My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1643

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"Second sister, just downstairs you told me that I could see Zhuang Momo upstairs, but where is she?" My girlfriend didn\'t see her, but she was tricked by Zhuang Yindi one after another. There was nothing to do at the end of the war. The girl friend\'s family just couldn\'t stir me up.

"If you are in a hurry, you should drink the wine first..." Zhuang Yindi doesn\'t answer directly. She just adds wine to Zhan Li\'s glass. After half an hour, she doesn\'t see the empty glass.

Seeing that Zhuang Yindi didn\'t mean to let go of the war and leave the end, Zhuang Mo who was hiding in the kitchen could not help but rush out to stop him. However, at the thought of the consequences of offending her second sister, Zhuang Mo was not brave enough, so he had to keep hiding in the kitchen and watched his boyfriend continue to be bullied by Zhuang Yindi.

Cup after cup of white wine, from the end of the war gradually felt that the stomach began to burn, burning a bit uncomfortable.

Before, he seldom drank white wine. He really didn\'t know the strength of the wine was so strong. It seems that he can\'t drink like this anymore. He can\'t say what kind of ugliness will appear if he drinks it again: "second sister, what are you shaking? My head is a little dizzy."

"I\'m shaking?" The boy began to talk nonsense. It seemed that the wine was strong. Zhuang Yindi was secretly glad that she didn\'t stop pouring the wine. Just after the end of the war, she added another glass to him.

"Yes, you\'re shaking my head." In order not to let Zhuang Yindi doubt, Zhan Li tries to hold out a wine burp at the end of the war. Then he takes out the skill of watching from Qin Xiaobao and performs a perfect drunken shake.

"Xiaozhan, are you drinking?" Zhuang Yindi is not a girl who is easy to cheat. She does not believe what Zhan limo said. She has to continue to test. Only when he is really drunk can she carry out the next test.

"Second sister, I\'m not drunk. I can still drink a lot." At the end of the war, he took another sip of the wine from the glass, and then pushed it up on his own initiative. "Please fill it up for me, second sister, and we will continue to drink." Zhuang Yindi didn\'t hesitate to pour wine for Zhan liming, but she received a call from Zhuang Momo at the critical moment. She saw it was from Zhuang Momo, and hung up the phone as soon as she frowned. She knew what Zhuang Momo\'s call meant when she didn\'t have to answer it. It was a critical moment. How could it be

that made Zhuang Momo bad.

Zhuang Yindi fills up the wine for Zhan limo again: "since we are not drunk, let\'s continue to drink. When you are drunk, we may see Zhuang Mo who you are reading aloud."

"Well, drink!" At the end of the war, he raised his glass and drank it, but as soon as he raised it, the whole man fell heavily on the table, and the wine in the cup was all spilled, and he was still reading, "drink and drink, and if you are not drunk, you will not go back..."

"Mr. Zhan, are you drunk so soon?" This kid is famous for his work. He used to stay in a nightclub. He just drank wine. It\'s so easy to get drunk? Zhuang Yindi didn\'t believe it.

Zhuang Yindi tries to wake up at the end of the war. This time, she receives a text message from Zhuang Momo, which reads: "Zhuang Yindi, you can drink another glass of wine for him, and I will come out."

Well, Zhuang Yindi\'s surrender is enough. If she continues to fight to the end, Zhuang Momo\'s girl may come out to rob people later. She can\'t let this happen.

Zhan Li is very quiet after being drunk. He lies on the table without quarreling or crying. The wine is worthy of affirmation. The wine is one of the assessment items of Zhuang Yindi today.

She pushed and pushed the arm of limo, but she was still confused. She began to launch today\'s key attack: "Xiaozhan, what do you think about our family?" "What\'s good?" Zhan Li rubbed his head at the end of the battle and put on a very serious look. After a long time of thinking, he said vaguely, "Zhuang Momo has a strong fight and is very strong. There is no girl in his whole body. If I hadn\'t chased her, I don\'t think any man in my life would have seen her. "

As soon as the answer came out, Zhuang Yindi smiled, and Zhuang Mo, who was hiding in the kitchen, took a breath of air-conditioning. Thanks to her love for this man, he still couldn\'t see her at all. It seems that she was blind.

She was so angry that she hit the cupboard with a fist. She cried out with pain. For fear that she would quarrel until the end of the war in the outer room, she quickly covered her mouth with her hand and forbidden to make any more noise.

Zhuang Yindi takes advantage of the victory and pursues: "my family\'s Mo Mo is so rude and has no feminine taste, so you and the childe have eaten too much to support or how do you still actively pursue her?" "Although Zhuang Momo doesn\'t look like a girl, she has her advantages, she is strong, she is resolute, she is optimistic and so on. She has so many advantages that she can\'t explain them for a while and a half. " At the end of the war, I\'m glad that I didn\'t let Zhuang Yindi get drunk, or I would fall into the big hole that Zhuang Yindi dug.

What made him surprised and angry was that he heard Zhuang Momo\'s voice a few seconds ago. He was sure that he didn\'t hear it wrong. Zhuang Momo stayed at home and watched her second sister bully her man.

This hatred, the war left the end to remember in the heart silently, later must follow Zhuang Mo to calculate well.

At the end of Zhan Li\'s speech, Zhuang Momo\'s lips, hiding in the kitchen, rose involuntarily and smiled sweetly. She shouldn\'t not believe him. In fact, in his heart, she did have her advantages.

Zhuangmomo is satisfied, but zhuangmyindi is not so easy to deal with. She looks at the end of the battle and looks: "Mr. Zhan, I think we should drink more wine."

At the end of the war, he did not know that he was doubted by Zhuang Yindi: "well, drink, we will continue to drink, drunk, we can see the cruel woman of Zhuang Momo."


It\'s definitely a ruthless woman!

If Zhuang Momo is not a cruel woman, how can she let one of his wounded be so bullied by her second sister.

Just when Zhuang Yindi filled the wine for Zhan liming, Zhuang Momo suddenly stood at the table and grabbed the glass: "second sister, he\'s drunk like this. What do you want to do with him?"

Zhuang Yindi estimated that she was fooled by the boy at the end of the war, and there was fire in her stomach: "Zhuang Momo, you silly girl, do you really believe that he is drunk?"

Zhuang Momo stood at the end of the war: "he was already drunk."

If he didn\'t get drunk and kill him, I don\'t think he can say such a compliment to her, so he thinks that Zhuang Momo, who knows the end of Zhan Li very well, believes in it.

Zhuang Yindi scratched her head anxiously: "Zhuang Momo, are you stupid?"

Zhuangmomo said quietly but firmly: "second sister, I know you are good for me, but you can\'t hurt him like this. He\'s hurt, and I\'ll be hurt. " She will be hurt when he is hurt.