My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1704

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The sound of persistence is still like a kind elder, with a kind smile on his face. Only the eyes hidden under the thick black glasses become vicious, like a vampire who has been hungry for a long time.

Oh -

Zhan Nianbei! War from the end!

You hurt so many of me, you think I\'m really just asking you for some weapons?

I will use the weapons you provided to me to personally kill your father and son, and sacrifice your blood to those brothers who worked for me, so that I can vent my hatred.


The two-story house is old and shabby, but it not only covers a large area, but also has solid walls. It is not like the residential building of ordinary residents, which is very special.

The house is dilapidated. Fortunately, the room is relatively large. I don\'t know how the area of other rooms is. But he knows that the room arranged for him and Zhuang Momo is not bad.

With windows, it\'s very airy. I don\'t know how much better than the low rent house they two rent these days.

After entering the room, the person who led them left. Zhan LiMao and Zhuang Momo didn\'t say a word. They exchanged eyes.

At the end of the war, observing the overall situation of the room, Zhuang Momo took out the tools he had with him to check whether there was any eavesdropping or surveillance equipment. It was strange that he found nothing.

She gave Zhan Liming a sign, and Zhan Liming understood: "it seems that the threats we said when we went upstairs are not empty words. They know we can\'t escape, and they don\'t want to monitor us."

"After the last two events, I think we underestimated them," said Zhuang. Or maybe they\'re acting for us on purpose to get us hooked. " "Well, the fight between the two sides is the process of fighting wisdom and courage, but no one knows who is the winner until the end." Zhan limo approaches Zhuang Momo and raises her hand to rub her frown. "Little girl, we are still alive. That\'s hope. Don\'t frown so tightly."

Zhuang Momo: "I\'m worried about you."

At the end of the war, he was able to cross the topic: "did I tell you that you look really good when you laugh. It\'s the most beautiful and exciting smile I\'ve ever seen. "

Zhuangmomo was worried about his safety, but he didn\'t care about it again. She was so worried that she stamped her feet: "at the end of the war, don\'t make any noise. I\'m telling you the right thing."

"Well, then let\'s get down to business." As soon as Zhan Li\'s face changed, he became serious and serious. "Then tell me, what did you observe just downstairs?"

The topic was taken away by the end of the war. Zhuang Momo immediately said: "I have seen some information, which is very similar to the shape of this building. Although the external structure of this building doesn\'t look like it, it\'s totally consistent with what I know when I walk in. "

Just at the end of the war, Zhuang Momo sat quietly beside him and didn\'t say a word, but she didn\'t do anything.

She did it. Her task was to observe the building structure of the house and find out if there was any other exit besides the normal one.

"Well, tell me more about it." The knowledge of architecture is the short board from the end of the war, so Zhuang Momo is responsible for all this.

They have been doing this since they formed a team, so they don\'t need to tell in advance, or even make eye contact, so they can do their job well.

Zhuang said carefully: "thirty years ago, there was a large-scale civil war in country B. At that time, military buildings were basically such buildings. This kind of buildings seemed to be old, as if they could not be hit, but in fact, the walls had bullet proof technology, and the safety factor was very high. "

As she spoke, she checked the reaction of the war to see if he could keep up with her. She sped up a little: "later, when the civil war ended, the new government needed land and development, so she ordered the demolition of the military houses built in that period."

"Well, I can keep up with you. You can be faster." At this moment, time is life for them. It\'s possible to build up their lives at a later moment. Try to seize the moment when they don\'t waste time. Zhuangmomo sped up his speech appropriately: "it is said in the data that after the order of the new government, all the military houses in that period were demolished. What I saw are all historical data. But today, after seeing this house, I\'m sure that the people who did the work didn\'t tear down all the houses according to the above requirements. The building we are in now is the military building during the war thirty years ago. " Looking at the end of the war, Zhuang Momo continued, "there are eight exits to the outside of such a building, four of which are visible to us, and four front, back, left and right gates. There are four more that we can\'t see. These four invisible passageways may be in a certain room, or in the courtyard. The layout of each building is different, even the people who designed and built it in that year can\'t remember clearly, so I don\'t know where the other four exits of our building are. It\'s not clear that the four exits have been blocked. " After listening to Zhuang Mo Mo\'s words, Zhan Li\'s face showed a very difficult look these days: "it seems that they chose this place to be their real base camp after various considerations. This house is strong enough to prevent the people they have caught from escaping. Four hidden channels, which can escape when they are in danger. "

"Well, the escape passage is the life passage. They choose here. They will not fail to see it." "So the four channels are still in use, or they won\'t be able to choose here," said Zhuang

Zhan Li nods: "you are right."

"Then I\'ll try to find out if I can find out the specific location of the four secret ways and if I can find out where to go out," said Zhuang

After knowing the situation of this building, Zhan Li didn\'t worry about it: "go to bed first. When you wake up, think of another way. "

"At the end of the war, if you are tired, go to bed first, and I will collect some information." Zhuang Momo is worried because she knows that the situation at the end of the war is more dangerous than her.

The enemy wants to call the war chief at the end of the war to exchange what they want. However, she was very clear that this phone battle would never be fought until the end. He was just playing procrastination with the enemy.

"Don\'t worry about me," said Zhan. "They dare not take me."

How about not taking him?

Does he really think the terrorists are vegetarian?

No! Those people are bloodstained and murderous demons. Once they know that they can\'t get what they want from the end of the war, they don\'t know what they will do.