My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1698

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"Go away from the end of the war!" Zhuangmomo blushed and heartbeat when she was pushed by the end of the war. She jumped away quickly. It was very dangerous. Just now she almost blurted out. Try to be afraid of others.

Fortunately, she didn\'t say it, or she would have been hit by the villain.

At the end of the war: "really don\'t try?

"I\'ll go to the next room to buy dinner. You can have a rest."

At the end of Zhan Li murmured: "dead woman, I\'m interested in you, and I\'m running away again. If you go on like this, I will probably give up, and your happiness for the rest of your life will be gone. "

Zhuangmomo turned a deaf ear and hurried out to buy dinner, but she just went out and hurried back: "at the end of the war, I saw those two people?"

War away from the end: "which two people?"

Zhuang Mo Mo left a gap in the door and looked out and said, "it\'s all one and all two."

After that day, there was no reliable news from quan-1 and Quan-2, which made them waste several days in vain. Seeing them here, Zhuang Mo was so excited: "I\'m following up now."

"I\'ll follow them. You turn on the monitor and watch what they\'re talking about. " The war left before the end, and followed all one, all two far away. All one, all two are very cautious. They are afraid to be found by them at the end of the war.

He watched them turn into the lane on the right. When he ran after them, there was no one in the lane, but he didn\'t leave in time. He was waiting at the entrance of the lane.

After waiting for a while, Zhan Li suddenly felt something wrong in his heart. He hurriedly returned to the low rent house and opened the door. His eyes immediately looked for Zhuang Momo: "Zhuang Momo!"

But the room was a little big. At a glance, the mosquitoes in the room couldn\'t escape. But at the end of the war, he didn\'t see Zhuang Momo. He called again, "Zhuang Momo!"

The room is well decorated, unlike the traces of fighting. Zhuang Momo is a woman with great skill. Unless she is taken away unconsciously, the room cannot be disordered.

But the end of the war in a hurry can\'t think of so much. When I turn around, I\'ll go out to chase Zhuang Momo. When I open the door, I\'ll run into Zhuang Momo who is about to enter the room.

He pulled her into the room and said, "where have you been?"

"I heard the conversation between the two men and came out to have a look." After that, Zhuang Momo found that Zhan limo was shaking. "Zhan limo, what happened to you? What\'s the matter? "

When they were surrounded by the enemy in the house on the 15th floor, they could not change their faces at the end of the war. They could also flirt with her. Something big happened just now.

Zhuangmomo hugged him and comforted him with her method: "it\'s OK, it\'s OK. No matter what happens, I\'m here. Don\'t be afraid. Don\'t be afraid. "

At the end of the war, he turned away from the guests and put his strong arms around Zhuang Momo: "well, it\'s good that you\'re here."

Just now he thought

Zhuang Momo patted him on the back: "what happened just now?"

"It\'s all right." Soon after the end of the war, he calmed down and said seriously, "in the future, when I don\'t know, you are not allowed to act alone. Do you understand?"

"I......" Vaguely, Zhuang Momo seemed to understand what Zhan limo was worried about. Subconsciously, he put his arms around him and said, "well, I won\'t let you worry about me any more."

At the end of the war, he asked, "do you find anything?"

Zhuangmomo said, "I went out to look for you. I didn\'t find it for a while, so I came back."

At the end of the war: "I just followed a small alley, and the two disappeared. Although I lost my heel, I generally know where to hide before he defends and becomes. Next we mainly look for people there. We should find them soon. "

Zhuang Momo: then I\'ll listen to the monitor for any new information

Soon, both of them are fully engaged in their work.

The dialogue from the monitor is nothing more than the voice of all one, all two.

Fortunately, they still didn\'t find out the existence of the monitor, so that the two people, zhanlimao and zhuangmomo, could have a general understanding of the enemy\'s situation, but they didn\'t disclose much, which also brought no substantial progress to the pursuit of zhanlimao.

Zhan said, "I\'ll buy some rice. You\'ll wait at home."

Zhuang Momo: OK


After dinner, Zhuang Mo took a bath and lay in bed to check the information collected these days.

At the end of Zhan Li, he moved a small stool and continued to crouch by the door, hoping to see all one and all two again. But when he got to the street, all the people gathered their booths, and all one and all two didn\'t show up.

He went back to his room, took a bath, and was used to lying next to Zhuang Momo.

In the past, Zhuang Momo would give way to the side and slightly open the distance from the end of the war. Today, instead of giving way, she pushed her way to the end of the war.

At the end of the war: "Zhuang Momo, if you want to go back to Jiangbei safely, you\'d better keep quiet, otherwise..."

His girlfriend sleeps beside him at night, but he can\'t even hold him. This situation is a life-threatening torture for any man, and he doesn\'t know how long he can bear it at the end of the war.

Zhuangmomo seems to be unable to understand the words of war away from the end. Instead of retreating because of his warning, he plunges into his arms: "war away from the end, you have worked hard these days."

I don\'t know whether it\'s intentional or unintentional. The woman Zhuang Momo is just teasing him. She\'s fighting against the fire in her body. He restrained himself from giving way. "Zhuang Momo, knowing that my young master is hard, get away from me. Don\'t provoke me."

If it goes on like this, he will not act any more. He is inferior to animals.

"At the end of the war, I like you! I really like it! " Like to be willing to give everything including life to him,

"don\'t mess around!" At the end of the war, he felt that he was going to die.

However, Zhuang Momo, like an iron heart, suddenly leaned up to kiss Zhan limo\'s lips

Good night from this moment But there was always a question in her mind.

War from the end is not to say what he is, why in this matter so skilled? Just like a warrior who has experienced many battles, every move hit her point, but she was so tired that she had no energy to ask again and fell asleep.

He is full of food and drink, full of energy at the end of the war. These days, his fatigue is all gone. His eyes are staring at Zhuang Momo in his arms. Really, this woman is really beautiful.

Better tonight!

Like a delicate peony, it\'s not too much to say that she has a natural beauty.

Looking at Zhuang Mo\'s sweet sleeping face, Zhan Li raised his lips to the end of contentment. He hoped that time could stay at this moment and let him watch her quietly for a lifetime. He would like to. Some people say that time is quiet, which is the reflection of them at this moment.