My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1641

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At the end of Zhan Li\'s reign, he always felt that Zhuang Yindi had no good intention, but he could not pretend to be confused. In fact, pretending to be confused was just advice.

He hasn\'t seen such a big scene since the end of the war. He has never been threatened. He has always threatened others, except Qin Yinjian.

"I\'m not after Momo, I\'m after her," he said. Second sister, if you have anything to say, we are all young people. There is no need to beat around the bush. "

"Second sister?" Hearing the address, Zhuang Yindi was stunned, and then smiled softly, "with your son\'s voice, I must have a good chat with you about Momo in our family."

The first impression of Zhan Li to Zhuang Yindi at the end of the war was quite good. She didn\'t put on the airs of the second generation of ancestors. She had no idea if she saw a beautiful woman.

Especially now she calls her second elder sister sweetly. She\'s sweet enough to be liked. If it wasn\'t for Zhuang Momo, the younger sister, to test the boy, she would like to recognize her brother-in-law with two hands. So it\'s really terrible to say that men are such creatures. Their mouths are not sweet and they don\'t like talking. In the eyes of girls, they are cold and tall. They can also attract a group of simple girls to whine. It\'s even more terrifying to have a sweet mouth. You can coax your girlfriend into a hungry bird with a nice voice.

"Second sister, do you want to check for Momo and see if I am worth paying?" Words are interrogative sentences, but at the end of Zhan Li\'s speech, Zhuang Yindi\'s mind is written on her face, which is not hard to see.

At the end of the war, Zhuang Momo\'s back was cold. This kid was really an expert. He saw through her mind at a glance.

It seems that their family Mo is just a silly and cute little white rabbit compared with this kid. It\'s almost impossible for people to realize if they eat it.

It\'s such a plan in my heart, but Zhuang Yindi won\'t be foolish enough to admit: "we don\'t know what to check. Our family is young and not very sensible. Someone suddenly says that we want to chase her. My elder sister must take a look for her."

Zhan Liming said: "second sister, I know Momo\'s age too. You should help her to check it. That\'s right. I hope you can ask me directly if you have any questions. You don\'t have to cover it up. " At the end of Zhan Li\'s speech, Zhuang Yindi said clearly: "well, then I\'ll tell you the truth. You are famous for your work. You have made at least one volleyball team with your girlfriend these years. Why do you make me believe that you are serious to our family? Why do I believe that you will not go to other women on your back? Why do you say that? "

Zhan limo knew that his former reputation was not very good, but there was nothing between him and those women, but there was no proof of his words: "I can\'t say anything, please see my actions later."

Zhuang Yindi looked at the end of the war with puzzled eyes: "it\'s right to prove it with action, but I also want to remind you that our family is not dull and simple about feelings. If you pursue her, don\'t push her too fast, or it will backfire."

"Second sister, I either force her, I just want to see her." They were fine that day. The girl would ignore him when she went home. Could he not be in a hurry? "Well, you can see her when you come back with me." It\'s hard to say that Zhuang Yindi is not at home. In any case, Zhuang Yindi just wants to take the war away from the end and avoid a cold scene on the way home. Zhuang Yindi said, "I didn\'t want to tell you the truth originally, because your second sister is so sweet. I don\'t want to tell you the truth that I don\'t want to see you at home."

"Why doesn\'t she want to see me?" he said

Zhuang Yindi shrugged: "just as I said, she\'s insensitive. You need to give her time to get used to it, or you\'ll scare her away."

"Is she such a coward?" She promised him by herself, but now she has no way to repent.

"That\'s how timid she is." Zhuang Yindi sighed, "son Zhan, do you want to know the secret of Momo in our family? If you want to, you can ask at will, and I promise to say it without hesitation. " "There\'s no secret between me and Momo. She told me everything." About Zhuang Momo, Zhan limo wanted to know very much, especially if she had liked any other men before, but felt that this kind of thing didn\'t sound very good from Zhuang Yindi\'s mouth. The best thing is that Zhuang Momo

would not tell him anything, but it\'s obviously not possible now.

The woman of zhuangmomo didn\'t even want to see him. He could expect her to tell him the secret things she had done before.

"I don\'t know anything about Momo, but since Mr. Zhan has no interest, I think I haven\'t said it." Zhuang Yindi chuckles. The boy wants to cheat her at the end of Zhan Li. It\'s still too young.

"I\'m interested in Momo\'s business, but..."

"But you don\'t have the face to ask me?"

Zhan Li nods at the end.

"That proves you don\'t like her enough," Zhuang added

"What do you say?"

"If you like her enough, it\'s her in your head. You don\'t care about your face." Zhuang Yindi glanced sideways at the end of the war and said, "son Zhan, do you think I\'m right?"

At the end of the war, he put on a cold sweat.

For a long time, he felt that his eloquence was invincible, especially in front of Qin Yinjian, but he didn\'t think of a few words of dialogue, so he lost to Zhuang Yindi.

It seems that every woman of the dealer is very unusual indeed. "If you don\'t speak, you agree with me." There are some things that Zhuang Momo will not tell Zhan limo. Zhuang Yindi thinks it\'s up to her to tell Zhan limo that he will love her even more if she knows the hard work that Mo has suffered. "My grandfather is very patriarchal, and he dreams that my father can have a son, so as not to break the family\'s incense. Who knows that my father gave birth to three daughters. At last, my father didn\'t want my mother to suffer any more, so he thought of a way to cheat my grandfather and raise Momo as a boy. So Momo was put on high hopes by her grandfather since she was a child. Later, she was in such a bad situation

"Second sister, I will hurt her later." I haven\'t heard about Zhuang Momo. I really don\'t know that Zhuang Momo grew up in such a family environment. He always thought that Zhuang Momo\'s strength was just his personality.

"Hurt her?" Zhuang Yindi smiled and said, "everyone can say funny things, but there are few people who really want to do it. Which kind of man do you think you belong to?"

At the end of the war:

He was speechless again. Zhuang Yindi these words needle needle see blood, every sentence said above the point. Commitment is easy to say, but it\'s hard to do.