My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1632

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Yes, the whole body is injured at the end of the war. It can\'t beat Zhuang Momo.

For fear of him, Zhuang Momo did not dare to move.

At the end of Zhan Li\'s life, he took the chance to lie beside her and held her in his arms forcefully. He yanked and said: "in order to catch up with you, my young master, I won\'t want to sleep for half a night without a piece of meat. If you are wise, please be honest and don\'t move."

Hearing his tugging words, Zhuang Momo would like to kick him out of bed, but considering the injury on his body, she bit her teeth to bear it. What he said is not unreasonable, let him sleep for half a night without a piece of meat, what is she afraid of?

She was afraid that the war would be close to the end.

Zhuang Momo tries to suppress the fear in her heart. She thinks that Zhan limo is not as bad as she imagined. He has not done anything shameless, not to mention dirty things to her.

However, it is obvious that Zhuang Momo is too simple to believe that Zhan limo was only sleeping with her for half a night. How could he know that even though the man was seriously injured, his two claws were not honest at all. He even put his hand under her pajamas.

Zhuang Mo was stunned for a while, then he grabbed Zhan Li Mo\'s dishonest claws and shouted: "Zhan Li Mo, move around again, be careful that my mother has ruined you."

War from the end of ruffian ruffian tunnel: "do not I now call waste?"

Zhuangmomo bit his lips, endured and endured, but he couldn\'t resist after all. The backhand was a blow to the head at the end of the war. Seeing that the fist was going to fall on the head at the end of the war, he could not hide or hide at the end of the war. Let\'s take a picture. I\'d like to be provoked if you beat me to death.

Zhuang Momo really wanted to slap him to death, but his hand was still a few centimeters away from the end of the war, and he didn\'t take it. This man just grasped her weakness and knew that she could not hurt him.

She knew clearly that there was no way to take him.

She angrily took back her hand and wanted to roll to the other side of the hospital bed and stay away from him, so that she could have a good rest tonight.

At the end of the war, the "treachery" was successful, and the sexy lips were slightly raised. He started again to pull Zhuang Momo back into his arms and sighed with satisfaction: "Zhuang Momo, as long as you are obedient and don\'t do any more moves to seduce me, I promise I won\'t mess again."

Zhuang Mo was so angry that he bit his teeth. Who is moving around? Who in the world seduced whom? This man\'s other abilities are not very good. How can he be more and more good at talking and shameless.

Zhuangmomo was very angry, and his body was trembling slightly. But he didn\'t move. Zhan limo was very satisfied with this. At least, he let him know that zhuangmomo was still in love with him. He grinned and said, "good, go to sleep!"

Since zhuangmomo had memories, zhuangmomo had never let a man sleep in such a close embrace, and was held in her arms by Zhan limo. She felt uncomfortable all over her body, but she didn\'t dare to push him too hard. After all, men, as male animals, sometimes can\'t really provoke him.

"Let you sleep well, don\'t think about it!" As he spoke arrogant words, he held zhuangmomo closer to the end of the war, but he heard zhuangmomo whisper in her arms, "you hold so tightly, I\'m suffocating, how can I sleep?"

"Then I\'ll let you go a little." At the end of Zhan Li, he gently loosened his arm, but he didn\'t loosen it too much. He was afraid that the woman would slip away when she found the chance. He finally took the woman to his bed. He didn\'t want to let the quick cooked duck fly away.

"You can relax a little more." Zhuang Momo talks with him about the terms.

"No way." The war is far from over.

"Forget it..." Zhuang Momo doesn\'t argue with him either. He has a thick skin. As long as he insists, she can\'t beat him.

"Zhuang Momo, has anyone ever slept with you like this before?" Holding Zhuang Momo in his arms and fighting for special satisfaction at the end of the war is totally different from his feeling of holding his little girlfriends in the past. He thought it was fun before, and now he has a sense of steadiness.

It seems that as long as the woman stays in his arms, the injuries on his body are not so painful.

"Of course there is." Zhuang Momo heard from her mother that her father took her when she was one or two years old. Her father loved her and carried her wherever he went. At night, he must sleep with her in his arms for fear of being robbed.

Hearing this, Zhan Li was so angry that he pinched Zhuang Momo\'s shoulder and said angrily, "which bastard is that! I haven\'t hugged you yet. Why should I let other men hold you first? "

"It\'s me..." Before dad\'s words came out, Zhuang Momo shut up. Hum, he even cared so much. Let him care. She likes this feeling in her heart. "Who is holding me? Does it matter half a cent to you?" "Zhuang Momo, I just confessed to you. Now I\'m your future boyfriend. Do you think it has anything to do with me if you are held by another man? " Zhan LiMao asks fiercely, his eyes are angry and urgent, which makes him feel very happy. At this time, she finally believes what Zhan LiMao, a stinky man, said to her tonight.

Maybe, he really likes her a little bit.

Can she have a little expectation in her heart?

Just when Zhuang Momo had this idea, another piece of words that Zhan limo said before appeared in his mind: "Zhuang Momo, you man and woman, you don\'t take a mirror to look at your virtue. How can I see a woman like you at the end of Zhan limo?"

"Zhuangmomo, you have to understand that you and I will never be able to."

Not only thought of the words of Zhan Li\'s end, Zhuang Yindi\'s words were also surrounded by Zhuang Mo\'s ears: "Mo Mo, you don\'t have no idea how extravagant the man at Zhan Li\'s end is. Don\'t be moved by such a man, otherwise it must be you who suffer."

Yes, she didn\'t know why she wanted to put out the fire with moths because of such a lie at the end of the war?

Zhuangmomo shook his fist and warned himself in his mind: "zhuangmomo, no way! You can\'t be attracted to this man! You should keep in mind that you and he are two people on parallel lines and will never be together. "

After determining what to do, Zhuang Momo didn\'t go to the end of the battle. She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep, pretending not to hear.

Didn\'t see her answer, but also listened to her more and more balanced breathing. Zhan Li finally thought she was asleep, and his eyes fell on her clean face, which could not be moved for a long time. Zhuang Momo is a beautiful woman.