My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1685

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However, the war left the end but ignored, turned around to walk to the woods, through the woods is the Linnan River, the cool wind came, caressing away most of tonight\'s fatigue.

He looked back and saw that Zhuang Momo followed him slowly, with a reluctant expression on his face.

At the end of the war, he couldn\'t help but smile and say: "if you don\'t want to wash, you can\'t wash. I don\'t force you. You are here to help me look at the clothes. Don\'t let the spider spirit steal the clothes for me. "

He also wants spider spirit and beauty, that is, fox spirit, as long as she is here, he can\'t get close to him.

At the end of the war, he took off his clothes. Zhuang was so ashamed that he hurriedly stopped: "Mr. Zhan, do you want to have a little face?"

"Face? Can you eat? Can you sell money? What are you going to do if you can\'t eat or sell? " He dived into the river, swimming freely like a fish, then stopped again and shouted to the bank, "Miss Zhuang San, the river is clean and cool. You really don\'t want to jump down and wash it."

Zhuang Morley didn\'t want to talk to him. She used to think she knew him, but now it seems that she didn\'t know him at all. At this critical moment of life and death, he still had the mind to tease her. "Just now we were in the city. It was really dark. There was no moonlight. I don\'t know if it\'s because the moon comes out to make soy sauce In the moonlight, Zhan limo\'s vigorous posture is like a whale flying in the water, full of infinite power. Just looking at him,

Zhuang Momo can imagine the strength when he was holding her.

"You are light, you are electricity. The moon will shine wherever you go. You are satisfied with this answer." Zhuang Momo didn\'t want to talk to him, but he didn\'t resist taking his words.

"Zhuang Xiaoniu, please watch carefully. I will show you a carp leaping over the dragon\'s gate." War from the end of a plunge into the water, and then jump up.

This man, sometimes cynical, but still can\'t help but want to get close to him, especially at this moment, let Zhuang Momo want to jump into the water and make a happy fish in his water.


What\'s in her mind is a mess. Shouldn\'t she think about how to deal with the enemy?

The enemy is much more cunning than they think, and they don\'t know whether they have escaped the enemy\'s sight, in case the enemy is staring at them in a corner?

She looked at the end of the war, but her thoughts flew elsewhere. Her superiors gave the two of them such an important task. Even if they lost their heads, they would complete the task.

At this time, there was a rustling sound in the woods. Zhuang Momo immediately turned over and stepped under the flower bar, and held out half his head to look at the source of the sound.

It turned out that the voice was not made by people, but by a small green flower snake, who was swimming to her with apricots: "it was you who ran out in the middle of the night without sleeping."

Zhuangmomo dodged, reached for the snake\'s seven inches accurately, and grabbed it up: "little guy, if you don\'t sleep at home in the middle of the night, it\'s not good to be caught at night."

Of course, the snake can\'t understand her, but she is holding the key point. She must be hostile to her, and she struggles to spit apricots to demonstrate to Zhuang Momo.

Zhuangmomo stroked its cold body and threatened: "I\'ve caught your vital points. What are you arrogant about. I\'ll tell you, if you don\'t put away your apricots, I\'ll skin you. "

"Little guy, if you don\'t talk, you\'ll be admitted." Zhuang Mo smiled smugly, "well, it\'s not fun to recognize and counsel so soon. Then I\'ll let you go. What do you say? " "Zhuang Momo, when a woman sees a snake, she either yells at her mother or runs away. You say you are a woman, you are not afraid even if you still hold it and threaten it. If you are such an abnormal woman, but for my blind eyes, you think you can get married in your life

The voice of war away from the end suddenly rings on the top of Zhuang Mo\'s head. Zhuang Mo looks back and sees that he is completely naked. What he shouldn\'t have seen is also displayed in front of her. I have never seen it, let alone seen it at such a close distance. Zhuang Momo is stupid, so he forgot to hold a little flower snake in his hand. The little flower snake is also smart. When she didn\'t pay attention, he struggled and escaped from Zhuang Momo. Before escaping, he didn\'t forget to take a bite on her

leg to show revenge.

The little flower snake ran away quickly. It seemed to tell others that it was the winner tonight.

"You fucking..." Seeing that Zhuang Momo was bitten by a snake, Zhan Li immediately lifted up Zhuang Momo\'s trouser legs at the end of the battle, and saw that a little red spot had been bitten on her leg by moonlight. His face turned black. "You stupid woman, fortunately this is not a poisonous snake, or you will not die if you have nine lives."

The mouth scolds her, but he actually lowers the head, close to the mouth to suck her wound.

"It\'s not a viper. You don\'t have to suck it for me. It\'s OK." Zhuang Momo struggles, but he can\'t get rid of it. At the end of the fight, he holds her calf tightly and says in a cold voice, "don\'t move."

Whether the snake is poisonous or not, he can\'t help but deal with her wound for the sake of insurance.

At the end of Zhan Li, he carefully and attentively helped her suck out the "poisonous blood" one by one. Seeing that he cared about her so much, Zhuang Momo felt soft again, as soft as marshmallow.

That time on the desert island, she was bitten by a poisonous snake and lost consciousness. Was he so reckless of his own safety that he helped her suck out poisonous blood one by one?

It must be.

She was unconscious at the time, but she can now imagine it.

"The end of the war!" She called his name, soft voice, full of love, "after finishing the task, let\'s go back and report to the superior to get married."

If such a man doesn\'t hold his hand well and take him as his own, will he give him up to other women?

The war leaves the end to look up: "is not already said good?"

Zhuangmomo: "you said it before, but now I say it."

What he said is totally different from what she said.

Before, she had some hesitation and struggle in her heart, but now she was eager to become his wife and the real Mrs. Zhan.

At the end of the war, he said: "were you perfunctory before?"

Zhuang Momo: "I......"

As soon as she stuttered, it proved that he guessed right. The fire in Zhan Li\'s chest soared. However, before the fire started, it was extinguished by Zhuang Mo\'s lips.

She kissed him!

She even offered to kiss him! Her lips were so soft that they were much softer than any time he had kissed her before. They were like the sweetest honey and the most terrible poppy in the world. They were fascinating.