My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1708

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Zhan Li nodded at the end: "well, let\'s start from here."

"But we are locked in this room now. Unless someone comes to us, we can\'t get close to his office."

"The way is with the brain." Zhan Li stabbed Zhuang Momo\'s head at the end of the war. "While we have a little time, let\'s use your brain to think about it."

"From the end of the war..."

"Don\'t ask anything. I\'ll tell you when I get back to Jiangbei."

"Anyway, you should keep your head well. I don\'t want to be a widow before I enter your house."

"Don\'t worry, I\'m still waiting to go back to Jiangbei and marry you. I\'ll give you the title of little lady Zhan."

"Why Zhan Xiaoma?"

"Because there is a wife Zhan at home. You don\'t even have to take my mother\'s place. "

"I\'d like to rob it, but have I been able to?"

"Little girl, you are a thief without courage."

"Nonsense, I must have a good relationship with my future mother-in-law. When I come into your house and you bully me, someone will help me. "

"You can rest assured that all the girls married to our family have been treated as treasure. They have not been bullied before."


"If it\'s true, you\'ll know when you get married."

"After all, you still want to cheat me into your house."

"Who just mentioned entering my house? I didn\'t say that first. "

"Well, let\'s not talk about it. Let\'s think about the next plan."

"Good, my wife!"


Again, not surprisingly, Zhan Nianbei called half an hour before dinner.

When he answered the phone, Zhan Nianbei put on a high shelf: "I can promise you today, but you have to video me to meet my son. I want to confirm his personal safety."

Stick to smile, smile very proud, proud of their own expectations, he knew that Zhan Nianbei or reluctant to treasure his son: "war chief you want to see Zhan childe, I will invite him right away."

Zhan Nianbei: "also, next, make sure that I can contact him at any time, or I can\'t guarantee that what you want can be delivered to you smoothly." "Of course. Mr. Zhan is your son. Of course, you can see him at any time, unless he doesn\'t want to see you. " Perseverance also left room for himself in the conversation. The next time Zhan Nianbei called, he could let their father and son meet or not let their father and son meet. It\'s not that he didn\'t

let it be that Mr. Zhan didn\'t want to, and the responsibility is not on him.

How can Zhan Nianbei fail to understand the intention of perseverance: "perseverance, I warn you, don\'t play tricks. If he loses half of his hair, I will make you feel overwhelmed."

"Guard said with a smile:" war chief, I know what kind of person you are, and how dare I play in front of you. I\'ve never thought about it, so as soon as I get what I want, I\'ll personally send Mr. Zhan back to make amends to you. "

Sticking is such a smiling man. Even if he gets angry again, he even wants to cut off the head of the other side immediately and kick the ball, but he still smiles, as if he is talking about a very easy topic.

Zhan Nianbei warned, "just understand. I\'m just afraid you don\'t understand, and I\'m holding a fluke mentality. "

I dare not. Chief Zhan, wait a moment, and I\'ll ask you to come here. "


Soon, Zhan limo and Zhuang Momo were invited to the office.

In the office, there were only one and two people left before he became a stubborn man. At the end of the war, he glanced over them and then fell behind them: "Mr. Gu, I didn\'t ask your people to prepare dinner for me. How can I call both of us to your office again?"

Gu Shou and Zhan Nianbei have video links. He asked Cheng Cheng to project the image of his mobile phone on the wall of the room: "Zhan Gongzi, it\'s not that I\'m bothering you, but that the war chief wants to see you."

"He didn\'t care about my life or death, how could he want to see me again?" At the end of Zhan Li, he looks up at Zhan Nianbei in the image and says with a smile, "chief Zhan, what are you doing?"

Zhan Nianbei in the video said angrily, "you useless thing!"

Zhan limo shrugs his shoulders indifferently: "yes, I\'m useless. You don\'t know today. Who will show the play to when you are so angry?"

Zhan Nianbei: "bastard!"

At the end of the war, his face is more indifferent. It\'s a little self giving up: "I\'m a bastard, you\'re my father, then you\'re an old bastard."

Zhan Nianbei: "if you don\'t believe me, you will die outside."

Zhanli end: "zhannianbei, I am the only son of you and your wife. Even if you don\'t want to save me, what about your wife? Even if she doesn\'t know now that you don\'t care about my life and death, if she knows later, it\'s strange that she doesn\'t fight with you. Do you dare to let me die outside? "

Zhan Nianbei: "if it wasn\'t for your mother, you really thought I would take care of your life and death."

"Yes, that\'s what you are." Zhan Li is still laughing, "there are only a few people in this room, so you don\'t have to act. No one believes in acting. Why?"

"You You... " Zhan Nianbei\'s face was livid with rage. His fingers were at the end of the battle, but he didn\'t say a complete word for half a day.

At this time, Zhan chose to stand up and say, "chief Zhan, you two are father and son. They all pretend to be each other. Why don\'t you hurt the harmony between father and son by saying no to others?"

The father and son are clever. They are still acting for him at this time. If they want to act, he will let their father and son play well. Believe it or not, it\'s his choice.

At the end of the war, he said, "what else can I do for you, chief Zhan?"

Zhan Nianbei took a few deep breaths, and then said, "bastard, listen to me. I\'ll call back later. You wait for me. "

At the end of the war, he challenged: "I have something very important to do in the evening. I don\'t have time to listen to your sermon from the war chief. If you have anything to say now."

"You, you, you..." Zhan Nian said three times to you in the north, but he was so angry that he didn\'t say a complete sentence.

"The war chief has nothing to say, so I\'ll go first." No matter how angry Zhan Nianbei is at the end of the video, Zhan Li drags Zhuang Momo to leave. After two steps, he turns around and says, "Mr. Gu, I\'m hungry. Let your kitchen move faster." "Yes." Stick to the words, but secretly think, "Stinky boy, you\'re so arrogant when you\'re dying. You really think we can\'t do anything about you with your father."