My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1707

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"Not a threat? Then you can send them back safely. Can you send them back safely to Jiangbei? " Zhan Nianbei\'s voice is not light or heavy, but it has his unique majesty.

He has been in charge of the military region for decades. He has never seen anything big or small before. How could he be in a mess for such a phone call.

The speaker on the other end of the phone is the one who is willing to die. It\'s the one who has destroyed the power he has been operating for many years. It\'s the one who has blocked the progress of his great cause.

He hated and hated to skin the other side and let the other side kneel in front of him to admit his mistake, but all this was not the time, he still needed time.

Therefore, no matter how angry he was, he remained calm: "Mr. Zhan, who just arrived in X city, was very interested in the local conditions and customs of X city. He wanted to stay to have a good understanding. Don\'t worry, commander Zhan. He has a good food and a good living here. He will never lose half of his hair. "

Zhan Nianbei sneers, "what if I don\'t give you what you want?"

"If the war chief doesn\'t give it, we can\'t force it to be not." I\'m still smiling, but the smile is getting grim. "Then I have to stay with Mr. Zhan and his little friend for a few more days."

Zhan Nianbei: "since you want to, you can stay as long as you want. What do you want to do with me?"

Pa -

the person on the other end of the phone hung up decisively, as if in a desperate mood.

Clinging to the mobile phone tightly, his brow was blue with anger.

Zhan LiMao shrugged and said to Zhuang Momo, "look, I said that I was sent by the two of them. You don\'t believe it. Now you should believe that old man Zhan\'s attitude towards me. "

Zhuangmomo: "the war chief is disappointed with you at ordinary times, but you are also his only son. He can\'t leave you alone."

At the end of the war: "you are the best. You care about me."

Zhuang Momo patted him on the back: "in fact, they also care about you."

At the end of the war: "tell me, do you love me?"

Although he was acting for the enemy, at the end of the first hearing of the war, Zhuang Mo could not help but blush: "love, of course I love you."

War from the end: "wife, I love you!"

There were many other people in the room, but their young couple started to flirt and scold, as if they didn\'t pay attention to other people at all. They didn\'t stop talking until they coughed with dissatisfaction.

At the end of Zhan Li\'s life, he looked back at Gu Shou and said, "Mr. Gu, you can see that it\'s not that I don\'t want to call, but that I did. Zhan Nianbei doesn\'t care about my life or death."

His face is not as kind as that of Feng Cai, but his tone is polite: "you are the only son of the war chief, as the little sister said, and he can\'t ignore you."

At the end of the war: "Mr. Gu, why don\'t you lock me up and beat me severely now, or cut off one hand and cut off one ear of me and send it to Mr. Zhan to see if he cares about me."

I really want to do this, but now it\'s said from the mouth of Zhan Liming. Instead, he dare not: "Mr. Zhan joked, you are the distinguished guest I invited. I\'m afraid that if I don\'t treat you properly, I won\'t do such cruel things to you." At the end of the war: "since Mr. Gu can\'t bear it, let me take us back to our room for a rest. See if you can wait for Zhan Nianbei\'s call later. If you can\'t wait, call him again and threaten him severely. You tell him that if he doesn\'t give you what you want, you will let him break his son

At this moment, I was thinking about the intention of fighting to read the north. I didn\'t have the heart to deal with the end of the war, so I asked my subordinates to send them back to their rooms first.

As soon as the war left the end, how long did he have to endure? "What did Zhan Nianbei think? He won\'t ignore his precious son for his position. "

He stroked his forehead and said, "even if he doesn\'t care about his baby son, his wife won\'t care."

Cheng Qian: "you mean Qin Xiaobao?"

"Those who know them all know that Zhan Nianbei is obedient to his wife. As long as his wife knows that their son is in our hands Do you think Zhan Nianbei will trade for what we want? "

Before Cheng immediately took out his cell phone: "then I\'ll have this message sent to the wife Zhan\'s ear right now. Let her do the next thing for us. "

Stick to the nod and acquiesce to the proposal before success.

There was no delay a moment before Cheng, so he immediately contacted the people who were lurking in the north of the river, asking them to send the news to Qin Xiaobao\'s ear as soon as possible, but there was a quick reply. Qin Xiaobao is now in the nuoyuan of the Qin family.

The nuoyuan of the Qin family is heavily guarded. Qin Xiaobao can\'t come out. They can\'t go in at all. There\'s no way for this news to reach Qin Xiaobao.

Cheng Qian hung up the phone and looked at Gu Shou with a grimace on his face: "they said Qin Xiaobao had lived in nuoyuan of Qin\'s house and could not pass on the news that Zhan limo was here."

Adamant: "so clever?"

Cheng Qian asked, "do you think Zhan Nianbei will know the news in advance and send Qin Xiaobao to the Qin family on purpose?"

Adamant: "although Zhan Li was captured by us at the end of the war, he did not have any communication with the outside world, but he did not rule out that Zhan Nianbei expected that his son would be captured by us and made arrangements in advance."

Cheng Qian: "Zhan Nianbei really doesn\'t want his son?"

"We\'ll give him a few more hours. If he doesn\'t contact us before dinner, don\'t blame me for letting them die."


Back to the room, the first thing Zhan LiMao and Zhuang Momo did was to check whether the room had any equipment to monitor them, and make sure that no one had moved the hand in the room during the time when they left. They just spoke.

Zhuang Momo asked in a low voice, "at the end of the war, what is your father and son\'s idea?"

Although she also heard what Zhan Nianbei said on the phone, she absolutely did not believe that Zhan Nianbei would not care about his life or death. There must be some hint between their father and son.

Zhan LiMao was lying in bed, comfortable in a large shape: "don\'t worry about Zhan Nianbei\'s idea. You can do your own thing. "

Zhuang Momo: "just now I had a close observation of the firm office, but I didn\'t see anything. I\'m not sure whether his office has a secret road to the outside."

At the end of the war: "his office looks quite ordinary." Zhuangmomo added: "but with my understanding of him these two days, he can tolerate you again and again. He must be very interested in his great ambition. He will keep his life well before his great project is completed, so I am sure that his office should have a secret way to the outside world. "