My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1705

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"At the end of the war, you are a smart man. You know better than me what the chips are in our hands now. Now is the time to be able to joke? " In the face of danger, Zhuang Momo has not been so anxious.

When she decided to be a soldier, she was ready to dedicate her life to the country and the people. She would not be afraid or flinch if she could carry out any tasks, including those with life risks.

But she was afraid of the end of the war.

Human nature is like this. Sometimes she would rather die by herself than see the people she cares about. She can\'t let war get hurt at the end.

"Well, I know, so they won\'t do anything to me. You see, now they have arranged us to live in such a comfortable room. What\'s to worry about? " At the end of the war, Zhan Li tried to muddle through, but this time it didn\'t work here. "You know what our chips are, then you know that if you keep procrastinating and don\'t call the war chief, they will surely find a way to torture you and force you to call." Zhuang Momo is really in a hurry, but she keeps a very clear mind. "Today, at dawn, they will invite you to go there. I have no time for them to wait."

At the end of Zhan Li\'s reign, Xiang Yuan thought that he was eloquent, and he often felt that Zhuang was speechless, but today he couldn\'t speak to her because she was worried about him and because she said everything that she said was important.

At this moment, he was more and more sure that the woman\'s heart was filled with him.

It is in such a dangerous moment that Zhan Li does not think much about other things, but obeys his own heart. He forces Zhuang Momo into her, bows his head, blocks her mouth, and kisses her heartily.

Zhuangmomo\'s anger and plan slowly recovered from his kiss. When he let go of her, she was a little confused. Just when she was still in a daze, Zhan said: "Zhuang Momo, we are not trying to find the first two guys, but we can\'t find them all these days. Now the two of them come to our eyes and let us finally see the goal of this task. Do you think tonight\'s event is easy to be good or bad for

us? "

At the end of the war, Zhuang Momo\'s head was so confused by his kiss that he began to think again: "you mean we are not trying to escape this time, but to take two target characters."

Zhan limo chuckles: "smart girl."

Zhuang Momo: "but..."

Zhan Li said with a smile: "they asked me to call and I will call them. It\'s hard to say when the weapons will arrive. As long as they don\'t receive weapons in a day, they will pretend to be polite to me if they are not satisfied with me. "

Zhuangmomo is still worried: "these people are extremely vicious. We don\'t know how many people\'s blood has been dyed on their hands. We can\'t guess them by guessing ordinary people\'s thoughts."

Zhan Liming nodded: "well, it\'s because they are extremely vicious and want to kill people every day, so weapons are very important to them. Other things they don\'t play according to common sense, but this thing, they won\'t mess

Zhuang Momo: "..."

At the end of the war, he said, "did you just notice how many people there are in this house?"

Zhuang Momo: "about 30 people. It\'s all blue men, not a single woman. "

"Well..." It was also noted at the end of the war that "this number is just right. One or two less people don\'t notice, and one or two more people don\'t notice. "

What\'s the intention of the end of the war? Zhuang Momo understood. She bited her lips and looked at him wrongly: "then listen to you. Go to bed first."

Zhan Li kisses her on the forehead: "good night."


I don\'t know if it\'s because I saw the target person. It should have been a night of uneasiness. At the end of the war, he and Zhuang Momo slept in a very steady way. This sleep ended at noon.

The sun is high in the sky, and the hot sunlight shines into the room, which is dazzling. At the end of the war, I turned to Zhuang Mo to block the light: "are you full of sleep?"

He asked very gently, Zhuang Mo Mo a bit can\'t resist, shyly nodded: "well, sleep full."

The war leaves the end big palm to move, press on her stomach: "hungry."

Zhuangmomo gently grasped his big palm and said softly, "you didn\'t say that I didn\'t think about it or feel hungry. It seems that I\'m really hungry when you say that."

Zhan limo turns over and gets up: "someone should have prepared the meal for us. I\'ll send someone to the room, and we\'ll eat it in the room."

Zhuangmomo also sat up with him: "I didn\'t expect that the group of people who stick to them are quite calm, but they really didn\'t let people come to our trouble."

"I think they\'ll stick to it until we finish lunch. I bet when we just put down the dishes, they\'ll ask us to come over and have afternoon tea. " The minds of those people can be felt through the end of the war.

They need weapons, because they can\'t carry out any plan without weapons, so they can bear to sleep until they wake up naturally, which is the limit of their patience.

Zhuang Mo Mo made a cute and witty face at him: "you\'ve always been smarter than me, so I won\'t bet on you."

She seldom has such a naughty and lovely side. She feels so hot at the end of Zhan Li\'s heart that she can\'t help holding her and kissing her. After kissing, she pinches her nose: "don\'t seduce me with this look, I can\'t help it."

Zhuang Momo jumped away and said, "it\'s clear that your mind is not pure."

"I am not pure in thought, I am not pure when I look at you." At the end of the war, he admitted, adding, "who makes you look so charming?"

Zhuang Momo: "..."

This man\'s mouth is so sweet.

At the end of Zhan Li, he couldn\'t help laughing: "we are all real couples. How can we blush easily? I remember that you Zhuang Momo used to be a cheeky man

Zhuang Momo: shut up

"Well, if you don\'t let me say it, I won\'t say it." Tease her to tease almost, the war leaves the end just to put away to play the heart, "darling, the son quickly brushes the tooth, I go to let the person send the meal up."


Soon, good wine and good food will be delivered.

Looking at a table of good dishes, Zhuang Momo\'s mouth was watering: "it\'s good to follow you and your son out to carry out the task. There are delicious and delicious food for being a prisoner."

Zhan limo smiled and gave her a dish: "you are afraid that the wine and meat are poisoned. What we eat is food, what we want is our life. "

Zhuang Momo took the dish he brought and ate it. Then he heard Zhan Liming say, "little girl, you are not afraid to die." "They still want you to call the war chief. Before you call, where would you rather poison us?" said Zhuang