My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1697

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"Don\'t pinch me so hard." Zhuangmomo pouted discontentedly, turned over and sat up. "My old bone is almost crushed by you."

War away from the end: "do not pinch?"

Zhuangmomo: it\'s all wasted by you

"Then give me a massage." Zhan limo turns over and lies on the bed. He lies relaxed and urges, "come, little girl, loosen your muscles and bones for me."

Zhuang Momo: do you really want me to help you

Zhan Li patted his back at the end of the battle: "I\'m all lying down, that\'s hard to fake."

"Then get down, I\'m coming." Zhuang Momo is not polite either. She has never done this kind of work in normal times, but she doesn\'t let people massage less. She has great strength and there should be no difficulty in massage.

Zhuang Momo sat on the side of Zhan Li\'s body, hands on his shoulders, and squeezed hard. He immediately heard the sigh of Zhan Li\'s satisfaction: "comfortable! How comfortable! "

Zhuang Momo slapped him on the back and warned: "at the end of the war, do you want to call it so reverie? You don\'t want face, I want it. "

At the end of the war: "don\'t you let me praise you for your comfort?"

Of course, boasting can be done, but the voice made by the end of the war is easy to be heard. She blushed and heartbeat: "you\'d better close your mouth, or I won\'t press it."

At the end of the war, he raised his hand and surrendered: "OK, I\'m not making any more trouble. Little girl, press hard for me. I\'m tired of pushing the garbage all day. "

Zhan Li was born at the end of the year. He used to be a young man who didn\'t touch the sun and spring water. But he did the dirty work in these two days. He never showed off his feelings. He impressed Zhuang Mo again and again.

Zhuangmomo said: "at the end of the war, you were born so well that you could eat and drink even if you didn\'t work for several lifetimes. Why do you have to be a soldier? The tasks we are carrying out now are all life-threatening. "

At the end of the war, he said, "this is a long story."

Zhuang Momo massaged him and asked, "let\'s listen."

War from the end said: "this should start when I was born."

Zhuang Momo: "you say, I listen."

She mostly heard about his previous affairs from the frivolous news outside. She used to think that he was just like the legend, but after getting along with him, she found that he had so many advantages that people couldn\'t help but want to get close to him.

"You know there\'s another relationship between my mother and old man Zhan," said Zhan at the end

Zhuang Momo nodded: "I heard that. But it\'s not natural that there is no kinship, it\'s nothing. "

At the end of the war, he said: "Qin Xiaobao\'s woman\'s temperament is to let old man Zhan bring wild. Later, she found that she had a different feeling for Zhan Nianbei. It was called a chase and fight, which scared Zhan Nianbei not to see her."

Zhuang Mo Mo was amused by the exaggerated tone of Zhan Li end: "Zhan Li end, if you say your mother like this, you will not be afraid that she knows how to beat you."

At the end of the war: "I\'m telling the truth. I don\'t believe you can ask her in person some other day. "

Zhuangmomo: you go on

At the end of Zhan Li: "in fact, our old man Zhan also has a deep love for Qin Xiaobao. It\'s just because of the identity of two people, so he hid from her when she was an adult. Later they went through a lot of things. Qin Xiaobao never gave up, and Zhan promised to marry her. "

"I don\'t think the war chief is an ancient man," said Zhuang

War from the end: "there are still some things in this, in short, they have experienced some things between them. It\'s just because of this. When they come together, Zhan Nianbei makes Qin Xiaobao eat to death. He\'s become the second favorite wife of the maniac. "

Zhuangmomo: "why number two?"

At the end of the war: "because my ice uncle is my beloved wife, crazy one."

Zhuang Momo nodded: "you said that it was Qian Qin and Mrs. Qin." Zhan said, "you don\'t know that my uncle even eats vinegar from our younger generation. At home, he always said the same thing, but as long as my aunt said it gently and softly, he surrendered. So in our big family, everyone knows that if you make uncle unhappy,

you can find your aunt and everything will be fine. So is my mother. She used to make my uncle angry. She helped her out. "

Zhuangmomo said with a smile, "I didn\'t expect that Mrs. Zhan still has a killer."

At the end of the war: "Qin Xiaobao\'s woman is not afraid of anything, especially after eating Zhan Nianbei, she is so arrogant that she can go to heaven. The only one who can conquer her is my uncle."

Zhuangmomo: "far away, you say about your family."

At the end of Zhan Li\'s grievance, Baba said, "you know, Qin Xiaobao gave birth to me not because she wanted children, but because everyone stopped playing with her. She needed a playmate, so she gave birth to a toy like me to play with her."

Zhuang Momo: toys

At the end of the war: "don\'t believe it. I\'ve been abused by their husband and wife since I was sensible. Many times, I thought I was sent by their charge. "

Zhuang Momo was silly at the end of the war: "you are too cute."

At the end of the war: "my mother has been thinking of ways to trick me since she was a child, so I have to think of ways to deal with her since I was a child, and slowly I have become smart."

Zhuangmomo: "don\'t forget to boast at this time. It\'s really your style of fighting childe." At the end of the war, he said: "anyway, how my mother amused me and made me lose hope of love. For a long time, I was thinking that I would never be eaten to death by a woman like Zhan Nianbei. I would like to find many girlfriends to love me, but I can\'t love them.

Zhuang Momo: "this is the reason why you spend your time?"

At the end of the war: "I have no heart. Although I have a lot of little girlfriends, I\'ll pull their little hands to the maximum extent, and I haven\'t even kissed them

Zhuangmomo obviously did not believe that if he had no experience, how could he kiss her so skillfully the first time.

At the end of Zhan Li, he looked back at Zhuang Momo, and his eyes suddenly became affectionate: "Zhuang Momo, I gave you my first kiss. So you must cherish this young master well. There are few men who can leave you the first kiss now. Your girl has found the treasure. "

"Who believes it?" The mouth said not to believe, but zhuangmomo\'s heart like dyed honey as sweet.

At the end of the war: "I am still a virgin."

Zhuang Momo: no shame

At the end of the war: "if you don\'t believe it, we can try." "How to try?" As soon as he said this, Zhuang Momo knew that he had been trapped. He turned his head away from him, but at the end of the war, he turned her face to him forcefully. "Try it, you will know."