My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1715

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"The end of the war, don\'t......"

"Momo, wake up! Wake up! " As soon as Zhuang Yindi came into the room, she saw Zhuang Mo waving her hands and crying and shouting. She knew that Zhuang Mo was dreaming again.

Five days ago, she had a high fever after hearing the news of the disappearance of Zhan Li. The fever lasted for several days, and the whole person was in a coma.

Until this afternoon, zhuangmomo\'s fever has only subsided, and his physical condition is much more stable than that of the previous days.

Seeing Zhuang Momo\'s health getting better, Zhuang Yindi, who has been around Zhuang Momo for a few days, took the time to go out and buy some daily necessities. It\'s only half an hour to go out. When he came back, he saw that again.

Zhuangmomo is in a bad situation. Zhuangmyindi is worried and distressed. She takes the tissue in a hurry and helps zhuangmomo wipe his tears: "Momo, wake up! Wake up! It\'s a nightmare. It\'s nothing to wake up with. "

However, Zhuang Momo can\'t hear that her tears are like the flood of breaking the dike. She can\'t stop it. Even more and more, she roars with tears in her mouth: "at the end of the war, you come back, come back You said you were going to marry me, you can\'t say nothing... "

"Stinky girl, the end of war is just missing, not dead. Why do you cry? Do you have to cry him out, so you\'re happy?" Zhuang Yindi pinches Zhuang Momo\'s shoulder and shakes it hard. "Zhuang Momo, you useless guy, wake up quickly."

Zhuang Momo suffered such a serious injury in order to complete the task. After returning to Jiangbei, she didn\'t even say how to train or how to train.

Zhan limo didn\'t come back with her. She didn\'t ask more questions. She didn\'t even shed a tear before she got the news of Zhan limo. Until Zhuang Momo received the news that Zhan limo was sure to be missing five days ago, she collapsed instantly and fainted on the spot.

Zhuangmomo pretends to be strong. Zhuangmyindi is always in the eyes and in the heart.

These days, she didn\'t persuade Zhuang Momo less, but she couldn\'t listen no matter how. In recent days, Zhuang Momo either has a high fever or does not want to say a word.

A girl who used to be so cheerful and lively, now

Think of these, Zhuang Yindi is also heartache straight exhale. If Zhuang Momo is not the one who lies here and doesn\'t want to wake up, Zhuang Yindi feels that she won\'t hesitate to shake it off, but the other is Zhuang Momo, her most distressed sister. She can\'t bear it. She only persuades patiently: "Momo, if you listen to the second sister, you will wake up soon. Just

to wake up, it\'s all right. "

"Yindi, what\'s the matter?" Zhuang\'s mother, who came to see her little daughter with soup, saw her eldest daughter shaking her little daughter in her arms and hurried to come here. She almost spilled the soup which had been hard boiled for several hours, "what\'s the matter?"

"Mom, it\'s OK. Don\'t worry. She just can\'t wake up in her nightmare." Zhuang Yindi was distressed and worried. "Zhuang Momo, do you want everyone to worry about you, so you can be happy?"

"Don\'t say that about your sister, indie. You go out first, let me advise your sister. " Zhuang\'s mother loves her little daughter so much that she is reluctant to be murdered by her second daughter, even though she knows that her second daughter has no malice.

Zhuang Yindi: "Mom I... " "I know you care about your sister. You\'re afraid she won\'t wake up. Yindi, don\'t worry. Mom is here. She will advise your sister. Go out. " After Zhuang Yindi\'s emissary left, Zhuang\'s mother sat beside Zhuang Momo, wiping tears for her little daughter, and said, "Momo, do you know how sad your sick mother is?"

"You don\'t know." Zhuang\'s mother sighed, her nose was sour, her eyes suddenly turned red, and her tears rolled in her eyes, "if you know how you can not cherish your body so much."

Mother Zhuang continued, "you were born to her in October, a piece of meat that fell from her. See you because of a man to make their own deathly, mom this heart ah cold can be frozen popsicle

"Maybe you want to ask your mother why, then I will tell you that no one wants to see his daughter hurt his body because of a man. Parents are more reluctant to see their daughter leave their parents for a man. " "Yes, mom knows that man is very good to you and you love him very much, but..." Zhuang\'s mother didn\'t want to cry, but she couldn\'t control her tears when she thought of these things. She wiped her tears before Fang could speak well. "Momo, if you really love him, you should live well. Live well until he comes back to see you. " "Momo, he saved your life. He wants you to live. He wants you to live happily, not hurt yourself like this. " Seeing Zhuang Momo\'s mood getting better, Zhuang\'s mother said more diligently, "the real love for a person is not to accompany him to die, but to shoulder the responsibility of two people,

continue to live well, and live together with his life."

Zhuang\'s mother stroked Zhuang Momo\'s forehead and said, "my silly daughter, how do you think about it? If you understand it, you will wake me up and stop lying in bed and lazing."

"Mom..." After hearing his mother\'s words, Zhuang Momo slowly opened his eyes. There was remorse, chagrin, a lot of fear and fear in her eyes.

"Momo, you\'re awake." Zhuang\'s mother wiped her tears and smiled happily. "I knew that if my daughter wanted to, she could make it through."

Zhuang Momo blinked, trying to blink back the tears in her eyes, but the tears didn\'t listen to her. One drop after another rolled down her cheek: "Mom, I......" "Momo, mom told you that the best news is that there is no news at the end of the war." Zhuang\'s mother tightly hugged Zhuang Momo, stroked her head, and said softly, "you think, Zhan limo is so smart and powerful, he will be OK, and he will come back. He promised you something, and you will do it. "

Zhuang\'s mother didn\'t know that Zhuang Momo and Zhan limo had agreed to finish the task and go back to Jiangbei to report their marriage to their superiors. It was the news that Zhuang Momo was in a coma these days.

Zhuang\'s mother said this to Zhuang Momo, but she didn\'t believe that there would be miracles by herself. After so many days, she still didn\'t find any news about the end of the war.

"Mom..." Zhuangmomo tightly grasped his mother\'s hand, as if he had caught the last straw for help. "He will be OK, he will come back, right?"

Even though there is little hope, there is hope. Zhuang Momo nodded heavily: "well, he will come back." "Yes, he will. He promised me." Zhuangmomo wiped away his tears, took a deep breath and said firmly in his eyes, "I will find him."