My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1716

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However, that dream is so real that you can feel pain even when you are breathing together. "Momo, dreams are the opposite of reality. Bad things happen in dreams, and good things often happen in real life. " Zhuang\'s mother tightly holds Zhuang Momo\'s hand, "but no matter good or bad, we must face it bravely. Life is a process of growing up, only through the experience of

can we grow up. Just like the most beautiful rainbow always appears after the wind and rain. "

Many people understand these principles. Zhuang Momo will not fail to understand them, but if they understand them, they will persuade others. When they meet them, they are helpless.

Zhuang Momo is the same. She is a soldier without any mistake. But she is just an ordinary girl in front of her feelings. In order to save her, her beloved boy is now in a dilemma. How could she not worry about not being sad. Of course, what Zhuang Momo understands, and Zhuang mummy also understands. She can see more clearly after many things: "my child, mom knows that the war is too fierce at the end of the war, and the blow to you is too big. You are not willing to accept the fact that he disappeared in your heart. But the facts are in front of you. Even if you can\'t accept them, what can you change? "

Zhuang Momo knows that he can\'t, but he can\'t be rational enough not to feel sad.

Mother Zhuang said, "you know you can\'t, why do you hurt yourself like this?"

Zhuang Momo: "Mom..."

She didn\'t hurt herself, but she couldn\'t accept the fact that she disappeared at the end of the war. She blamed herself more.

On that day, if she moved faster and handed over the prisoner to minister he earlier, she could go back earlier to meet the end of the war, then the situation might be different.

It was a few days before we heard the news about the end of the war.

The captain told her that she was missing at the end of the war!


That day, after she left, what happened to Zhan Li?

Zhuangmomo didn\'t dare to think, because the more he thought, the more he was afraid.

Dong Dong -

the sudden knock on the door interrupts the conversation between Zhuang Momo and Zhuang\'s mother. At the same time, their mother and daughter look back to the door and see a beautiful, dignified and generous woman.

She was standing at the door, smiling softly.

Zhuang Momo recognized that this beautiful woman was Qin Xiaobao, Zhan limo\'s mother.

It seems that the disappearance of Qin Xiaobao at the end of the War didn\'t have a great impact on him. Qin Xiaobao was the last time Zhuang Momo saw him. He was bright and moving, with a habitual smile on his face.

Zhan Li\'s mother, Qin Xiaobao, is still smiling? Isn\'t she worried about her son missing?

When meeting Qin Xiaobao for the first time, Zhuang Momo thought that Qin Xiaobao was just like an ordinary mother. At this moment, Zhuang Momo suddenly felt that he never seemed to understand Qin Xiaobao\'s idea.

Zhuangmomo tried to clean up his mood and got out of bed: "aunt, you are here."

"Son, you\'re still ill. You don\'t have to get up." Qin Xiaobao goes up and presses Zhuang Momo back to the hospital bed and sits down. With a smile, he says, "Momo, am I interrupting the conversation between your mother and daughter?"

"No, No." Zhuangmomo quickly introduced, "Mom, this is Mrs. Zhan, the mother at the end of Zhan Li."

Qin Xiaobao said enthusiastically, "my parents will be very good in the future."

Zhuang\'s mother caressed her forehead awkwardly: "how\'s Mrs. Zhan?"

The first time I met Qin Xiaobao, I was called my own mother. Mother Zhuang was embarrassed, but Qin Xiaobao was a passionate master. Of course, her enthusiasm was not for everyone, but for the people she liked.

She took Zhuang\'s mother\'s hand: "in the future, we will be one family sooner or later. This name can be called adaptation in advance. Don\'t call it Mrs. Zhan or anything. Listen to birth."

"Yes, yes..." Zhuang\'s mother said repeatedly, but her mother couldn\'t say it. Which daughter has not married first to recognize his mother\'s son.

"My dear mother, because there are some things to do in the family these two days. I didn\'t come to take care of Momo when he was ill and in hospital. It\'s bothering you. Please forgive me. " Qin Xiaobao didn\'t mention the end of the war, but he said to his mother. In fact, Zhuang\'s mother\'s ears are uncomfortable, but she is a person with high EQ, and her discomfort is not reflected in her face: "where is Zhan\'s wife, it\'s my child, even if she is married, or my child, I\'m happy to take care of her, and I\'m not bothered to say anything."

"Momo, you\'ve suffered in these days when the war is gone." Qin Xiaobao touched Zhuang Momo\'s face and held his hand in his palm. "Look at you, you are much thinner than when I saw you last time."

"Auntie..." Zhuang Momo doesn\'t know what Qin Xiaobao\'s purpose is. He looks at Qin Xiaobao and listens to Qin Xiaobao, "girl, no matter what others say, you should believe that Zhan limo is just missing. He will come back soon."

Zhuang Momo: "Auntie, at the end of the war..."

Qin Xiaobao interrupts Zhuang Momo: "my child, the disappearance of Zhan Li has nothing to do with you. You are soldiers. It is the first thing to accomplish the tasks assigned by your superiors. Do not blame yourself. "

"Auntie, I......" Qin Xiaobao stabs Zhuang Momo in the heart. Yes, she is sad and distressed after learning the news of Zhan limo\'s disappearance. There are also self accusations that others can\'t see.

Her mother and sister did not see it, but Qin Xiaobao saw through it at a glance.

Qin Xiaobao clapped her hand and said, "son, you should work hard and rest well in the future. Don\'t worry too much about the end of the war. His good brothers have arranged for someone to look for him, and there will be good news soon. "

After hearing Qin Xiaobao\'s words, Zhuang Momo knew how naive and stupid she was. In the first two minutes, she even doubted Qin Xiaobao\'s love for war.

At this moment, he was hit hard on the face.

From Qin Xiaobao\'s words, Zhuang Momo just understood how much Qin Xiaobao\'s ability to bear the blow when the major blow came, and how low her Zhuang Momo\'s ability to bear the blow.

In the face of the news of Zhan limo\'s disappearance, she suddenly collapsed, and even flashed in her mind that if he died, she would accompany him, but now look at Qin Xiaobao, Zhan limo\'s mother.

She foolishly thought that Qin Xiaobao would laugh even if she didn\'t care about the end of the war.

Now it seems that she\'s wrong. Every look in Qin Xiaobao\'s eyes can show how much she cares about her son, but she is so worried about her son, but she doesn\'t cry. She keeps calm and elegant, and even tries to persuade her. Compared with Qin Xiaobao, Zhuang Momo knows that he is really not


Don\'t Qin Xiaobao worry about the end of the war? No, she was worried, but she knew that the best way to solve the problem was to keep calm, so she did.