My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1647

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Then there was another fight without gunpowder.

Fighting, one afternoon passed. When Zhuang\'s mother said no, it was dark outside.

When he got off the table, it was the time for dinner, but no one asked to stay for dinner. He was embarrassed and embarrassed to wait until the end of the war. He once again turned to Zhuang Momo for help, but Zhuang Momo still ignored his eyes for help.

Send a hint that zhuangmomo can\'t receive it. At the end of the war, he has to take the initiative to attack: "uncle, aunt, second sister, it\'s dark this day. Let me invite you to eat out."

He took the initiative to open his mouth. Even if they didn\'t go, they had to politely keep him at home for dinner. How could Zhuang Yindi be the first one to stand out: "you are not my family. You won so much money this afternoon. How could you please have dinner?"

Zhan Liming thought, you don\'t let me invite you. It\'s OK to leave me for dinner. I have no problem.

Just as he was thinking about it, Zhuang\'s mother was surprised and said, "Oh, it\'s over six. Xiaozhan, your family should wait for you to go home for dinner, then we won\'t keep you. "

At the end of the war:

All the people in this villa are wonderful. Why can\'t no one react normally?

Isn\'t it time to leave him for dinner and then let him go home?

Zhuang Yindi said, "son Zhan, let me take you downstairs."

At the end of the war:

Since they didn\'t leave him for dinner, he just wanted to find Zhuang Mo Mo to send him downstairs and find some time to be alone. Zhuang Yindi spoke before him again. This woman looks pretty good. How can it be so vicious?

People who don\'t know think she is Zhuang Momo\'s stepmother.

Zhuang Yindi: "what? Don\'t want to go? Want to lose more money to us? "

At the end of the war, he didn\'t want to bear it any longer: "how dare I ask my second sister to send me? I just want to ask Mo Mo to send me. I have two words to say to her alone."

Zhuang Yindi: "let\'s say something here. We are all family. There is nothing to avoid."

At the end of the war:

It was she that he avoided.

Maybe it was Zhuang Yindi who bullied him so badly at the end of the war. Zhuang Momo, who had been watching, finally stood up and said, "second sister, you can cook with your mother, or I will take him downstairs."

"Uncle, aunt, then I\'ll go first and come to see you another day." Hearing Zhuang Mo\'s saying, Zhan Li\'s face finally had a little smile, and the conscience of this silly woman was finally discovered by herself, and she didn\'t let her second sister continue to bully him.

When they went out, Zhuang\'s father and mother behaved normally: "well, be careful on the way. When you get home, give Mo a word."

Zhuangmomo\'s conscience was found, but zhuangmindi didn\'t find his conscience. Just after the two of them left the room, she followed them closely: "my parents are worried about you going out alone, let me accompany you."

At the end of the war:

Zhuang Yindi, a vicious woman, must have been on purpose. He prayed that she could not find her boyfriend in the future and would be alone until she was old.


So, the original intention to follow Zhuang Mo through the two person world became a three person journey. Zhuang Yindi\'s light bulb was particularly bright and dazzling, and he was eager to crush her at the end of the war.

Zhuang Yindi said proudly to his angry eyes, "what\'s the matter? Don\'t want me to follow? Want to bully my family while we are away? I didn\'t take good care of her this morning. She was bullied by you. You think I will give you a chance. " At the end of Zhan Li\'s war, he knew that Zhuang Momo really wanted to fight against him. The reason for the fight must be that he pretended to be drunk today. Everyone knows that if he continues to pretend to be confused, he still doesn\'t know what things Zhuang Yindi will come up with: "well, I admit that I am pretending to be drunk today. This matter is that I did something wrong. Here I apologize to the second elder sister. Please don\'t worry It\'s up to me. " "Drunk? Well, you pretend to be drunk? " It\'s clear that Zhan Li is pretending to be drunk at the end of the war. At this time, Zhuang Yindi has to put on a surprised expression that your kid pretends to be drunk and I don\'t know anything about it. "You, you kid, have not learned to cheat before you enter the door. If you really get into the door of our villa, I don\'t know how you will be arrogant."

At the end of the war:

Damn, is Zhuang Yindi graduated from a drama school? Acting is really a set. She is the essence of acting. I\'m afraid no one will doubt it.

Zhuang Yindi said, "what did you do to my family today by pretending to be drunk?"

The last breath of Zhan Li was almost breathless in his heart

Doesn\'t she all know?

Zhuang Momo can\'t look down: "second sister, please. He knows he\'s wrong, so don\'t worry about him. "

Zhuang Yindi pokes Zhuang Momo\'s head discontentedly: "Zhuang Momo, you, you are a pickpocket. If you don\'t help him, you will die."

Zhuang Mo gathered in Zhuang Yindi\'s ear and whispered: "second sister, everything that should be tested has been tested. My parents have no opinion on him. You can rest assured that I know how to do it myself."

Zhuang Yindi: "forget it, I don\'t care about you."

is also, the elders of the family agree to let them associate with each other, her sister is still busy with what to do, so it is better to go home earlier to make a mask, to sleep early at night, and to have a good spirit tomorrow.

"Zhuang Momo, you have a way to deal with your second sister. Why did you help me so late?" After confirming Zhuang Yindi\'s departure, Zhan Li turns to find Zhuang Momo\'s trouble.

"At the end of the war, you are usually very powerful. No matter how good you are or how eloquent you are, I haven\'t seen anyone who can win you. How can I counsel you in front of my second sister?"

"Not because of you." Zhan limo put his arm around Zhuang Momo\'s waist, took her into his arms and held her soft body. He sighed contentedly, "I\'ve been working hard all afternoon for this moment."

"What for me?"

"You have no conscience. You don\'t know that it\'s because of you that I can\'t win Zhuang Yindi." Zhan limo glared at her discontentedly and gave her a kiss with punishment on his head. "If it wasn\'t because Zhuang Yindi was your second sister, you thought I could stand her for so long?"

"Oh, that\'s why." This is better than any sweet words in Zhuang Mo\'s ears.

A childe who never knew how to let people not compromise actually endured the second sister\'s bad temper for her. Thinking of the way he could not bear to be angry, she could not help but raise her lips slightly and smile sweetly. "You laugh." At the end of the war, he hugged her tightly and tried to rub her into his own blood. "Zhuang Momo, why do you think I like you so much? I can\'t help liking it. "