My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1671

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The cool wind blows on his face, which makes Li Yingnan suddenly shake his spirit. In the just moment, something flashed through his mind, and the problem that he couldn\'t figure out all the time came to him.

Qin Yinze said nothing wrong. The most important thing for two people together is "trust". What he and Dai Li lack is trust.

Before, he and Daley had been separated for such a long time because of distrust, and later regretted every time they thought about it.

Now that the two are together, Daley still says that she will be his only woman in her life, but he just doesn\'t believe her, and doesn\'t believe that she stays with him sincerely.

Is she not sincere?

Or is he too wary?

If he let go of his guard against her, could he find out if Daley was sincere to him?

In any case, he can\'t let this continue. He doesn\'t want to try to separate himself from the pain of hurting each other.

just when Li Yingnan couldn\'t make up his mind, he smelled a very familiar smell of perfume. He looked back and saw Dailey standing behind him, looking at him with beautiful eyes.

He frowned displeased. "How long have you been here?"

"I\'ve been here for more than ten minutes, and you haven\'t found me." Dai Li took out a cigarette, lit it with a lighter, and took a light smoke. "What are you thinking so deeply?"

"How many times have I told you, no smoking, you still smoke in front of me." Li Yingnan reached out to take off the cigarette from Dai Li\'s hand and threw it on the ground to stamp it out. "Dai Li, let me see you smoking later, I will make you look good." "The last time I smoke today, after this time, I promise I won\'t smoke again." Dai Li lit another cigarette, took a sip, and elegantly spit out a cigarette ring. Just before Li Yingnan wanted to rob her cigarette again, she said, "I\'ve inquired about it. I can\'t smoke during pregnancy, and I can\'t smoke during pregnancy. It\'s absolutely forbidden to smoke after giving birth to a child for the sake of the health of the child. Today, after smoking this cigarette, I will quit smoking forever. You will let me have a habit of smoking. Don\'t rob this cigarette in my hand. "

"What did you just say?" Li Yingnan stopped fighting for cigarettes and asked Dai Li with red eyes, "Dai Li, what do you mean by what you just said, so that you can make it clear to me."

"That\'s what I mean." Dai Li took another puff of smoke and said slowly, "I remember that the first cigarette I smoked was snatched from you. Do you remember?"

She remembers, Li Yingnan certainly remembers, but Li Yingnan doesn\'t want to mention it.

Dai Li added: "when you were addicted to smoking, I asked you to quit smoking, you don\'t quit, and then I followed you in a rage.". You smoke and I smoke. After smoking for so many years, I have never thought about quitting smoking. Now it\'s hard to quit smoking suddenly, and I don\'t know if I can quit. "

Li Yingnan doesn\'t care about Dai Li talking about smoking. He wants to find out whether the meaning of Dai Li\'s words is what he understands: "I\'m asking you what you just said. Don\'t talk to me about it."

"Li Yingnan!" Calling his name, Dai Li immediately finished smoking the cigarette and then said, "Li Yingnan, you don\'t always want me to give you a baby. Now I can promise you. But you have to promise me a condition. "

"You have conditions?" To have a baby with him, we need to make conditions. As expected, this woman Li Yingnan clenched his fist and didn\'t know whether to believe that she had a real intention for him or something else.

Dai Li shrugged, a relaxed attitude: "the condition is that you accompany me to quit smoking, when we two quit smoking, we will start pregnancy when."

"It\'s a deal!" Don\'t you just give up smoking? Li Yingnan still doesn\'t believe it\'s hard to get him. But how could this woman suddenly ask for such a request? She didn\'t want to have children all the time before. "Why did you suddenly change your mind?" "Because I just saw two little guys in Jirou\'s family. Because they are so cute, I also want to have such a lovely child to play with me. " The two children\'s loveliness makes Dai Li\'s idea of giving birth to a baby unreal. The real reason is that Dai Ligang just heard the conversation between Li Yingnan and Qin Yinze.

Dai Li can\'t understand whether Li Yingnan\'s feelings for her are love or men\'s possessive desire. But she just saw that the normally arrogant man took the initiative to find Qin Yinze. She knew why.

Apart from loving her, what motivation can Li Yingnan compromise in front of others.

She should have known his mind for a long time. It\'s their own pain to guess.

However, she will never doubt Li Yingnan\'s feelings for her again.

"Daly, I\'m not as small as those two in your heart?" He told her how many times he asked her to have a baby for him, but she didn\'t agree with him. Today, when she saw two kids, she agreed.


Li Yingnan is in the mood to kill.

"I asked if you would like to join me in quitting smoking?" The more he understood his mind, the more mischievous Daly was when he spoke to him, "if you don\'t want to, I won\'t force you to quit. We can continue to smoke together, maybe we will be in good health until we are 80 or 90 years old. "

"Hand in the cigarettes in your pocket." Li Yingnan forcibly took the cigarettes from Dai Li\'s bag and smashed them up two or three times. "Quit smoking from today. We will start pregnancy three months later. That\'s how it\'s decided. No one is allowed to go back. "

"I dare not repent even if you give me ten thousand courage." Dai Li said the words of fear, but her expression was so relaxed that she didn\'t look afraid at all.

Li Yingnan: "you know."

She took the initiative to hold Li Yingnan\'s arm: "if you can\'t stop smoking, what can you do?"

Li Yingnan looked at her and said, "what can I do that I can\'t do?"

"I don\'t think so," thought Daley

Li Yingnan: "after exploring my friends, I\'ll go home with you."

Daley: but I also want to talk to Jirou

Li Yingnan: "aren\'t you afraid that Qin Yinze won\'t let you into their house?"

Dai Li: "if Jirou helps me, how dare he?"

Li Yingnan\'s evil smile: "what do you say?"

Seeing Li Yingnan\'s smile, Dai Li shuddered: "I\'d better go home with you first. When Jirou is full, I will come to see her and her baby. "

Li Yingnan takes Dai Li\'s hand: "let\'s go."

On the way home, Dai Li is full of children. She and Li Yingnan will have a lovely child like Lele and Lu Lu in the future. She is looking forward to it. She used to be afraid of having children, but now it seems that these things are not as frightening as before.