My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1722

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Chiyangyang put the bowl of porridge with salt in front of Hangjin, put the snacks on it one by one, and then showed him a brilliant smile: "four little, you can eat it."

"I eat that bowl, you eat this bowl." Hang Jin doesn\'t want to be poisoned by her.

"Four little, two bowls are the same, which bowl is not to eat..." Chiyang Yang wants to rush over and bite the man twice, and then kick his feet. If you don\'t have breakfast, you will eat it. What are you doing?

But she dare not!

Her courage is so small that she dare not offend him.

When she was a child, her experience was vivid. She was not stupid. Why did she provoke him.

"I\'m happy." He is such a poor answer again.

Yes, money can\'t buy his happiness!

This arrogant but smart bastard!

One day, she will poison him, and then she will boil him to eat.

Chi Yangyang ate the gruel which was too salty to swallow, and his heart was in tears.

It\'s not a typical way for her to rock her own feet.


She really regrets marrying this man. Can she divorce?

If you can\'t divorce, you can lose your spouse!

Please open your eyes and kill the arrogant and shameless man in front of you.



"Stupid woman, go and serve me another bowl of porridge." Hang Jin watched as Chi Yang, a stupid woman, was about to shed tears when she ate. She was still stuttering one by one, hoping to kick her out of the window.

What\'s wrong with him?

Why do you like such a stupid woman from childhood?

When I was a kid, I was so stupid that I couldn\'t help bullying. When I grew up, I didn\'t make progress when I went abroad to study.

"Oh..." Pool Yang Yang responded, like a sad little daughter-in-law, to be more pitiful and more pitiful.

As soon as she left, Hang Jin immediately picked up her spoon and drank the porridge in her bowl. Even though it was really salty and hard to swallow, he still ate several tablespoons to lighten her burden.

This stupid woman has a vicious heart. If you want to frame him, you should kill her!

"Four little, here comes your porridge." Chi Yang Yang hands over the porridge, with a respectful attitude like serving the master.

"Well." Hang Jin took the porridge and started to eat it. The stupid woman dared not "poison" again.

But as soon as the porridge was introduced, he knew that he really despised this stupid woman.

Today, she has eaten bear\'s heart and leopard\'s gall. She dares to add ingredients to his porridge for the second time.

"Four little, is it delicious?" Chi Yang Yang smiled, and his bright and moving face was shaking in front of Hang Jin\'s eyes. He looked very silly and lovely.

"Stupid!" Seeing her happy, Hang Jin\'s sexy lips were slightly hooked, and she smiled silently.

He just eats a bowl of porridge with special seasoning, which can make her so happy?

This woman\'s head is full of grass!


"Chiyang, what about the clothes I asked you to find for me?" After waiting in the bathroom for a while, Hang Jin simply walked out naked and swaggered out without waiting for chi yang to bring his clothes

"What kind of outfit? You haven\'t seen it. " Hang Jin took the bath towel and wiped the water in front of her without any concern. "I didn\'t know who was holding it and asked, brother Jin, why did you have one, but I didn\'t?"

"Hang Jin, you\'d better shut up if you don\'t mention your age!" Chi Yang\'s face turned red with anger. He wanted to block the man\'s mouth with a pair of smelly socks.

It\'s the most embarrassing thing that Chiyang Yang has ever done in his life.

It happened when she was three and he was six.

The three-year-old child should have no memory. She has long forgotten. However, this scene was photographed by a troubled person and left "the bottom of the case".

Therefore, almost no one knows about whether or not this matter is in their circle of friends.

Nowadays, they are all adults, and they are often mentioned at parties.

No matter how hard Chi Yang tried, he could not get rid of this "black history".

"What? What has been done is not allowed to be said? " Hang Jin glanced at him and shook his wet hair.

The water splashed on the face of Chi Yang, and she quietly shook her fist.

God, please come to daolei and kill the man who can\'t open or lift this pot!

Tinkling bell

The phone rings suddenly.

Chi Yang Yang throws his clothes to Hang Jin, turns around and picks up his mobile phone to answer: "teacher, it\'s me."

Hang Jin didn\'t know what the person on the other end of the phone said, but Chi\'s face became more and more serious. Finally, he said, "I\'ll go right away."

When she hung up, Hang Jin immediately asked, "what\'s up?"

"There are cases." Leaving such a perfunctory answer behind, Chi turned and went to the dressing room. When she came out again, she had changed into a neat and clean work uniform.

When she came out, Hang Jin changed her clothes.

Because he is tall, looks like a human model, and has eight abdominal muscles, which is just right. A set of simple Beige leisure clothes is also very tasteful for him to wear.

Of course, if he stands well and doesn\'t talk.

He said, "I\'ll see you off."

"No, I\'ll just drive myself," Chiyang refused

Hang Jin eyebrows a pick: "I have let you choose?"

Chiyangyang: "..."

How could she forget that the overbearing man was a dictator.

His decision is the imperial edict, in front of him she only obedient share.


In the car.

"Address." Hang Jin always asked questions briefly.

"28 manjiaxiang, Cangshan District." There\'s not much nonsense in Chiyang.

After a question and a answer, Hang Jin started his car and flew out. He was so scared that Chi Yang quickly reached for the handle on his head.

Seeing that her face was ugly, Hang Jin said, "since I\'m afraid, I\'ll quit my job. I can\'t support you."

"Who said I was afraid?" Chi Yang Yang glanced at him sideways. Besides, how could she let him support her.

Now she makes money to support herself. She is oppressed by him all day long and has no freedom in life. If she doesn\'t work, she will be beaten by him every day.

Think of the miserable days when the sky is not in sight. Chi Yangyang is shocked.

"Not afraid?" Obviously, he didn\'t believe it.

"Four little, please don\'t question my ability to work." As a forensic doctor, it is inevitable to deal with the dead. After more than half a year of work practice, she saw that all kinds of corpses can be faced calmly.

But every time he heard of a homicide, he still couldn\'t help but think that life is so precious. What kind of deep hatred between the murderer and the victim really needs to be solved by killing.

Just when he was a little distracted, the car suddenly slammed on the brakes, making her rush forward and be pulled back by the safety belt. "Hang Jin, are you crazy?" Chiyangyang claps his mind. What\'s wrong with this damned man?