My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1662

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"Momo, welcome to our house." In front of the outsiders, Qinyue is always a high cold posture, just nodding, but it is still always gentle and beautiful.

But zhuangmomo looked at them stupidly and didn\'t say that many idioms invented by the ancients, such as what kind of talent, what kind of beauty, what kind of natural design, etc., were all like a personal decision for the couple.

Their husband and wife are no longer in their twenties, and the years have left traces of the years on their faces. But when they see them, they can\'t help but use all the beautiful adjectives on them.

As someone once said, age will make many people old, but it will also make a small number of people more and more attractive, and their husband and wife are the best of the few.

Zhuang Momo stared at the Qin and Yue husband and wife stupidly, until Zhan Li ran into her: "Zhuang Momo, the elder is greeting you, what are you stupidly doing?"

"I Uncle... As soon as Zhuang Momo was about to call for an exit, he didn\'t think it was suitable for him. Where is such a famous person she can stand up to, she immediately changed her way, "Hello, Mr. Qin, Mrs. Qin, you and you!"

"That\'s my uncle and aunt. You can call them after me. What\'s Mrs. Qin\'s, more points." At the end of the war, Zhan Li stared at Zhuang Momo discontentedly. If he knew that Zhuang Momo had just seen the idea that both of them had completed their lives, he would be more angry.

Has she ever thought that she hasn\'t become a husband and wife with him, and he hasn\'t had the chance to do the things he wanted to do to her for a long time. How could her life be complete without him?

"I\'m right. We are older than you. If you don\'t dislike it, you can call us the same as him." Jane took the words decisively and couldn\'t help but look at Zhuang Mo twice.

This wench is a kind of patient, which looks more and more beautiful.

"Uncle, aunt..." Zhuang Momo said hello uneasily, then was dragged away by Zhan limo. "Zhan limo, where are you dragging me? The elders have all gone to the living room. Isn\'t it impolite for you to drag me away like this? "

At the end of the war, he dragged Zhuang Momo to nobody\'s back garden: "I\'ve seen them. Now it\'s my turn."

"What\'s your turn?" Words, just asked the exit, zhuangmomo\'s lips were strongly blocked at the end of the war. Needless to say, he told her with practical action what was his turn.

His kiss, crazy and domineering, is no different from the war Zhuang Momo knew, but he used to be domineering not to kiss her, but to fight her everywhere.

There have been many times before. She wanted to drain his blood and skin him However, she never thought that at this moment she just wanted to take off his clothes


What did she just think?

Zhuangmomo was frightened by the idea that came out of her mind suddenly, which made her use of all her strength to push away the war from the end: "war from the end, you don\'t mess."

"What\'s wrong with me? I kiss my girlfriend, how can it be a mess? " Is kissing on the strength, was suddenly killed by this woman scenery, war leaves the end that discontented.

"Because..." Damn it, it\'s not that he\'s messing around, it\'s that he keeps kissing. She\'s afraid that she can\'t control her. She\'ll throw him to the ground and come straight to a bully to bow.

Don\'t say, with the blood in her bones, she could have done such a thing. "Because you want me to go further, not just kiss you?" Zhan limo was just trying to play hooligans, but after he said this, he saw Zhuang Momo\'s face changed rapidly. He was convinced that he had guessed it, and his dissatisfied face began to smile slowly, "Zhuang Momo, if you want,

I\'d like to help you do anything to make you happy."

"You, what are you talking about?" It\'s because in the last words of war, Zhuang Momo felt that his face had no place to rest and made a random excuse, "I just suddenly thought if your mother didn\'t like me."

"Zhuang Momo, did you get kicked by a donkey today? Do you think my mother didn\'t like you when she saw you? " Zhan Li\'s eyes are full of blood. It\'s not because of what Zhuang Momo said, but because he hasn\'t kissed her enough.

So, he didn\'t care about three seven twenty-one. He took Zhuang Momo to his arms and tried to kiss her again. However, this time he didn\'t succeed. Zhuang momoli fell into his arms and escaped.

She ran away a few steps and looked at him warily: "at the end of the war, when I saw your parents for the first time, you held me and bit and chewed, which is not good!"

"Elder sister, is little cousin bullying you?" In the garden, a small head suddenly appeared beside a big tree. The eyes on the small head were moving and turning. It was so cute and cute that I could not tell. Looking at his curious appearance, I knew that he should have been here for a long time.

"Son of a bitch, who let you out of trouble?" We can\'t catch Zhuang Momo, but it\'s easy to catch this little guy at the end of the war. He picked up a little guy in one hand, "Lele, be honest, who let you come here?"

"My aunt won\'t let me talk." It\'s Lele who talks. This kid is usually very clever. At this moment, he betrays the person who instructs them. I don\'t know whether it\'s intentional or unintentional.

In fact, it\'s needless to say that Zhan Li has guessed who it is. There are so many people in his family. Apart from Qin Xiaobao\'s boredom, he can\'t find a second person. He doesn\'t know whether he should sigh that he has such a childlike mother.

"What did she ask you to do?"

"She won\'t say it."

"Did she let you see what my sister and I were doing?"

"No, she let us see if you kissed your sister?" The little guy is honest and honest again.

"And what do you see?"

Lele hurriedly covers his eyes: "Dad said that Lele should cover his eyes when his father kisses his mother. He can\'t peek. Just when my little cousin kissed my sister, Lele also covered her eyes and saw nothing

"You don\'t see anything, how do you know I kissed my sister?"

“……” Oh, my little cousin knows everything. Lele can\'t find a good speech. She immediately looks to Zhuang Momo for help. "Sister, I want you to hug me."

After staying at home for a long time, Lele realized that no matter what mistakes he made at any time, it would be right for the family man to repair him and ask the family lady for help.

"If you make a mistake, you dare to let your sister hold you. There is no door."

"At the end of the war, you are so big. How can you care about a child?" Zhuangmomo grabbed Lele and held it tightly in his arms. "Lele, my sister will play with you."

"Sister, you are so nice!" Well, the beautiful sister is no worse than the women at home. "Because you\'re cute, too!" Zhuang Momo looks at Lele powder\'s face and carefully reaches out and pinches it. What can she do? She thinks she likes this cute little guy better than Zhan Liming.