My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1666

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"Brother lie, if we don\'t go back to Jiangbei after our sister-in-law leaves the hospital, how about taking Lele for a tour first?" Qin lelan raised his head. "I haven\'t seen longyi and Lingxi for a long time. Shall we meet their family?"

"Good." Before long Yi mentioned that Shen Lingxi also had such an idea. Now Qin leran mentioned that it\'s just the right time. When the two meet, it\'s also very good to talk about family life.

"That\'s the deal," Qin said with a smile. But don\'t tell longyi them first. I want to give them a surprise. "

"Well, it\'s all up to you." With a strong smile, he lowered his head and kissed Qin lelan gently. But when he just kissed him, Lele, who was between them, suddenly stretched out. "Mom and Dad, you can\'t play kissing in front of children."

"Little one!" They kissed the kid on the cheek at the same time, "is that ok?"

Lele is happy to roll in his parents\' arms: "when and on what occasions can mom and dad enjoy themselves, Lele will raise ten fingers to cooperate with you."

The smart appearance of the little guy made mom and dad laugh again, and they kissed each other on his cheek. There is such a lovely baby in the family, which is really not enough.



The rain is still falling.

Qin Yinze closes the window and goes back to the room. Ji Rou, who just talked with him, has fallen asleep. He sits down beside her and gently strokes her forehead: "go to sleep. Sleep well. Check your body again tomorrow. If there is no abnormal situation, we can take the child home."

He pulled the quilt up and covered it for her, but when he was about to take it back, Ji Rou suddenly reached out and hugged him: "Qin Yinze, I\'m pretending to sleep, can\'t you see?"

"You are all mothers. How can you be so childish?" Qin Yinze doesn\'t mind Ji Rou\'s childishness. He just wants to play with her.

"Then you should have two daughters." Jirou pokes him in the chest and says, "her father, our baby is sleeping except when he is eating." it\'s not as noisy as other kids. Do you think he has any problem? "

Qin Yinze pokes her head: "Ji Rou, what are you thinking about all day long? The doctor said that the baby just born is growing up in sleep. If she doesn\'t sleep well, you will be in a hurry. "

"I know, but I also want my baby to talk to me. Don\'t be like this. I don\'t think my baby needs a mother very much." Ji Rou stares at the baby lying next to her. If it\'s not because she is asleep, she wants to hold her baby in her arms and get closer to her baby.

"Who says babies don\'t need mothers?" Qin Yinze patted the baby and looked at Ji Rou\'s lost face. "You go to the bathroom and leave for a little while. The baby who slept soundly will wake up. She will not sleep soundly until you return to her side and lie down."

"Really? Is baby really so sticky to me? Why didn\'t I find out? " Jirou enjoys the baby\'s dependence on her, but now the baby is too young to even call her mother, which can make her anxious.

Mom loves her baby, but Ji Rou loves her baby too much. In her eyes these days, except for her baby, she can hardly see other people\'s existence, including him.

Every time Qin Yinze thinks of these things, he is inexplicably jealous. But he can\'t tell Ji Rou how. Can he tell her that he is still jealous of his new daughter.

There is bitterness in the heart can not say, he helpless way: "you ah, free to stare at the baby daze, look fast Alzheimer\'s disease, what can you find?" "It\'s said that women will become stupid after giving birth to children. I guess I\'m also stupid, but no matter what I become, Qin Yinze, you can\'t dislike me, or I and the children will never finish with you." Before, she was the only one who could eat him to death. Now she has another baby daughter. Ji Rou seems to be able to see Qin Yinze as a wife slave and daughter slave. She still loves him a little. "But as long as you love us well, we will love you well. Don\'t be afraid to change."

Qin Yinze shook his head helplessly: "yes, my wife! I will love you and your baby, try to make you love me, and try not to dislike me. "

"That\'s right." Jirou pinches his chin and gets a bit of hand ache because of the newly grown scum on his chin. "My father, would you like to try to grow a beard, so it may look more mature and more like a man who is promoted to be a father?"

Qin Yinze: "..."

Doesn\'t he look like a father without a beard?

Jirou is coquettish: "her father, do you agree?"

Qin Yinze: "nonsense!"

At this time, he said she was joking, but soon afterwards, Ji Rou saw that he had a beard.

At that time, Ji Rou looked at Qin Yinze\'s moustache and saw it itchy. She thought that her family man had never had a moustache before. She thought that he was very attractive to men. She didn\'t expect that after growing a moustache, she was so sexy that she wanted to take the initiative to put him down.

Jiroununuzui, then another topic: "her father, baby\'s name decided?"

No matter what Ji Rou said, Qin Yinze was not impatient at all. He added: "we thought about several names together before. I chose them to think that each name is meaningful. I really don\'t know which name to choose. Now I\'m waiting for you to make a final decision."

"Let me think again, which name is better?" Ji Rou asked Qin Yinze to take out her mobile phone and look at several alternative names recorded in the document. At a glance, she saw the one she was most satisfied with. She pointed out, "that\'s it, Qin Xintian."

"Qin Xintian?" Qin Yinze is also optimistic about the name, and Ji Rou chose it at the first time, or surprised him, "why do so many alternative names choose this at a glance?"

Ji Rou said softly: "the big name is Qin Xintian, and the small name is xiaotianxin. She\'s a sweetheart for both of us. I also hope that little sweetheart will grow up happily and happily, and become a kind and strong person. She will always be as sweet as the honey pot in life. "

"Sweetheart, do you hear me? Mom has given you a name. You will be sweetheart of mom and dad in the future." Qin Yinze gently pokes at his daughter\'s face, "honey, you should listen to your mother\'s words and not make her angry, you know?" "My little sweetheart is so good, she will not make me angry. Right, mother\'s sweet little sweetheart. " Qin Yinze just said casually that Ji Rou was like a hen protecting her baby.