My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1719

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Since Sheng Tian was handed over to Qin Yinjian to take care of it, Qin Yue seldom takes care of it. His usual hobby is to accompany Jane ran around the world and live a good life in their couple\'s world.

Although Qin Yue usually doesn\'t care about things, but his majesty is still there. The younger generation respect him as before. If he says a word, he can often speak many words to others.

As long as he simply cooperates with him, he can do other things with ease.

He looked at the children, and his tone was still light: "when you are looking for someone, you should remember that as long as you can find the war back from the end, even if you take the whole Shengtian to exchange it, you will not hesitate."

It\'s such a big decision to change Sheng Tian, but it\'s still light from Qin Yue\'s mouth, as if he and his children would talk about the weather after dinner.

Such a major decision is not only that Qin and Yue speak lightly, but also that all the younger generation on the scene did not show any extreme and dissatisfaction, because it is very important to fight in their hearts.

There is no Shengtian, they can create a bigger business group than Shengtian, but there is only one battle to end, which is unique in the world and no one can replace it.

Qin and Zhan are one family, without whom they are not a complete family.


N months later.

Jiangbei, Bihai villa.

It\'s winter, but Jiangbei is still sunny because of its good location. Under the sun, the sea of flowers is blooming. Looking at the past, it looks like a picture. But it\'s not the sea of flowers that attracts all the guests here. It\'s the three brides who are more charming than flowers - Ji Rou, Lu

Xi and Zhuang Momo.

Ji Rou and Qin Yinze have been married for many years, and now they have also given birth to a little sweetheart. It\'s reasonable to live a good life, but Qin Dabao loves his wife, and always thinks that when it\'s right, he will have a wedding.

There have been too many things between Lu Xi and Qin Yingu before. The two people who were originally in love separated for several years because of some misunderstandings. It was love that made them come together again.

Lu Lu had it before they got married. Later, he got a new marriage license, and it was almost a wedding. Qin Er Shao had planned to give his wife a wedding.

Some people say that the wedding is just a form, whether it is held or not is not so important, as long as two people really love each other.

But in Qin Yingu\'s view, since the wedding is only a simple form, why can\'t he use a simple form to let everyone in the world know that Lu Xi is his wife?

As for the last bride to be, Zhuang Momo

Well, the little bride is still crying. Her nose is running. Seeing Zhuang\'s mother and Zhuang Yindi are very angry and funny: "Mo Mo, you are married and married in Jiangbei. You can come home anytime when you want to go home. It\'s not to sell you to Africa. How can you cry like a slug?"

Their daughter has a strong temperament since she was a child. She was injured when she practiced martial arts before. It\'s common that she was beaten blue and blue. She didn\'t cry. Today is a happy day, but she has become a tearful person.

"I know..." Zhuangmomo knows that, but he thinks that he will be the daughter married out later. When he comes home, he will be back to his mother\'s home. His heart will be sour, and his tears will not stop.

"You know it\'s still crying?" Zhuang Yindi rubs Zhuang Momo\'s head, and is heartbroken and funny. "Little girl, if you cry any more, your husband thinks I bullied you."

"Why are you crying?" A mature and pleasant male voice suddenly came from the door. When Zhuang Mo looked back, he saw Zhan Li\'s end appeared at the door

Zhuang Yindi said in secret, "it\'s true that Cao Cao will arrive."

"Not really." Zhuang Mo Mo raised his hand to wipe his tears and bit his teeth. "Even if you don\'t marry me, I will marry you. If anyone dares to stop us from being together, I will kill him."

"That\'s right." Zhan left the last few steps to Zhuang Mo Mo\'s side, gently embrace her, bow in her neck between rub rub and rub, "my wife should be so domineering and strong."

"Mom and second sister are here." Zhuang Momo pushed him, but he was as weak as an ant. It was obvious that he was rubbing on him.

In fact, she didn\'t want to push him away. She wanted to hold him and never give up.

"You\'re my wife. What\'s wrong with me holding you?" War from the end said of course, said this when the eyes overflowed with a smile, like a passionate little hairy child. "The wedding will not start for a while. If you two want to talk about something, please talk about it first." Both Zhuang\'s mother and Zhuang Yindi are smart people. They love Zhuang Momo very much. They quickly leave their time to the couple and close the door carefully when they leave.

As soon as Zhuang\'s mother and Zhuang Yindi left, Zhuang Momo immediately turned passive into active. He tightly held Zhan limo\'s waist and called his name again and again: "Zhan limo! The end of the war! "

"Well, I am!" Every time zhuangmomo calls, the war will definitely come back at the end. Knowing that she was still afraid, he comforted her with the simplest response. "At the end of the war, you told me that I was not dreaming. You are really back. You are back in peace." Zhuangmomo holds the end of the war tightly, and the two people\'s bodies are close together. Only in this way can she feel his body temperature

feel his heartbeat, and her heart will be more stable.

In the past few months, she dreamed countless times that war had come back from the end, how many times she had dreams of his safe return, and how many times she had despair after waking up from the dream.

Every time she experiences despair, she is like walking through the gates of hell

Fortunately, he\'s back, safe and sound.

He said he would marry her, so he came back to fulfill his promise.

"Zhuang Momo, you are not dreaming. I have come back safely to fulfill my promise to you." At the end of the war, there was no more explanation, just more strength to hold her.

He knew what Zhuang Momo needed, and a warm embrace of him could resist many anxieties in her heart.

"At the end of the war, are we really going to have a wedding?" Zhuangmomo raised his head and looked at the end of the war. "It\'s not my dream, it\'s true, isn\'t it?"

Zhan Li bowed his head and kissed her domineering. After a long time, he just let her go: "Zhuang Momo, does this kiss make you feel more real?"

"Well." Zhuangmomo nodded.

His kiss, as she is familiar with, is gentle in the hegemonic, gentle and a little sweet, that is, he is the end of her war, he really came back. It\'s not that she\'s dreaming.