My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1721

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chi Yangyang accidentally sleeps the great devil of Hang Jin.

The next day, the man overbearing and arrogant said: "since sleep, marry me, I promise to spoil you."

Threatened, she had no choice but to go with him to get the card that day.

On the first night of marriage, she was kicked out of bed by the irascible and arrogant man.

She glared at him angrily, but he didn\'t even open his eyes and said apologetically, "I\'m sorry! I haven\'t slept with a woman before. I\'m not used to it! "

Chi Yangyang was so angry that he bit his teeth and said he would spoil her??

Later, she knew that the great devil had another amazing identity! 】



the scarlet blood is so broken that it\'s not clear whether it\'s the body of a man or a woman All over the room.

"No, no, no..."

What she saw in front of her eyes made Chi Yang almost collapse, and she shook her head and backed away.

All of a sudden, the butt was kicked hard, she fell to the ground from where, pain made her wail, instantly woke up.

She felt the pain in her fall and got up to stare at the man in bed.

Damn it!

The man kicked her out of bed again.

It was the third time he had kicked her out of bed. Unfortunately, she had nightmares every time.

The first night, when he kicked her out of bed, he said without apology: "I\'m sorry! I haven\'t slept with women before. I\'m not used to it. "

Is this the attitude that I\'m sorry for??

Chi Yangyang stares at the man on the bed who is very domineering and arrogant. He wants to jump into bed and trample on his face. He says, "I\'m sorry! I didn\'t mean to. "

"Come up, Chiyang." The man closed his eyes tightly and shouted impatiently.

Chiyang didn\'t want to talk to him. He didn\'t want to talk to him at all.

This man is the most domineering, arrogant, unreasonable, shameless, despicable and shameless man she has ever seen in her life There is no one.

At that time, she must have rusted her head before she was bewitched by him and promised to marry him Now that she regrets it, is it too late?

"I asked you up, didn\'t you hear?" A man\'s voice is fierce and evil, like a beast that wants to eat people.

No, it\'s not like a beast trying to eat people.

This man is a wild animal.

He can\'t move but bite her. The bite on her neck still hasn\'t come off, which makes her dare not wear low collar clothes at work.

"My patience you are challenging?" The man\'s voice was even worse. It was the last warning given by a beast before it ate people.

Although there are thousands of people in my heart who don\'t want to, Chi Yangyang moved to the bedside obediently.

After all, this man\'s temper is not so big, and he often goes mad.

He started crazy to do everything. She was bullied when she was growing up. It\'s better that she didn\'t provoke him.

Chi Yangyang came to the bedside, just touched the bed, he was pulled into his arms by a man tightly, he kneaded her twice like a doll: "darling, obedient children have sugar to eat."

"Eat your sister!" Chi Yangyang would like to rush up and bite him twice, and kill him.

"You\'re not happy?" His tone is always so overbearing and arrogant. Like him, he never knows how to restrain.

"No. I\'m not happy that you are here. " Pool central central timidly shrank the head.

"Then your teeth are grinded to eat meat?" Finally, the man slowly opened his eyes and looked at her directly.

His eyes, like a cheetah just waking up, are lazy and dangerous.

Chi Yangyang is afraid that he can see her inner thoughts clearly and dare not look at him. Don\'t start now.

I didn\'t know that just after the action, the man suddenly reached out his hand to hold her face and forced her back. He said proudly, "since he married me, I\'ll be my woman. Don\'t think about it, or I won\'t know how to die."

"I dare not think." She touched her neck timidly.

Look, look, sleeping in the same bed is still threatened.

She promised to marry him, not in the head, what is it?

In his last life, he felt that he must have done all the evil things and offended people all over the world. In this life, she came to pay off her debts and fell into the pit of fire that Hang Jin dug for her.

Who is Hang Jin?

Speaking of him, it was a history of blood and tears in her life.

As soon as Chi Yangyang was born from his mother, he knew the four young Hangzhou families, who were famous for their evil deeds.

Since childhood, she has been bullied by this bully. He told her to go east. She would never dare to go west.

However, the devil didn\'t know which tendon was on the wrong line. He disappeared for three years and then came back. When she was in the worst position, he invited her to get married.

That day, he looked down on her like a high Emperor: "Chiyang, do you want to continue to live?"

"Yes. I don\'t think so. " He must have wished to kill her, for she had slept him in a muddle.

But the murderer of her parents has not yet been found and brought to justice. She must not die.

"Then marry me, and I promise to spoil you in the future." He said so, but the tone was arrogant and arrogant. It was clear that she had to marry even if she didn\'t, or if she didn\'t.

At that time, Chi had no choice but to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get his marriage license as soon as his head was hot and short circuited.

"Chiyang, do you want to starve me?" Behind him, there was a man\'s most unfriendly voice in the dining room.

"It\'s too cheap to starve you. I want to poison you!" Chi Yangyang was dissatisfied, but he quickly filled two bowls of porridge.

Just want to take out, she stopped again, picked up the spoon and put two big spoons of salt in the bowl of porridge that was going to be given to him, and then stirred it evenly.

"Hum, poison will not kill you, and salt will kill you!" She thought triumphantly, and her lips rose involuntarily.

"What are you so happy about?" Looking at the woman who smiled like a fool, Hang Jin picked a sword eyebrow.

He had never met such a stupid person. He was so proud of his bad deeds, for fear that others would not know or what?

I don\'t know what makes such a stupid woman a forensic doctor?

Does the practice medicine only need the chest to be big, does not need to use the brain?

"I\'m in a good mood because I see four little you." Well, Chi found that in order to please this man, he really has no bottom line. He can speak such disgusting words.

"Hum!" Hang Jin looked at the duplicity woman coldly.

She doesn\'t think he doesn\'t know. Every cell in her body repels him.

In the evening, he just sleeps with her in his arms. She looks as if he is going to eat her.

Fuck! I really want to throw her into the zoo and the beast for a few days, so that she knows what is the real cannibal do not spit bones.