My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1652

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Ji Rou is really embarrassed by them: "Mom, little aunt, but there are two lovely little guys. Can you not look at me like an animal?"

Before the adults could speak, Lele and Lu Lu Lu replied: "aunts (aunts), we are looking at the little sister."

"My little sister must be very happy to be protected by your two good brothers." Listen to the two little guys, Ji Rucai finds that his baby is lying beside him. The little guy is really small and small, as if two palms can hold her. As a mother for the first time, Ji Rou\'s heart melted when she saw her child. She wanted to kiss her baby, but she was afraid that she could touch the baby with a touch, so she had to bear it. However, her eyes could not move away from the baby anyway.

Lele crooked his little head, frowned and asked the question he always wanted to ask: "aunt, why does sister wrinkle?"

Lu Lu nodded desperately beside me, a lovely look that I also wanted to know the answer very much. The performance of the two little guys made the adults in the room laugh. They hugged each other and said patiently, "because the little sister just came out of her mother\'s stomach. Every time she saw the sun, she saw such two lovely brothers for the first time. She was very happy. When she smiled happily, she would wrinkle her smile."

"Two little cute obviously do not believe:" but my sister did not open their eyes to see us

It\'s not easy to get along with people with high intelligence quotient. She shook her head helplessly and said: "in fact, each of our children was like this when they just came to this world, and so was Lele and Lulu when they were just born."

Lele and Lulu are suddenly happy: "grandma, my sister will grow up to be as beautiful as Lele and Lulu, right?"

It turns out that the two little guys thought that their new sister was not good-looking enough. They thought that their sister would grow up to be good-looking, and they were happy for a moment. They didn\'t know where the fault of Yan Kong came from.

"Of course," she added. My sister\'s father and mother are so beautiful. My sister must be very beautiful and beautiful in the future. "

Today, the main character is Rou in tomorrow and tomorrow. It\'s just that two little guys stole the limelight. But she\'s not surprised. Wherever the cute little guy goes, he will be the focus: "Lele, Lu Lu Lu, don\'t you like her if her sister isn\'t beautiful?"

"Just like it!" After knowing that Jirou is pregnant, the two little guys and the adults at home are looking forward to the birth of their younger brother or sister. Now they are looking forward to her. Although her appearance is strong and unsatisfactory, they still like her because she is their sister.

Hearing the answer from the two kids without hesitation, the whole family was very satisfied. They simply let go of them: "well, we will give our sister to Lele and Lu Lu brother in the future." "We\'ve been looking forward to such a little princess for a long time. I really want to see the two brothers doting on their younger sister." Qin lelan has been trying to interrupt for a long time, but he is too noisy to be interrupted by two noisy little guys. At this moment, when he catches the chance, he can say two more words, "and I would like to see how my brother loves his daughter in the future."

"Right, right..." Qin Xiaobao also rushed to talk, "your brother\'s favorite daughter must be like your father. When you were young, your father took you everywhere. He also changed your diaper when meeting in the conference room."

When I was a few months old, Qin lelan could not remember: "little aunt, now I have children, let\'s not talk about changing wet diapers for me in front of the children."

Lele seems to have heard the biggest gossip in the world, turning to look at his father: "father, mother will also wear diapers wet?"? Lele thought that only Lele and Lu Lu\'s younger brother could wear them. It turned out that their mother also wore them. They were so ashamed. "

Well, he\'s no longer afraid of being shy about wetting the bed because he doesn\'t wear diapers, because his mother has to wear diapers as well, and she must have peed in the bed before.

Lie holds Lele up: "every child of us comes here like this. Lele doesn\'t have to worry about the things that used to wet the bed, and don\'t laugh at your mother."

Although Lele is no more than five years old, lie\'s education for children is to be practical and realistic, treat children as friends as much as possible, and will not make up lies to deceive children.

Qin lelan has made a face to him quietly, or her brother is the best. No matter how embarrassing the situation is, he always can think of the best way to solve the embarrassment for her at the first time.

Qin lelan\'s child is a boy, Qin Yingu\'s child is a girl. Now Ji rousheng has a girl. The whole family is like watching a baby\'s pimple. They all want to hold the little princess in their hands and hurt her.

But it\'s not good yet. The baby just born is still very fragile and has poor antibacterial ability. It\'s necessary to wait for the child to adapt slowly before these elders want to hold her. For the sake of children\'s health, the elders all bear it.

"Xiaorou, you have worked hard!" She bent down and gently stroked Jirou\'s forehead. "Because of your hard work, we Qin family finally ushered in a little princess." "Mom, I don\'t work hard at all. In fact, there is someone who works harder than me in the last few months of my pregnancy." Ji Rou raised her head slightly and looked at her husband. Seeing that he was still worried, she couldn\'t help but slightly raised her lip angle. "Even the recent caesarean section, it was more painful for him than for me."

"Your body hasn\'t recovered. Don\'t say so much." Qin Yinze stepped forward and squeezed into Ji Rou\'s side. "Everyone is worried about you, waiting for you to wake up. Now that you wake up, everyone is relieved." "Aze, we\'ve come all the way to see xiaorou and her children. Now I haven\'t talked to xiaorou, so you want to drive us away." Qin Yinze\'s meaning is both inside and outside. Qin Xiaobao understands, "well, for your sake of being a good husband, I don\'t care about you. We\'ll go back to your home first, and we\'ll have a good chat with xiaorou when she leaves the hospital." The Qin family are all reasonable people. They are all concerned about Ji rou. No one wants to make trouble for them. They leave space for them knowingly, but two little guys are very unintelligible. They are not willing to leave with their elders. They insist on staying with their new sister.

Two little guys haven\'t seen the cute little ones that are smaller than themselves. Seeing the little ones that don\'t open their eyes when they are just born, they suddenly feel that they have grown up.

Two little guys stay here. Ji Rou is happy. She has three babies with her at one time. It\'s a happy thing for her to love a child who is so fond of her. But Qin Yinze was not very happy, looking at the eyes of the two little guys filled with resentment: "Lele, Lu Lu Lu, do your parents dislike you at ordinary times?"