My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1633

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A night of thunder and night.

Two men and women who seem absolutely impossible to lie together sleep in the same bed. Their hearts are not calm, even because of the existence of each other, which makes them feel surging, but they are also strangely calm. It is so calm that the breathing sounds of both men become noise this night.

What do you want to say at the end of war, but you can\'t bear to break the peace in the night.

Maybe it\'s too quiet, maybe it\'s tired after a day\'s running. Before long, Zhuang Momo fell asleep in the arms of the war.

She was asleep, but at the end of the war, she was full of energy. A girl who fascinated him was lying in her arms. He was a normal man again. How could he be calm.

But he tried to control his inner impulse, but his eyes could not move away from Zhuang Mo\'s face.

After staring at Zhuang Momo for a while, he gently moved his hand and gently stroked Zhuang Momo\'s dark face.

This woman is not only fair, but also has a very good feel for her skin In the past, what kind of way did she cheat him?

Or does he have a real eye problem?

Such a pretty girl was shaking in front of his eyes every day, and he still called her manpo.

The fingertip moved, and the end of Zhan Li flicked it gently. The girl\'s skin is elastic and full of collagen. It\'s really adorable.

Just as his fingertips carefree on his face, Zhuang Momo suddenly blinked and mumbled something. At the end of the war, he immediately held his breath and listened, but did not understand: "Zhuang Momo, what do you say?"

He approached her and asked softly. Zhuang Momo opened his mouth slightly and said again: "second sister, stop being naughty. Go to bed quickly and get up early tomorrow."

"Second sister?" He didn\'t hear the names of other men in Zhuang Mo\'s mouth. Zhan Li was very happy. His lips rose unconsciously. "I am not your second sister. I will catch you up one day and be your man."

Night, it\'s still a long time, but nothing happened this night, everything is very calm.


The next day.

Maybe she was used to the life of the army. When it was just dark, Zhuang Momo woke up. When she woke up, she turned over cleanly. She didn\'t turn over until she knew that she was still tightly held in her arms at the end of the war. He had a lot of strength. She struggled twice, but couldn\'t escape from his arms.

She said, "it\'s the end of the war. It\'s dawn. You should let go."

The war is over, breathing is steady.

Zhuangmomo tried to shout again: "the end of the war?"

The end of the war has not been met.

He shouldn\'t wake up yet. Zhuang Momo thinks so. After that, her courage has grown a little bit. She looks at his face and pinches it.

To be honest, the man at the end of the war is really good-looking, and not only good-looking, but also his temperament. The military\'s own strong bullying is 100% inherited from his father - it\'s really fascinating. "The end of the war, why? Why should I express my love to you suddenly after I die for you? You don\'t know how much a man like you breathes. How many girls can stand your confession? " She is also one of the girls who can\'t resist, but her reason tells her that he and she can never have an emotional intersection, such a man she can\'t provoke, she doesn\'t want to live in the future as Zhuang Yindi said, and a big turnip will be very tired.

"Other girls can\'t parry. I don\'t care about it at all. I don\'t care about your village." Zhuangmomo thought that the sleeping war had suddenly opened his eyes and looked at her sharply.

Their faces are close to each other. They may touch each other with a little movement.

In his eyes, there was a deep feeling that Zhuang Momo had never seen. For a moment, she wanted to give up her reason and let her willful impulse return. Even if she had no good result with him in the future, as long as she could have a good love with him, her life would be enough.

But in the end, Zhuang Momo still failed to speak out. She was afraid that her life was in the hands of others.

There has never been a person or a thing that frightened her so much. Even when Grandpa knew she was a girl, she didn\'t feel so timid and afraid.

She was afraid that she would fall into the abyss of ten thousand battles. She would never get up again in her life.

"Zhuang Momo, what are you struggling with? Give me a chance, and give yourself a chance, is that so hard? " The voice of war away from the end rings in Zhuang Mo\'s ear, so close that she can feel his breath, make her heart beat faster, and can\'t speak again. At the end of the battle, he said: "Zhuang Momo, I always thought you were a fighter, a fighter who was not afraid of anything. In the face of the riot, you are not afraid of the enemy\'s bullets. Now you just want to have a love affair with me? What are you afraid of? Do you think from the heart that you are not worthy of my master? "

"Why am I not worthy of you?" Zhuang Mo is so strong that she can\'t be humiliated at the end of the war. "At the end of the war, if you don\'t rely on your father, it\'s still a question that you can join our flying eagle team. What\'s your proud capital?"

"Then why do you tell me?"

"I......" "If you don\'t speak, you don\'t think you deserve me. Since you\'re not so confident, I can\'t force you not to. " At the end of the war, knowing Zhuang Momo\'s temperament, he deliberately yanked the tunnel, "Zhuang Momo, you don\'t have the confidence to be a soldier. When you return to the army, you\'d better not appear in front of me again. Don\'t let me see you, a coward. I look down on you. "

"What is the end of the war?"

"Just because someone chases you, you don\'t dare to agree. We don\'t have that kind of advice on the eagles

"At the end of the war, you don\'t think you\'re going to let me promise you if you use this method. I\'ll tell you, don\'t say there\'s no way, not even a window. "

"Of course I know that you coward, who dare not even fall in love, will definitely close the window tightly, otherwise it will be a bit windy, and you will be scared to wet the bed."

"The end of the war!"

"How is it? Do you think shouting so loudly can scare me? "

"At the end of the war, shut up!"

"I won\'t shut up." At the end of Zhan Li\'s smile, "Zhuang Momo, if you want to be a man, you don\'t have to be a mother. You can have a good relationship with my young master."

"Talk about it, who is afraid of whom?" Zhuang Momo knew that Zhan liming was deliberately provoking her, but she fell in love with him, but when she realized what she had said, she did not regret it.

When you are calm, you will not agree. When you are excited, you agree. Then try to talk to him. If two people don\'t come in the future, they can break up at any time.