My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1669

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"Sister Daley, I don\'t think that\'s the reason." Jirou thought about it and put forward her own point of view. "When we met, they often met each other, but after they met, both of them were cold faced. I never heard them talk well, as if they robbed each other\'s wife.

”"Don\'t say it, it\'s true," she nodded

Jirou asked, "what is it really?"

"Because your man robbed Li Yingnan\'s woman, how can he look at your man? But he can\'t look at your man. He only stares at your man more every time he meets him." Thinking about it, Daley\'s heart was still full of sweetness.

It was because she deliberately seduced Qin Yinze. Even if Qin Yinze didn\'t hook up, it was also a stutter in Li Yingnan\'s heart. So every time Li Yingnan saw Qin Yinze, she would think that her woman once gave Qin Yinze a hug.

With Li Yingnan\'s character, it\'s strange to be able to bear it. Qin Yinze is also bad tempered. If you don\'t give me a good face, don\'t think I\'ll give you a good face, so there will be a scene in which the two people always face each other.

Ji Rou doesn\'t agree: "my family Qin Yinze has me, so I won\'t rob other people\'s wives. You don\'t put money on your face."

Dai Li: "yes, you are the only one in your family\'s heart. I\'m putting gold on my face, so you\'re satisfied."

Ji Rou said again, "but I still don\'t know why they both face cold every time they meet."

"Whatever, as long as they don\'t fight," Daley said

Jirou sighed, "so do you. As long as they don\'t fight, let them alone."

Time, just as they chatted, passed. After chatting for a while, Ji Rou was tired. Dai Li asked her to have a good rest and then led the monkey and the prince out. As soon as I went out, I ran into a man.

Dai Li didn\'t have to look, but the smell told her first. The door god in the door was Li Yingnan. She looked up at him and said, "Why are you here? How long have you been standing here? "

"Have I ever told you not to meet privately with a man who has an idea for you?" The words were said to Dai Li, but Li Yingnan\'s eyes shot coldly at the prince. The prince was so scared that he raised his legs and ran away.

Dai Li did not look at Li Yingnan angrily. "Li, do you want to follow me when I go to the toilet?"

Li Yingnan shrugged: "I have no opinion."

Dai Li: "..."

How could she like such a unreasonable man.

If God gave her another chance to choose, she would definitely say three words to this man - get away!

"It\'s not impossible to be free." Li Yingnan suddenly said such a sentence, and then looked at Dai Li with burning eyes. Even if he didn\'t say the conditions, Dai Li understood what he thought.

Dai Li raised her legs and wanted to leave, but she was picked up by Li Yingnan as soon as she had a move. "Promise me to have a baby, and I\'ll let you do whatever you want in the future."

Daly said angrily, "if you want me to have a baby for you, you can have a dream."

She doesn\'t like children. She doesn\'t want her lower body to be locked by children. Li Yingnan, a man, doesn\'t like children more. He wants her to have children because he wants to lock her up with children.

They don\'t like children, and they can\'t get happiness when they come to this world. Dali doesn\'t want to do evil, so she hasn\'t agreed to Li Yingnan\'s request for children.

And Li Yingnan, a man who is keen on learning, thinks that she doesn\'t want to have children for him because she wants to escape from him. Would you mind if she really wanted to escape, would she let him follow her every day?

"Dari, say what you just said. I warn you, if you have the courage to talk, you must have the courage to bear the punishment. " Li Yingnan pinched her wrist. Her strength was getting heavier and heavier. It hurt Dai Li. "Li, please tell me that you really like me to have children?" Dali struggled hard and tried to draw back his hand, but the guy\'s strength was too strong for her to draw back, so she raised her foot and stepped on him severely, "you big fool. After all these years, don\'t you fucking understand what I mean to you? "

How can she prove that he can believe that she is sincere to stay with him? He can stop being suspicious of her: "you think I can bind me if I give birth to a child?"

Li Yingnan: "what do you think of me?"

Dai Li was so angry that she couldn\'t help biting him: "you\'ve tied me up for a long time. Don\'t you know? You think you\'re a pig? No, you\'re not a pig. Pigs are smarter than you. "

Hearing Dai Li\'s words, the expression on Li Yingnan\'s face remained unchanged, because he didn\'t believe Dai Li at all. He felt that everything she did was to escape him.

They have been reunited for so many years. When they wake up from their dreams, as long as she is not around him, he will look for her in panic. He must find her and hold her in his arms, and he will believe that she is still there.

She was by his side, but he didn\'t think her heart was there.

Sometimes, Li Yingnan also knows that he is sick, but there is still no way to change, unless she is willing to have a child, so he is willing to believe that she is willing to stay with him.

Other women, such as Ji Rou, are obviously not easy to conceive. However, Ji Rou tries to have a child with Qin Yinze. In Li Yingnan\'s opinion, this is the most direct and powerful proof that a woman loves a man.

But for so many years, Daley has been reluctant to have children for him.

Dai Li was so angry that she lowered her head and bit his hand, but he still didn\'t let go. She was so angry that she cried: "Li Yingnan, you are sick. You are really sick."

Li Yingnan: "..."

"Well, since you want a baby, we need a baby, but you have to promise me that I will take care of the baby after it is born, and don\'t let him bother me," said Daley

"Would you like to have a baby?" Li Yingnan asked, with a very thoughtful and suspicious look, "you have been reluctant to have children for so many years, why do you agree now?"

Dai Li was so angry that she began to spit blood. "So what do you want to do?"

Li Yingnan: "I just want to keep you. It\'s not just your people, it\'s your heart. "

Dai Li roared angrily: "I told you my heart is yours. You don\'t believe it. You have to let me dig it out for you, do you?" "Uncle, how can you bully a beautiful aunt?" In the corner, the two little ones who have been hiding for a long time can\'t help but jump out to support the beautiful aunt, "Dad said that beautiful women are used to hurt, not to bully, uncle, you will never be wanted in your life."