My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1634

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Zhuang Momo is not so good at hiding his mind. He can understand what he thinks at the end of the day.

Just agreed to go out with him and want to break up with him?

This girl is also too simple. She is a bit stupid and cute, which makes Zhan Li not bear to "bully" her.

"Zhuang Mo Mo......" Zhan limo looks at Zhuang Momo with a smile and her scalp is numb. She swallows her saliva and stutters, "what are you doing watching me like this? Do you have any other shameless purpose? " "Zhuang Momo, you don\'t have long hair. How can you still have such a bad brain?" Zhan Liming smiled and clasped her head, and approached her forcefully. "I\'ll tell you once. Just this time, since you promised to communicate with me, I\'ll be my girlfriend honestly. Don\'t think about it, or I\'ll let you know what the consequences will be." "At the end of the war, please pay attention to your voice!" Zhuang Momo is a soft man, but not a hard one. She takes a picture of her hand and looks at him defiantly. "Since you pursue me, please let me associate with you, then you will have a boyfriend. If not, I will let you know what will happen if I provoke you. " "Oh... Really? I\'d like to know what\'s going to happen to miss Zhuang San? " Zhan Li\'s last sharp turn put Zhuang Momo under his body, but because he didn\'t control his strength well, he didn\'t do anything about Zhuang Momo. Instead, he tore the wound on his own body, which made him "hiss" in pain

"At the end of the war, you want to die!" Zhuangmomo loves his injury and wants to help him, but he is pressed by his weight and can\'t help him at all No, to be more precise, she is still reluctant to help her. At the end of Zhan Li\'s reign, he was arrogant and always self-centered, because he had such a good-looking leather bag. Before he was surrounded by girls, he had not actively pursued anyone. He didn\'t know how to communicate with his girlfriend at all. Zhuang Momo felt that his new girlfriend had the obligation to teach him.

How to teach? Zhuang Momo, who has no experience in love, doesn\'t understand it. He can only imagine it by himself.

She thought a little and soon had an idea.

She just promised to make contact with Zhan limo. She must give him some color to see. Zhan limo should know that her girlfriend is not easy to get. "Zhuang Momo, you cruel woman, I\'ve got a wound. You can be indifferent..." At the end of the war, he didn\'t realize the careful thought in Zhuang Mo\'s heart at this time, and he was still shouting, "Zhuang Mo, you are my girlfriend from today. As a young man\'s girlfriend, how can you be like a girlfriend? Don\'t always face me. Be gentle when you are gentle, and be considerate when you are considerate. Go and ask the nurse to treat the wound for me Oh, it\'s fucking painful... " "At the end of the war, if I give you some paint, you\'ll want to open a dyeing house, won\'t you?" Zhuang Momo buckled the head of the war away from the end, pulled him close to himself, and then gave a deep warning, "boy, I also warn you that you are my boyfriend from now on. Later, I said that you are not allowed to say two things. I

told you to go east and you are not allowed to go west. In particular, don\'t look at other girls in the future. If you dare to look at other women more, be careful that the old lady digs out your eyes. "




I don\'t think it\'s right for Zhan to leave the end of the war. Things shouldn\'t be the development direction of this model.


The simplest explanation is how two people love each other.

Why is it that he and Zhuang Momo are not so beautiful as he imagined?

The two of them are not in love at all. They are like two big social brothers collecting their little brothers. Whoever can push them down, who will be the big brother in the future, will have the right to speak.

So, love is really like recruiting younger brothers.

Take their family for example.

Since the beginning of their family, Zhan Nianbei has taken the lead, so in the past few years, Qin Xiaobao has been the king of the family, no one can care.

At the end of Zhan Li, he thought that he couldn\'t fight with the old man any more. He didn\'t want to be eaten to death by his girlfriend on the first day of love, otherwise he would not have a good life.

So if he wants to resist, he must not let Zhuang Mo hold on.

However, Zhuang Momo really turned over and pressed on Zhan limo\'s body. He patted his face gently. He was very serious and flirted with his little daughter-in-law. "Be honest later, and be obedient. I will love you very much, otherwise..."

Zhuangmomo left the words for half a sentence, then he turned over and left the bed in a cool and unrestrained way.

After a long time, Zhan Li just woke up from the shock just now. He realized that a big man had been molested by Zhuang Momo. He couldn\'t tell what kind of taste it was: "Zhuang Momo, you are a man\'s mother. Why do you bully my young master?"

In the mouth scolds, but war left the end lip angle actually slowly raised the smile In fact, it\'s a good feeling to be "teased" by Zhuang Momo. He doesn\'t mind her doing it again.

At this moment, the end of war from the hearts of gradually suffused with sweet bubbles, perhaps this is the "sour smell" of love.


Outside the ward.

Zhuangmomo sat on the chair, patting his chest again and again, trying to calm himself down.

To be honest, she was a little flustered at the end of the flirting war, but she pretended to be very successful. At least she didn\'t find her tension at the end of the war, and she didn\'t let the end of the war see her advice.

She clapped her chest and comforted herself in a low voice, "it\'s the end of the war that actively pursues me, not me that pesters him. I\'m the pursued one. The initiative should be in my hands. I\'ll tease him. It\'s nothing, nothing..."

Zhuang Yindi, the second elder sister, used to tell her that men are cheap. What they can\'t get is always in turmoil. They don\'t know how to cherish what they get. So the best way to deal with them is to let them know how precious you are.

"Alas..." Zhuang Momo sighed. If she had known how tired it was to fall in love and tried to hold him down, she would not have agreed to leave the end of the war.

Jingling bell -

the ring of the mobile phone in her pocket suddenly rings, which makes Zhuang Mo jump. She takes out her mobile phone in a hurry, looks at the call from the second elder sister she just thought of, and immediately answers: "the second elder sister......" "Zhuang Momo, you girl, it rained so hard last night. You ran out in the middle of the night. You don\'t want to die, do you?" Zhuang Yindi\'s swearing comes from the phone, but it\'s better to hear Zhuang Momo\'s warm heart. In the morning, she will find out that she is not at home, will worry about her safety, and will care about

her In Zhuang Yindi\'s chattering, Zhuang Mo put in a sentence: "second sister, last night I came out to find my boyfriend."