My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1700

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At zhuangmomo\'s request, Zhan Li took two mouthfuls of soup at the end of the war. Because there was not much soup, he just meant it for a while, and handed it to zhuangmomo: "just now I really ate something, but now I\'m not hungry."

"I\'m in good health. Don\'t worry too much about me." It\'s a long time to cook soup. Zhuang Momo doesn\'t understand the reason for cooking any more. He just went out for two hours from the end of the war. He\'s probably busy cooking the soup.

She is a soldier with excellent physical quality. He really doesn\'t have to work so hard for her, but he does it to keep her warm.

This bowl of soup is not as good as the mother\'s soup, but zhuangmomo thinks it\'s as delicious as the human world. To be honest, it\'s the mind of Zhan limo that matters.

After drinking, he took the initiative to clean up the heat preservation barrel at the end of the war: "minister he will come to X city for a state visit the day after tomorrow. He will stay here for one day. We only have three days. Today, we must find the foothold before sticking and success."

They really don\'t have more time. Success or failure are in today\'s and tomorrow\'s critical time. If they make any mistakes, they will not be able to complete this task.

Zhuangmomo didn\'t forget what Zhan LiMao just said: "you didn\'t just say that you thought of a way, what way?" "Aunt Wang, who is cleaning, is ill. She needs help to clean that building today. The building she is in charge of is the lane where all one and two disappeared last night. Today we went to do it for her. " When buying vegetables, Zhan Liming also inquired about some news by the way, but there was still some news for


"OK. Let\'s go now. " Zhuang Momo readily agreed.

War from the end said: "not yet. Aunt Wang goes there every evening to clean. We can\'t go too early. It\'s easy to be doubted. "

"Well..." Zhuang Mo Mo nodded, "then we will do our work as usual today, and take advantage of this time to see if there are any new discoveries."

The busy day began again. Today, I occasionally saw two suspicious people go in from that lane. I didn\'t know what they were busy with for a long time.

Finally, in the evening, the two of them bought some food to fill their stomachs, and immediately put themselves into the work of looking for perseverance and Chengqian. They swept at the door of each house and observed the situation of each house, but they did not find any situation after sweeping a building.

There are six stairways and six buildings in this alley. Now one has been ruled out, and there are only five sixths left.

Every time a building is excluded, there will be fewer opportunities. Zhuang Momo is worried: "the war is away from the end..."

Zhan Li patted her on the back: "don\'t worry, maybe they will hide in the last building."

The war is not very sure, but as long as we haven\'t found the last building, there will be a way.

Listen to Zhan limo\'s saying, Zhuang Momo is quite at ease. He looks for it with Zhan limo again.

After looking for the five buildings in front of him, Zhuang Mo is flustered again. If the last building is not there, all their efforts these days are wasted.

However, just as they were about to go upstairs, two suspicious people came in a hurry, and they went directly to the top floor. These old buildings, the tallest one is only six floors, Zhuang Mo and Zhan Li know that they entered that room, and then they hurried out.

The two of them did not take immediate action. They were still doing hygiene as usual. They were not careless in doing it. They were still doing it with a model. Only in this way could they not arouse the suspicion of the interested people.

Now that they have stepped on the spot, they can come to arrest people in the dead of night.


At the same time.


For dinner, Qin Xiaobao ate two mouthfuls and then lost his appetite. He looked at her anxiously with a poor appetite. "Tonight, these dishes are your favorite. How can you put chopsticks after eating two mouthfuls?"

"I can\'t eat it." Qin Xiaobao lies on the table feebly. "Zhan Nianbei, I don\'t know how. I\'m always uneasy these two days. I always feel that something bad is going to happen."

At the end of Zhan Li, he helped her to put some dishes in the bowl: "what\'s wrong? Don\'t think about it. Have some more." Qin Xiaobao shook his head and looked at Zhan Nianbei pitifully: "Zhan Nianbei, I know that I shouldn\'t ask you about the news of the end of Zhan, but I can\'t help asking. Or if you don\'t tell me where he is, you can let me talk to him on the phone and let me know that he is safe

Zhan Nianbei loves Qin Xiaobao and can\'t bear to see her in such a low spirits. However, Zhan limo is carrying out his business. He can\'t let Qin Xiaobao join in: "Zhan limo is OK. He will be back in two days. Then you two will have a good talk. " "Zhan Nianbei, I\'ve been married to you for so many years. I\'ve never asked for one thing like this. I know it\'s hard for you, but I beg you, you let me talk to him on the phone, let me listen to his voice. Really, I just want to listen to his voice. You should be a mother. " At the end of Zhan Li\'s life, he always felt that he was sent by Zhan Nianbei and his wife. If he knew that his mother was so worried about him, he would be too happy to sleep for a few days.

Zhan Nianbei: "..."

Qin Xiaobao pulled at his clothes and said with tears in his eyes: "if I don\'t listen to his voice again, I will go mad. Do you really have the heart to drive me crazy in front of you? "

She knew he would not give up, so she said so.

As expected, Zhan Nianbei nodded, "wait a minute, I\'ll ask Zhan limo if it\'s convenient to answer the phone."


Zhan Liming and Zhuang Momo had just returned to the rental house when they received the news from Zhan Nianbei. He immediately returned to Zhan Nianbei: "chief Zhan, don\'t worry, your son is now free. Don\'t try to test me like this."

The encrypted message is sent out. Before he can put his mobile phone on the desk, a phone call comes in. The unknown phone number is displayed on the screen of the mobile phone, proving that the other party\'s call is encrypted.

Zhuang Momo: "who will it be? Should we be exposed? "

At the end of the war, Zhan Li motioned for her to be quiet and just got on the phone. After getting on, he didn\'t speak immediately. Qin Xiaobao\'s voice came from the handset very quickly: "Stinky boy!"

"Mom, why are you calling?" He can\'t talk to any "outsiders" during his mission. Don Zhan, as the highest officer of the first army, doesn\'t even understand this. "At the end of the day, mom is worried about you." Listen to the voice, Qin Xiaobao is about to cry. At the end of the war, he quickly comforts him and says, "Mom, I\'ll carry out a small task and go back in two days. Don\'t worry."