolded again: "stupid woman, I\'m not afraid to be interrupted by others. I\'m full of food to worry about your business."

Yes, he is full of food. He knows that the girl of Chi Yang is a fool with a brain that never understands his mind. He also

Forget it, don\'t mention it, just mention it and try to kill her.


At the scene of the crime, there was a loud alarm. Many onlookers around the cordon pulled by the police stretched their necks to see what happened. "Let\'s go!" Chi Yangyang was thin. At this moment, he wanted to squeeze through the crowd to the scene of the crime, but he couldn\'t, until a big hand grabbed her arm, pulled her to squeeze through the crowd together, and finally came to the warning line, "thank you, teacher!"

Lakiyangyang\'s person is the most famous forensic doctor in the Bureau, and also Jiang Zhen, who took her teacher during her internship. Jiang Zhen is no more than 30 years old, but because he has broken several strange cases, he is very famous and is a well-known iron face forensic doctor.

It\'s the dream of many newcomers to learn from Jiang Zhen. But Jiang Zhen is the only newcomer. It\'s not easy for him to choose to be his student. Half a year ago, there were two other forensics interns with Chi. On the first day of the internship, there was a case of decaying corpses. At that time, two other practicing forensics saw the smelly and rotten corpses, and they were scared, vomited and retched. Only Chi Yangyang helped Jiang Zhen complete his work without changing his face. Therefore, the good opportunity to learn from Jiang Zhen hit Chi Yangyang\'s head.

Jiang Zhen glanced at Chi Yang and said lightly, "Captain Zhao is in a hurry. Let\'s go first."

"Well." Chi Yangyang quickly followed Jiang Zhen and walked to the top of the building.

"Jiang Zhen, Yang Yang, you are here at last." Zhao Ziqian, a criminal police officer, saw the two of them, as if he had seen a savior. He led them to the place where the body was located. "Let\'s have a look first"

chi yang looked up and saw a headless corpse lying on the iron frame bed in a narrow room. Because the corpse was completely naked, we can confirm that the dead was a woman at a glance.

Jiang Zhen asked, "Yang Yang, can you?"

Knowing that Jiang Zhen wanted to give her a chance to practice herself, Chi Yang nodded immediately, "I can."

He put on gloves and shoe covers, went to the body and gently turned it over. He carefully examined every trace on the body: "the dead is a woman, the body has become rigid, and it is preliminarily concluded that the death time has exceeded 24 hours." She gently pressed the chest of the deceased, and said: "there are many cuts on the chest and abdomen of the deceased. It is not sure that these cuts are left in front of or after the death of the deceased. The head of the deceased has been cut off and taken away, so it is impossible to contact the family members of the deceased with facial features. Therefore, the specific time of death and the age of identity of the deceased need to be taken back for further examination. "

Zhao Ziqian said, "when will the inspection report come out?"

Chi Yangyang: "it depends on the specific situation." Zhao Ziqian looks at Jiang Zhen and wants to get specific time from Jiang Zhen: "Jiang Zhen, this murder case was reported by unscrupulous media, which caused a great sensation. Our superiors only gave us three days to solve the case. The time is very urgent, and I have to ask you to confirm the identity of the deceased as soon as possible. "

Jiang Zhen still gave five words coldly: "our duty."

"Captain Zhao, don\'t worry. We will try our best to give you the report as soon as possible."

Zhao Ziqian smiled and patted the shoulder of chiyangyang: "Yangyang, you are really my little padded jacket."

Chi Yang Yang smiled awkwardly: "it\'s all part of the job, Zhao team don\'t have to be polite."

After checking the scene, Jiang Zhen came to see: "Captain Zhao, let the people on your side move faster. I can give you the inspection report tonight at the latest."

Jiang Zhen\'s words are perfectly normal, but hearing Zhao Ziqian\'s ears, how can he feel that he is angry. Zhao Ziqian thought about it seriously. He didn\'t seem to offend the cold faced forensic doctor, did he?

But what about all that? He can get the autopsy report tonight.