My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1694

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"An idea is a good idea, but the enemy is not stupid. We can\'t rule out the way we want them." There is such an idea at the end of the war, but other possibilities cannot be ruled out.

After two exchanges, the enemy found out their details, and they knew more or less about the enemy, which should not be despised.

"What shall we do now?" Zhuangmomo thought that her brain was almost lost before he came up with such a way. This way is not feasible. For a while, she could not think of any other way to use it.

At the end of the war, she was patted on the shoulder. It was easy: "whether the enemy can think of it or not, the civilian area is the best place for us at present."

"So what I just thought is feasible?" Zhuangmomo looked at the end of the war, with stars shining in his eyes. He urgently hoped that his ideas could be affirmed and supported by the end of the war.

Zhan Li nods and affirms: "of course! You have a good idea. Zhuangmomo, you have to believe that you are much more capable than you know. "

"Thank you for the end of the war!" Thank him for affirming her. When she was depressed, she was hopeful again. "In my heart, you are a god like being now."

"Really?" Zhuangmomo\'s affirmation is also a luxury for the end of the war, "so what should you say when you see your God now?"

Zhuangmomo immediately stood on tiptoe and leaned over, kissed him on the face: "male god, is it OK?"

"Yes! Of course! " It\'s better to be "teased" by her than to be teased by him. He will try more in the future, but now he has to do business first. "Then go, what are you still doing?"

The man\'s brain turned too fast. Zhuang Momo didn\'t catch up for a while, and then he was stunned. He just understood what he said: "let\'s go, let\'s not prepare any more?"

Zhan Liming said: "just now we didn\'t go there for a circle. The people in the civilian area are almost dressed as we are now. When we go inside, few people can tell."

"Good." Zhuang Momo just found out that his dress was similar to that of the civilian area. He had to look at the end of the war again. "Are you ready for this again?"

When did he prepare these clothes?

How could she be unaware?

War away from the end: "otherwise?"

Still proud and arrogant.


After another twists and turns, the two of them finally reached the civilian area.

The flow of people in the civilian area is very messy and the rent is cheap. Because there are often strangers living in and old residents moving out, it is very convenient to rent a room here. Even without ID card registration, you can pay several hundred yuan.

Of course, there is no accident. The housing conditions here are also very poor.

The house that Zhan LiMao and Zhuang Momo rented was dark and humid. Just after entering the house, there was a rat running around. Zhuang Momo almost screamed out: "boss, why do you have rats in this house?"

The boss looks at Zhuang Momo. She\'s not like a rich person. Of course, a rich person can\'t rent a house here. So he\'s not polite: "you go to inquire, which house has no mice?"

What\'s your attitude

"What is my attitude?" The boss said proudly, "if you pay such a little money, you will only be provided with such an environment.". Don\'t pick three out of four. If you don\'t, there are still people waiting in line in my house. "

Zhuang Momo: "..."

This is not the time to quarrel with the landlord. At the end of the war, he quickly pulled Zhuang Momo behind him: "I think the environment here is very good, much better than the environment where my hometown lives. Boss, we have rented this house. "

The boss glared at Zhuang Momo, and then looked at Zhan limo: "young man, your attitude is much better than your girlfriend. Don\'t let her come out and disgrace you. "

If someone said this to him, he would beat him, but now he didn\'t say a word more. At the end of Zhan Li, he gave the money to the boss: "well, we won\'t send you away."

At the end of the war, he saw off the boss and closed the door. He wanted to go back and comfort Zhuang mo. he could bear it. Then he saw that Zhuang Mo had put down his luggage and started to tidy it up: "don\'t you dislike it?" "You don\'t dislike me, you don\'t dislike me." Zhuangmomo doesn\'t dislike this land. They have lived in the desert island. This kind of place is also sheltered from rain. The condition is not worse than the desert island. Just when I entered the house, I met a big rat. The money makes people feel less painful.

The war leaves the end to come over, a hug Zhuang Mo Mo into the bosom: "Zhuang Mo!"

"Why?" Zhuangmomo let him hold it.

Zhan Li finally sighed comfortably: "how can you be so considerate and sensible?"

"If it wasn\'t you who was working with me this time, I couldn\'t even get a warm hug. Now this kind of environment is very good for me." It\'s really good. She has no other requirements. "If I don\'t work with you this time, I have to be replaced by another man." Thinking of the war here, he felt uncomfortable at the end of the war. He told himself in his heart that no matter what task he was going to carry out in the future, Zhuang Momo must join his team and never be another man.

But Zhuang Momo didn\'t know: "if I\'m afraid when I\'m going to carry out the task in the future, I don\'t want to find someone to hold me, so this time it\'s really great and wonderful."

War away from the end: "good."

Zhuangmomo came out of his arms: "there is something to eat next door. I\'ll buy something to eat."

"You stay here, I\'ll buy it." In the critical period, at the end of the war, Zhuang Momo will not appear alone and will always protect her behind her. "It\'s next door to us. You can come back when you buy it. I\'ll clean it up again. Maybe we\'ll live here for a long time." It\'s a very small room with a one meter two bed in it. There\'s almost no room left to talk about. It\'s really a poor environment for people with too hard conditions.

Zhan Li is responsible for buying rice and Zhuang Momo is responsible for cleaning the room.

When the war left to buy a good meal, Zhuang Momo had already made the bed, using the white sheets that the boss had washed in the room.

At the end of Zhan Li\'s life, he suddenly felt that the two of them were not performing tasks, but were like a couple eloping with their parents on their backs. All the money they brought was spent, and they didn\'t find a job to earn money, so they had to rent such a place to live. Think of these, war from the end of the heart is also sweet, he handed box rice to Zhuang Mo: "wife, eat."