My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1691

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She asked, "we\'re out of the alley. Can we run?"

Zhan Li stabbed her in the head at the end: "what are you running for? Even if you have four legs, you can\'t run away. It is not advisable to be reckless, but to be wise. "

Zhuangmomo: what shall we do now

War from the end: "all the way to see, hope to find a way to escape before they find out the abnormality, so that we have a chance to escape smoothly."

"It\'s all my fault," said Zhuang. If I had found something unusual earlier, I would not have gone to the big hole that the enemy had dug for us. "

Zhan said: "I admit you don\'t have enough brains, but today it\'s really not your fault. If the other party doesn\'t send out the news in advance, what can you do? "

"If I had been more alert and had caught you in time, we would not have been in this situation." As soon as Zhuang Momo saw it, the enemies around him were staring at both of them. It\'s not easy to run if you want to run. "At the end of the war, or you go first, I\'ll try to hold the enemy back."

"Well, that\'s a good idea." At the end of the war, he patted Zhuang Momo\'s head. "When in danger, I\'ll leave you alone and run away first. I\'ll go back and apply for a Hero Award. It\'s a winner in life."

"I\'m serious." Zhuangmomo stared at him. "Why are you such a stupid man? When you are in danger, one can escape. Don\'t be stupid enough to catch both. "

At the end of Zhan Li, he smiled softly: "you are right. If you can escape one, you can escape one. Don\'t be stupid to kill two people together. Keep in mind what you said today. If you can use it one day, don\'t be a woman. "

Zhuang Momo: I am a woman

At the end of the war: "you look up and down, where are you like a woman?"

Zhuang Momo: "I......" "Well, don\'t be angry. You are right, but today we don\'t need to leave one to run. I\'ve already figured out a way. " At the end of Zhan Li, he pointed to the man riding a motorcycle in front of him. "In this narrow lane, only this kind of car is easy to use. Let\'s take over

and use it."

Zhuangmomo threw him another white eye: "people don\'t know you, how can they lend you."

"Are you stupid? Of course, it\'s not a real loan. You need to buy it with money. There\'s no money these days. What can you do?" Seeing that the motorcycles are getting closer and closer to them, when they are about to follow, the last one of them stumbles and falls in front of the motorcycles.

Zhuangmomo was calm in an emergency. He grabbed the motorcycle owner and said, "how did you drive? You hit someone. "

This was originally a touch of porcelain, but Zhan Li\'s touch at the end was very good. Ordinary people can\'t see it. The motorcycle owner was also scared. He got off the car and helped Zhan Li to end: "I\'m sorry! I\'m sorry! I didn\'t mean it! "

At the end of Zhan Li\'s reign, he stood up with the help of the motorcycle owner. He slipped some big money into the owner\'s hand: "brother, if you touch me, I will not let you lose money, but I will give you money back, if you give me the tools that hurt people."

As soon as the motorcycle owner sees the money, it\'s enough to buy a new car. Today, instead of going through bad luck, he meets the God of wealth. There\'s no reason why he doesn\'t agree to this kind of good thing: "well, take the car away."

"Thank you, brother!" At the end of the war, he gave Zhuang Mo a look. Zhuang Mo received his message and nodded in response to him. She roared, "if you don\'t lose money, don\'t want this car."

The owner of the motorcycle is unknown, so when she was stupefied, Zhuang Momo had started the car, and Zhan Liyi turned over to sit behind her. She stepped on the accelerator to the end, and the motorcycle flew out like a sharp arrow.

The enemy hiding in the surrounding area saw that the situation was not right, and immediately rushed out to chase after him, but the speed of people running was far from that of motorcycles.

In a short time, Zhuang Momo and Zhan limo had left their enemies far behind.

But the enemy was not stupid either. If they could not catch up with them, they mobilized the masses and some shouted, "robbery!"! Robbery! Stop the two men on the motorbike. "

When hearing the shouting, someone stood up to stop Zhuang Mo and the two of them, but she still didn\'t slow down. She continued to rush forward. Everyone was scared to death. Seeing that Zhuang Mo didn\'t slow down, the people in the way were scared to hide again.

After hiding, I\'m glad I didn\'t fight hard, or I\'ll die now.

It\'s hard to escape from the civilian area. Zhuang Momo\'s speed not only didn\'t slow down, but also sped forward. It\'s faster than the car on the street.


A little later may become the fish on the enemy\'s chopping board. If you don\'t hurry, you can\'t.

I don\'t know how long I\'ve been running. Under the command of Zhan limo, Zhuang Momo stops his car and listens to Zhan limo again, saying, "throw away the motorcycle and let\'s change to another vehicle."

"Good." Zhuang Momo got off the motorcycle without hesitation.

"I didn\'t expect your girl\'s motorcycle riding skills were good." As he spoke, Zhan Li took out a handful of money from his bag and sprinkled it into the sky. In a short time, people were swarming around to rob the money on the ground.

At the end of the war, taking advantage of many people\'s eyes, he dragged Zhuang Momo around two alleys, and then got on a bus. This time, he left the enemy behind again.

After taking the bus, Zhuang Momo found that his legs were a little weak and dangerous. If they hadn\'t run fast, they could not have been caught now.

Zhan limo sat beside her and patted her on the back with one hand: "it\'s OK."

Zhuangmomo swallowed a mouthful of saliva before he could make himself speak well: "at the end of the war, did we just deduce a real version of speed and passion?"

Zhan Liming nodded: "well, it\'s a real version. It\'s more wonderful than the movie."

Seeing that he was still joking, Zhuang Momo also relaxed a lot, and his brain began to work normally: "we are all dressed like this, how do they find us?"

Zhan Li shrugs: "I don\'t know yet."

"When we were in the hotel, they didn\'t find us, proving that we shouldn\'t have devices like tracking devices," said Zhuang. What did we do when we came out? "

After leaving the hotel, they had breakfast first, then rented a car Think of here, Zhuang Mo Mo brain in a flash of inspiration: "the end of the war, it is likely that they know we need to use cars, surveillance X city taxi market."

Zhan Li nods at the end: "well, it\'s a good guess. It\'s a big possibility indeed." "As long as it\'s two people who rent a car, they\'ll be suspicious of them, and the camp we just went to after we rented a car will naturally be watched by them." Zhuangmomo thinks that she has become smart, at least her guess is quite possible.