My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1658

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"Secretly bought a ticket and ran to minluo city to find me. Aren\'t you afraid of your second sister?" After listening to Zhuang Momo\'s words, Zhan limo was so happy that he went to the airport studio to tell everyone that Zhuang Momo would think about him, but he just thought about it. He was not so naive.

"Afraid! Of course! But who makes me miss you more than I\'m afraid? " Zhuangmomo smiled softly. In his eyes, there seemed to be a twinkling star. "I miss you more than I fear my second sister, so I\'m in front of you."

After a pause, Zhuang Momo said, "are you moved by the end of the war?"

Zhan Li is so moved that he can\'t help it. He holds her in his arms and lowers his head to kiss her, but he is interrupted by the ringing tone of his cell phone.

Jingling bell -

Zhuang Momo\'s cell phone rang loudly suddenly. She picked it up and saw two words of her second sister on the screen, which made her wake up: "woo, the call from my second sister, I\'m finished."

Zhan Li takes Zhuang Momo\'s cell phone at the end of the call, and directly presses to end the call: "since I\'m afraid of being scolded, I won\'t answer it. It\'s fun to come out and play. Don\'t be influenced by your second sister."

Seeing that Zhan limori has finished all this, Zhuang Mo jumps angrily: "Zhan limori, do you want to kill me alive if you don\'t hurt me enough?"

At the end of the war: "you are afraid of your second sister. I will help you. How can I call it killing you?" Zhuang Momo knows that Zhan Li has no bad heart. He should really help her, but he doesn\'t know that he has helped. "You don\'t know my second sister\'s position in our family. She has to take care of everything. I\'m afraid that I\'ve sneaked out of the house and she\'ll kill me. Now I\'ve hung up her phone. When I go back, she will certainly pick my skin." "Zhuang Momo, when you were in the army, you were as fierce as a tigress. You beat my young master several times." Zhan Li looks at Zhuang Momo with a disbelieving expression, "I admit that your second sister is more powerful, but you are not gentler than your second sister. How can you be so timid in front of your second sister? Is your second sister\'s Kung Fu better than you?" "My second sister doesn\'t know kung fu, but she is much better than that." "At the end of the war, I don\'t know if you\'ve ever met such a kind of people. They often smile, have a beautiful body, look warm and soft, and have a lot of manners. They can\'t speak loudly or rough, but she has the ability to put a group of people together."

At the end of Zhan Li\'s thought, "my aunt is a gentle woman who never speaks loudly, but everyone in our family, including my uncle Gao Leng, listens to her." "Yes, that\'s the kind of woman. Gentleness and beauty are their weapons." Zhuang moyue said that he felt that he would die this time. "My second sister is such a person. She looks harmless, but she is really terrible. Especially when you are stared at by her, you will stare at your inner hair

"That\'s true." Although Zhuang Yindi didn\'t stare at Zhan limo, he tortured Zhan limo. Zhan limo thought that Zhuang Yindi was a terrible creature indeed.

Just as Zhuang Yindi was saying, the mobile phone in Zhuang Mo\'s pocket rang again. This time, without looking at Zhuang Mo, she knew that it must be Zhuang Yindi. She was afraid to take out her mobile phone: "at the end of the war, you really killed me." "Maybe it\'s not your second sister." Zhan limo finds a reason to comfort Zhuang Momo, but after seeing her take out her mobile phone, her face turns white instantly. Zhan limo knows that it must be the call from Zhuang Yindi, "anyway, I\'ve hung up once, and I\'m not afraid to hang up one more time, so you won\'t answer her call,

see what she can do to you?"

Zhuangmomo gave a "I don\'t want to die" look to fight away from the end, then obediently connected to the phone, and then heard zhuangmindi\'s crackling voice: "zhuangmomo, you are really growing wings, this hard, dare to leave Jiangbei without a word, and dare to hang up my phone..."

Zhuang Yindi also said a lot of things. Zhuang Momo listened honestly. Until it was estimated that Zhuang Yindi was soon thirsty, Zhuang Momo whispered back: "second sister, I have met with Zhan Liming. I\'m ok."

Zhuang Momo knows that no matter how Zhuang Yindi scolds herself, she is actually worried about her safety. No one has walked so far. This time, she is going out quietly by herself. Her family must be worried about something bad.

Because she was taken care of by her second sister from childhood, the family has gradually developed a habit over the years. Whenever she meets anything, it is Zhuang Yindi, her second sister, who speaks in person. Her parents don\'t care about her.

In fact, Zhuang Yindi is not much bigger than Zhuang Mo, but just because she is so big, Zhuang Yindi has taken on the responsibility of being a sister, and has not worried about Zhuang Mo since childhood.

"I\'m not sure you\'re with him." Zhuang Yindi\'s anger hasn\'t subsided yet, but the most important thing is Zhuang Momo\'s safety, "Stinky girl, you let war leave the end to listen to the phone."

"Good." Zhuangmomo replied like a little daughter-in-law. He quickly handed the phone to Zhan limo and whispered, "my second sister wants to talk to you, so don\'t provoke her at this time."

At the end of Zhan Li, he really didn\'t want to meet with Zhuang Yindi, but he wanted to marry Zhuang Momo, and he had to meet again. Reluctantly, he took the mobile phone and put it beside his ear: "second sister, you want to meet me?" "At the end of the war, my family never went out alone. Now she is alone outside. She may not be used to many things, and she does not know that people are dangerous outside. Please take good care of her for me." Unexpectedly, Zhuang Yindi not only didn\'t scold, but also said politely, which left Zhan Lidu a little confused.

In fact, just think about it a little bit, and at the end of the war, I want to understand why the shrewd Zhuang Yindi will change from the former shrewdness to be so gentle and polite. In the end, it\'s not because Zhuang Momo is far away from home, and her family can\'t stay by her side to take care of her, so they can only ask him to help.

This truth must be clear at the end of the war. He said, "second sister, it\'s my responsibility to come to me so far and take good care of her. You can rest assured."

Zhuang Yindi said: "I want to rest assured, but I am a worried life." Zhan LiMao said: "second sister, Zhuang Momo is an adult. You can let go of her properly. Her ability may be much better than what your parents know. You can understand her with your heart, and you will find that she is really much better than you can imagine. "