My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1638

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"I......" Zhuangmomo couldn\'t find a word to refute.

Zhan limo is right. She is not a coward, but she is afraid to hit herself in the face. "Momo, I\'m just joking with you. Don\'t run away. If you run away because of my words, Mr. Zhan can\'t spare me. " The end of the war is interesting to Zhuang Momo. They can be seen by the onlookers as early as on the unmanned island. They just didn\'t expect that they would be on it so soon. Hu Qiaoqiao was surprised by this, but he wished them both the best from his heart.

At the beginning, the flying eagle team she joined with Zhuang Momo and Xiao Jia was often arranged to receive training together. Later, they lived together in no man island for another month, and their feelings were naturally more intimate than other members of the team.

Now Xiao Jia has died. They only have her and Zhuang Momo in the iron triangle at that time. Zhuang Momo can find someone to hurt. Hu Qiaoqiao is happy for her.

Hu Qiaoqiao also admitted that he had some envy, but also envy, not envy.

Zhuang Momo doesn\'t know how to say: "Joe, I\'m not..."

"Momo, you don\'t have to say much. If you don\'t come out, I\'ll speak to you alone. " Hu Qiaoqiao looks at Zhan Li\'s end. "Zhan childe, you can lend me a few minutes of Momo."

Zhan limo doesn\'t want to say yes, but he can\'t. Zhuang Momo is not his property: "Hu Qiaoqiao, you take people out, so you have to send them back to me."

"Well, I see." Hu Qiaoqiao drags Zhuang Momo away and goes out of the ward. Once she changes her old ways, she seriously says to Zhuang Momo, "Momo, do you tell me that you are pursuing Zhan Gongzi or you are pursuing Zhan Gongzi?"

"It\'s not necessarily who pursues whom. It\'s important that we really decide to start dating." Zhuangmomo didn\'t want to wriggle, "I didn\'t dare to think about this development before yesterday, but it really happened."

Zhuang Momo generously admitted that Hu Qiaoqiao was very pleased: "Momo, since we have decided to associate with Mr. Zhan, we should cherish him and never give up the opportunity to other women."

"He dare!" Just thinking that it is possible to pursue other women at the end of the war, Zhuang Momo looks like a cannibal. "He pursues me. If he dares to pursue other women behind my back, I will make him eat nothing."

Hu Qiaoqiao disagrees: "you, you have to change your temper. Don\'t start with others. Which man doesn\'t like sweet and gentle girl, you should conquer him gently and let him be willing to lose under your pomegranate skirt. " "In fact, if I really want to fight, I am not his opponent at all. It seems that I will have to consult my second sister more in the future. " Before that, Zhuang Momo always felt that she was very powerful. Until she was pressed by the end of the war last night and couldn\'t push him away, she knew that her strength and war were far from the end. She was not the opponent at all.

Every fight, she can win him, because he let her.

At the end of Zhan Li\'s life, this man looks like a playboy and a fool. In fact, as long as you look at him carefully, you will find that there is an excellent and considerate soul in his body.

This man may not be just a passer-by in her life, as long as they cherish each other, can go to the end is also uncertain.

"Mo Mo, I don\'t think you know that Mr. Zhan has been asking you. You have already seen it." Hu Qiaoqiao patted Zhuang Momo on the shoulder. "Now that you have seen it, I don\'t need to say anything more."

Zhuang Momo smiled and said: "Joe, after all these things, and you\'re with me, we can still talk about family life. It\'s a good feeling. If only Xiao Jia were still there. " "Xiao Jia has gone. No matter how much we miss him, he will not come back." When it comes to Xiaojia, the atmosphere suddenly sinks a lot. Hu Qiaoqiao\'s nose is sour, but he doesn\'t want to cry, "don\'t be emotional with me. Let me tell you the truth about the purpose of coming here today. I originally wanted to pay homage to Mr. Zhan, thinking that he could pay more attention to me among many women, but I didn\'t expect to break the love affair between you two. Now that you\'ve hooked up with each other, I\'m going to die. But don\'t forget that there are so many women out there who have ideas about Zhan Gongzi.

you must not leave the opportunity to other women. "

Zhuang Momo was surprised and said, "Joe, are you interested in the end of the war?" "Momo, I\'ll tell you that women in our country are becoming more and more excellent, and many men are standing still. A man of such high quality as Mr. Zhan is rare in a thousand years. " Hu Qiaoqiao doesn\'t hide his appreciation of Zhan Liming. "I\'m an ordinary woman who doesn\'t want to grasp it. Of course, I will."

Zhuang Momo knows that women like Zhan Li at the end of the war, but unexpectedly, Hu Qiaoqiao is also interested in him. What should she do: "Qiao Qiao..." "Don\'t worry, I just want to think about it. I have a man who knows himself and doesn\'t belong to me. I will hide him in my heart." Hu Qiaoqiao\'s feeling towards the end of war is not love, but like meeting a good thing. Everyone wants to spend money to buy it in his pocket. But a good thing is not cheap, and not everyone can afford it.

Zhuangmomo was relieved, but not very relieved: "Joe Joe, you really put it down?"

Friendship and love are very important things for Zhuang Momo. Zhuang Momo never wanted to choose one from the other. She greedily wanted to have all of them.

"I\'ve never picked it up. How can I put it down. Momo, I want you to cherish this person. "

"Joe Joe, thank you!" Zhuang Momo gave Hu Qiaoqiao a hug. "I will listen to you and cherish this feeling. I will not give other women the chance to covet him or let this feeling die."

"Well, I believe you." Hu Qiaoqiao hugs Zhuang Momo hard. "Momo, our comrade in arms, Xiao Jia, is no longer here. You and I need to be good. We need to have a good relationship. We need to mix up in the army. Maybe we can let Xiao Jia rest in peace."

"Well..." Zhuang Momo nodded softly, didn\'t say a word more. Until then, she believed that Hu Qiaoqiao was just appreciating the end of the war. Hu Qiaoqiao was really happy for her and the end of the war.

It\'s her small mind, she just thought about it.

Life is only a few decades. Being such a friend in a few decades is the greatest wealth of her life. It wasn\'t until many years later that Zhuang Momo realized that Hu Qiaoqiao\'s mood today was really clear. The true friendship is to be happy for his friend\'s success, which comes from the bottom of his heart.