My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1660

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"You won\'t, and I will never." At the end of the war, this kind of thing is absolutely impossible. He would like to give the woman Zhuang Momo a good confession on the ancestral tablet. How could he do something sorry for her and let her have the chance to leave him.

"When I first met my uncle and aunt, what gift should I prepare?" Zhuang Momo saw the intention of the war. Whether they can be together in the future requires the efforts of both of them, and she is willing to work with him. "My mother said that it\'s the best gift to take you to see them. You can just go. There\'s no need for gifts or anything." At the end of the war, he held Zhuang Mo in his arms. Things developed too fast, which always made him feel like a dream. He was worried that when he woke up, there was nothing left, so the best way to do it was to take Zhuang Mo to see his elders.

"Your mother said that, but it\'s always good for me as a junior to see them for the first time to prepare some presents."

At zhuangmomo\'s insistence, Zhan Li accompanies her to the shopping mall in the city to choose some gifts. The gifts are not expensive, but they are all the thoughts of zhuangmomo. I think they will not dislike Zhan, the old man.


It\'s said that Zhan Li will take his girlfriend to see his parents at the end of the war. Everyone in the family is very happy, especially Qin Xiaobao. He is excited and nervous.

She was so nervous that she became restless: "Zhan Nianbei, do you think I should dress up well?" She looked at herself and said, "the first time I see my future daughter-in-law, I must make a good impression on her."

Zhan Nianbei man said: "a good impression is not superficial. As long as you are really good to other girls, you are afraid that they won\'t see your sincerity?"

Qin Xiaobao Nuo said: "Zhan Nianbei, this time is related to our son\'s life events. Can you serve snacks?"

"When did I miss his business?" Zhan Nian asked in a deep voice.

Everyone thinks that Zhan Nianbei and his wife don\'t take war apart from the end seriously. Even at the end of war, they sometimes think that they treat him as a dog, but Qin Xiaobao doesn\'t think so.

"It\'s you and my child at the end of the war. Can I care about him?" Zhan Nianbei angrily added.

In fact, Zhan Li is their only child. How could they not care about him.

Qin Xiaobao is playful. Many people think her children are born to play, but Zhan Nianbei never thought so.

Qin Xiaobao knew his fault and softened his voice: "Zhan Nianbei, I don\'t mean that. I\'m just nervous. It must be serious for Zhan limo to take his girlfriend home for the first time. I don\'t want him to lose his beloved girl because of me. "

Qin Xiaobao has personally experienced the pain of not being able to be with the person she likes. She knows, so she is so nervous.

In addition to that time many years ago, Zhan Nianbei had never seen Qin Xiaobao. Because of something so tense, he hugged her heartily: "we should treat other people\'s girls well. Don\'t think about it." "But what can I do to her?" The truth is that, but Qin Xiaobao is still worried. For the first time in her life, she met her future daughter-in-law. This is the most important thing in her life, except for her marriage with Zhan Nianbei. She is not careless at all. "Otherwise, I will cook and prepare some dishes myself.

let future daughter-in-law taste my cooking skills." "Little aunt, I think you\'d better let it go. If you really cook, you may scare your daughter-in-law away. " It\'s Qin lelan who just came here. She has personally experienced Qin Xiaobao\'s cooking skills. To say that Qin Xiaobao\'s cooking skills are the second from the bottom, no one must be the first from the bottom.

"But even you bury me." Qin Xiaobao said Qin lelan, but he glared at Zhan Nianbei, "Zhan Nianbei, it\'s all your fault!"

Zhan Nianbei said he was innocent: "but you, what does this have to do with me?"

Qin Xiaobao\'s reason is very ridiculous, but she thinks it\'s very reasonable: "if you usually choose something from your mouth, don\'t follow me in everything, force me to practice cooking, and don\'t let my son marry his wife, I can\'t even cook well."

Zhan Nianbei: "..."

Well, it\'s all his fault.

Blame him for spoiling the unreasonable woman to lawlessness.

Qin Xiaobao said: "I don\'t care. If my daughter-in-law is not satisfied with me, you can make up for it."

Lu Xi also came around, smiled and said, "little aunt, you are so thoughtful, your future daughter-in-law will definitely feel it. I guarantee that she will like you and love you and leave the end of the war."

Qin Xiaobao: "Lu Xi, why are you so sure?"

Lucy said, "because I\'m from here. People are good, not only to see what they say, but also to see it, just like all of you are good to me, I can feel it is a truth. "

Qin Xiaobao nodded: "you are right. You are the daughter-in-law married in. You have the most say. Then tell me, in a moment, what should I do to make my girlfriend feel good to her? "

Lu Xi: "..."

She felt that she had just said nothing.

Qin Xiaobao didn\'t know that when she was worried about not being liked by her future daughter-in-law, Zhuang Momo was also very worried.

Zhuangmomo is worried that he is not good enough to be liked by his elders and that they despise her birth.

But on second thought, their family lives on their own ability, never do anything harmful, big good people, if they look down on her, then she has nothing to say.


When everything was not ready, Qin Xiaobao received a phone call from Zhan limo, saying that they had arrived at the gate. Hearing the news, Qin Xiaobao jumped up nervously: "Zhan old man, they have arrived."

Zhan Nianbei was helpless and said, "you haven\'t seen any big scenes. How can you frighten yourself into such a success when you see your daughter-in-law?"

Qin Xiaobao is also a white eye to him: "in front of my daughter-in-law, what can I do?"

This made everyone laugh. Qin lelan said, "little aunt, you don\'t have to do anything specially. You can treat your future daughter-in-law as you treat us all."

Qin Xiaobao said, "you are all my relatives. You can bear my shortcomings, but my daughter-in-law may not."

Qin leran: "little aunt, you are really good. Don\'t worry."

"Am I really good?" Just when Qin Xiaobao was still not ready to see his future daughter-in-law when he doubted himself, Zhan Li and Zhuang Momo appeared in front of Qin Xiaobao: "Mom, you know you have many shortcomings." "Stinky little......" Before he finished speaking, Qin Xiaobao saw Zhuang Momo standing at the end of the war. Suddenly, he was so nervous that he couldn\'t speak, "I, I, I......"