My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1648

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"Because I\'m fine." Before, Zhuang Momo didn\'t believe that such a noble young man as Zhan limo would like her type of girl, but gradually found that she also had her advantages, which others didn\'t have, so it\'s no surprise that he would like her. "Because I like you, I can tolerate your family members\' difficulties to me, but there is a precondition that you must support me behind me, otherwise all I have done is meaningless." Zhan Li stands at the end, holds her face, lets her look at him, and says very seriously, "Zhuang

Mo, what others think of me is not so important, what I want is your recognition and support, do you understand?"

"I\'ve always supported you." He certainly didn\'t know. If she didn\'t tell her parents that she was sincere to him, and she wanted to have a serious relationship with him, her parents would not easily agree that she would go out alone to see him.

The parents didn\'t say anything, but as their daughter, they all looked at their worries. They hoped that she could be with the people they liked and that she could be happy.

She has the sincerity to see the end of war, so she will strive for it in her parents\' place.

Love is a matter of two people, no one can do without their efforts.

She understood the truth deeply.

"Then..." Zhan Li lowers his head to kiss her, but he is shunned by Zhuang Mo\'s head. "People come and go here, we should pay more or less attention. If it\'s seen by acquaintances and spread to my grandfather\'s ears, he has to pick your skin. "

"I\'m not afraid." How can I kiss her? How can I be skinned? So Zhan Li kisses her again at the end of the war. This time, he doesn\'t give Zhuang Mo a chance to escape. He succeeds in stealing incense.

After kissing, Zhan Li is as proud as a successful cat, holding Zhuang Mo endlessly: "what magic did you make to me? Connect a kiss, I think you are fragrant

I don\'t know who learned it from, but it\'s very useful to hear it in Zhuang Mo\'er. She nestled in his arms: "in the future, you can only tell me that if you let me know what you said to other women, without waiting for my grandfather, I\'ll pick your skin by myself."

"Violence!" Zhan LiMiao said, "if I didn\'t take a fancy to you, you would never get married in your life, so you should treat me better in the future. If you don\'t fight or kill, you will scare me away."

"The end of the war!" Zhuang Momo gave him a warning, and said that she would rather be an old girl than marry him if she could not marry out. "In fact, you\'re such a good girl, you can\'t find it in a lantern. It\'s a blessing that I\'ve cultivated for several years. I\'ll cherish you in the future." Love words have never been less said before, but they have never come from the bottom of my heart, or from every cell of my body eager to have this girl around me. "Well, it\'s late. Go back quickly. Remember to eat some delicious tonic after you go home, after all, your injury has not recovered Zhuang Momo is not afraid of losing her at the end of the war. He just doesn\'t know how to deal with his deep feelings and seriousness. He wants to let him go home quickly, but he is reluctant to give up a little.

"My parents haven\'t returned to Kyoto yet. I\'m alone at home. I can\'t even drink a bowl of hot soup when I get home." At the end of Zhan Li, he looked at Zhuang Momo pitifully. "I can\'t cook. The food outside is not delicious. I guess it\'s just hungry again."

Zhuangmomo said heartily, "you are such a big man. You can always cook some soup."

"No." He shook his head hard, pitifully like a dog waiting to be loved by its owner.

"Then..." She wanted to say that she could help him, but when she came home so late with a man, she didn\'t want to make it clear that she could take advantage of the opportunity. She was a little afraid to take this step.

"Well, that\'s a happy decision. You go out to dinner with me. " After all, he just doesn\'t want to be separated from her. He doesn\'t know what to go through to see her again. He doesn\'t want to suffer from lovesickness anymore.

Although the food outside was not as good as that at home, it finally eliminated the little scruples in Zhuang Mo\'s mind, so she went out to eat with him.


At the end of Zhan Li, he was a native of Jiangbei. He knew more about the famous restaurants in Jiangbei. There were many good places for lovers. Zhan Li chose a famous restaurant that he had never been to before.

This is his first date with Zhuang Momo. He has to choose a decent restaurant to give his beloved girl an unforgettable candlelight dinner and lock her up by some small means. Jiangbei couple restaurant ranks first in the list of high praise. Because of the daily quota, you have to book a meal one week in advance, but there is no limit to the end of the war. If you call him, even if you don\'t have a seat, you have to make room for him. In Jiangbei, everyone knows that Qin and Zhan are one

, and no one can offend them.

At the end of the war, when he arrived with Zhuang Momo, the person in charge of the restaurant met him at the door in person. It was so big that he was like a leader who came to inspect it. It really made Zhuang Momo not used to it: "it\'s just to eat, is it necessary? If it doesn\'t work out, it\'ll probably make headlines tomorrow. "

"The people who come here to eat are all dignified people, who don\'t want to be recognized, so no one will pay special attention to others." At the end of the war, I can see that Zhuang Momo is a little timid, and casually holds her hand in her hand. "Don\'t worry about anything, just follow me."

I don\'t know if it was Zhan Li\'s last words that played a role, or because he had been holding her hand, Zhuang Momo calmed down a lot and quietly followed him to a private room.

The private room is not big, but the layout is very warm, especially the French windows can see the night view of Jiangbei, very beautiful.

Zhuang Momo looked around. She thought this private room was a little like the room of a couple. It was warm and romantic. It was also accompanied by light music, which made people feel comfortable.

After the head of the restaurant led them into the room, he left silently. After checking the room, Zhuang Momo thought that he didn\'t order: "I\'ll order a hot one later. Have a good soup."

The war leaves the end laughing but not speaking.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Laugh at your stupidity." It\'s a little cute.

"I haven\'t been to such a high-end restaurant, but it doesn\'t seem so good to laugh at people like you." Zhuang Momo doesn\'t want to lose face with him, but she didn\'t have such high consumption before. It\'s normal for her to enter the Grand View Garden just like Grandma Liu. "The best restaurants serve consumers. No one can\'t afford to spend, just to see if they are willing to. " At the end of Zhan Li, he crowded to Zhuang Mo Mo\'s side and sat down. "In fact, it doesn\'t matter what he eats. It\'s important to have you with me."