My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1687

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"Business." Zhan Nianbei gives Qin Xiaobao a short answer that can\'t be shorter. Hearing Qin Xiaobao\'s anger, he immediately jumps up and says, "Zhan Nianbei, do you want to fight?"

Zhan Nianbei presses Qin Xiaobao back to lie down. He lay beside Qin Xiaobao and gently stroked her back: "Zhan limo is a soldier. The duty of a soldier is that he has no choice, no matter what task the country assigns him or how dangerous it is. You know that. " "Yes! I know that he is a soldier. I know that a soldier has the duty of a soldier. But as a mother, I can\'t worry about my son. " Qin Xiaobao knows that she also experienced this worry when Zhan Nianbei was carrying out the task before, but he can\'t help but want to know where Zhan Lizhou actually carried out the task.

Zhan Nianbei can\'t tell her what mission Zhan limo is carrying out. Can\'t he comfort her with two pleasant words?

"He will be fine. He is so smart and has strong action ability. He has powerful comrades around him. He will be able to successfully complete the task and come back to us. " Words, Zhan Nianbei said to Qin Xiaobao, in fact, he was also saying to himself, comforting himself.

No one knows better than him how dangerous the mission of the war is and how vicious the terrorists are.

Those terrorists never treat people as human beings. Even children can\'t let go of the death and injury they inflict.

There has been a coalition of anti-terrorism organizations in the world, but those countries that are not under threat do not have full support, which leads to little progress in anti-terrorism operations.

Zhan Liming is a child raised by Zhan Nianbei. He believes in Zhan Liming\'s ability, but as a father, he has a soft side in his heart.

"I admit that he is very good at the end of the war, but he is not omnipotent. He was seriously injured the last time he was on a mission. " Qin Xiaobao didn\'t take care of the wounded at the end of that war. He was not worried, but afraid.

Husband and son are soldiers, and they are her life. No matter who they are, she can\'t bear it.

"Do you remember one of the things that happened to Zhan when he was six years old?" At the end of Zhan Li\'s life, he was always abused by his parents, which made him feel that he had been sent by their parents for a lot of money. However, every interesting thing that happened to him from childhood was firmly engraved in Zhan Nianbei\'s mind. "How could I not remember." Looking back on the past, Qin Xiaobao also felt a lot, and his voice was gentle. "War is different from Xiaojian at the end of the war, since he was a child. He was seven years old and six years old. Two such little kids saved several children who had been cheated by human traffickers. "

Zhan Nianbei said, "yes, they are all children, and they are younger than some of the abducted children, but they have found a way to help the children get away and let the police take the nest of traffickers."

Qin Xiaobao was very excited when he mentioned the heroic deeds at the end of the war: "yes, yes, they are so powerful. But up to now, I haven\'t figured out how these two little guys saved lives. "

"Zhan Nianbei said:" Zhan was very smart when he was young and did many unexpected things. Six, seven, eight and All in all, I have been pleasantly surprised since I was a child. "

Qin Xiaobao leaned against him: "I thought you thought he was too naughty. It turns out that you like his naughtiness so much. " "You don\'t understand me? In my opinion, a child\'s nature is naughty, so I just let him grow up freely and what he looks like. Do whatever you can when you grow up. " Zhan Nianbei seldom talks about his son with others, which can\'t stop at all. "His performance after becoming a soldier is also remarkable, as long as he participates in the game, no one can win him."

Qin Xiaobao proudly continued: "our son gets the glory he deserves by his strength, which makes people feel that there is a dark curtain."

Zhan Li nodded at the end of the battle: "our genes are so good, of course our son is excellent. You say our son is so powerful, how can something happen? "

"You are right. Our children are different. They are so smart that they can turn bad luck into good luck no matter what danger they encounter." Qin Xiaobao is more relieved when the couple have such a chat.

"That\'s the way it is, so go to bed and stop thinking." Zhan Nianbei patted Qin Xiaobao\'s back and coaxed her to sleep. Qin Xiaobao\'s nest rubbed against him in his arms. "Zhan old man, I\'m sleeping, and you\'re going to sleep."

"Good." Zhan Nianbei answered softly. Soon Qin Xiaobao fell asleep in his arms, but he had no sleep at all.

The two men just described at the end of Zhan Li have done many big cases in different countries.

Both of them are very cunning people, one is called "sticking to the rules" and the other is called "before success".

They are responsible for planning terrorist attacks, but they never appear in terrorist attack areas.

So even though they have planned many terrorist attacks, no member of the anti terrorist coalition has caught them.

The CTU spent a lot of money on both of them, but there was almost no clue.

In the past, when they were working in other countries, they were too cunning to be caught.

Now Zhan limo and Zhuang Momo come to their base camp. It is even more difficult to catch them back in their base camp.

It is because he knows how difficult it is that Zhan Nianbei is so worried about the safety of the war.

The more worried he was, the more he couldn\'t sleep. Thinking about it, he picked up his personal mobile phone, turned to the phone number at the end of Zhan Li and typed two lines: son, the task is important, and life is also important. Only alive can he do more.

After typing these two words, Zhan Nianbei felt that it was not appropriate. As the supreme leader of Jiangbei military region, how could he suggest that his soldiers should protect their lives first.

After thinking over and over again, he deleted the two lines he had just typed, and then he typed the new content - son, be calm when you are in trouble. Father stay!

He used his personal number as a father to make his son cautious, not as a leader, public and private, which he always knew very well.


At the time of receiving the message from Zhan Nianbei, Zhan liming was studying defending and becoming the first two.

Seeing the news from zhannian north, Zhanli felt warm at the end of the war. He knew that Zhan was worried about him. In order to reassure Zhan Nianbei, a message came back at the end of Zhan Li: "Don Zhan, please tell my mother that Zhuang Momo and I have agreed to get married when we get back to Jiangbei after finishing the task. You two can help us to reserve several tables of banquet when we come back for a treat."