My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1628

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Zhuangmomo\'s words and war are stiff.

It\'s not.

He never thought that Zhuang Momo would repay his salvation in such a way.

Just kissing her is impulsive. After kissing her, I don\'t want to let go because of greed.

The beauty of kissing this woman is too good for him to forget in his whole life.

The idea of wanting her came into his mind.

Yes, he wants her, but he doesn\'t want her to repay him for saving his life. He just wants her.

"Mr. Zhan, it\'s the default if you don\'t speak?" Zhuangmomo thought that he was ridiculous. She could clean him up, but she didn\'t exclude him from kissing her. She even had a little expectation.

"You expect me to recognize?" Zhan LiMao chuckles and holds Zhuang Momo\'s hand to let go. After letting go of her, he says, "now we are clear. You don\'t owe me anything, and I don\'t owe you anything."

In the dark, Zhan Li couldn\'t see Zhuang Mo\'s expression clearly, but judging from her rapid breath, she was very angry.

She was such a stubborn and strong person, suddenly was so frivolous, she was not angry to blame, but war from the end but not regret at all.

If it wasn\'t for the kiss, he didn\'t know it could be so beautiful.

Before, when his little girlfriends wanted to kiss him, he resisted. All the time, he thought that he resisted because they were disgusted by the smell of lipstick. Cuddling was the limit of their relationship.

Kissing is beautiful. He wants to leave it to the woman who makes him want to go with her for the rest of his life.

After a long time, zhuangmomo\'s breath calmed down. At the end of Zhanli, she knew that she was trying to suppress and tear his impulse. Then she heard her say, "Mr. Zhan, since the two are clear, can I go now?"

It\'s raining so hard outside. Where else does she want to go?

When she came, she didn\'t get washed away by the rain. Did she want to try her luck?

Therefore, Zhan Liming said: "there are towels in the bathroom, clean pajamas in the wardrobe, take a bath by yourself, and accompany me until dawn to finish your task."

Zhuangmomo gnashed his teeth angrily: "don\'t push forward until the end of the war!"

Zhan Li said with a smile, "do you want to sit here with me in wet clothes all night?"

Zhuangmomo: "who said I would stay with you all night?"

At the end of the war: "if you don\'t accompany me, how can we clear up the dispute between us?"

Zhuang Momo: you At the end of the war: "I\'m going to sleep. When I take a bath, keep it quiet. Don\'t disturb me to sleep. Remember, if you dare to run away and I can\'t see your man when I wake up tomorrow morning, then I\'m afraid that the account between us will be recalculated again. By the way, you should know that I\'m a man of the same mind. If I owe something to me for a long time, I may collect interest. "

Zhuangmomo gasped, then snapped on the light in the room and rushed into the bathroom.

Listening to the sound of the water in the bathroom, Zhan limo slowly closed his eyes, still unable to sleep, but the stone on his heart was gone.

Why does zhuangmomo come to accompany him in the rain?

Is it true, as she said, just to repay him for saving his life a month ago?

I don\'t know the end of the war, and I don\'t want to think more about what I don\'t have.

He thinks that she came here because she cared about him. After all, if she thinks so, she will be in a good mood, even if she doesn\'t really mean it.


In the bathroom, zhuangmomo slapped himself in a hurry and scolded: "zhuangmomo, how can you be so useless? You know that people dislike you so much, and you even let them kiss you, and you almost fell into that kiss."

Damn it!

Damn the war!

He just bullies her with his life experience, his face, and his mouth that can only hurt others.

Another day, she must avenge the kiss.

Soon, a voice came from outside the bathroom and a lazy voice from the end: "Zhuang Momo, water is not expensive, but it\'s shameful to waste water. Didn\'t you learn these basic knowledge in the army?"

Zhuang Momo: "..."

What to do?

I really want to tear this bastard up by myself.

She stole her first kiss, not only without any apologies, but also because she thought it was right. If she were a different man, she would have been beaten by him for a long time, even her mother would not know her.

However, the other side is the end of the war, a man she can\'t match in all aspects.

Just because he can\'t compare with him, now he is moved to him, so he bullies her and has nowhere to tell her inner pain.

At the end of the war, the voice came again: "Zhuang Momo, I think you sincerely don\'t want to let me sleep."

Zhuang Momo stamped his feet angrily: "you go to sleep, what\'s the matter with me? I\'ll hold you back from sleeping? "

But at the end of the war, he felt reasonable: "the sound of the water is so loud that I can\'t sleep."

"Don\'t sleep if you can\'t sleep." Zhuang Momo shut off the water, dried the water drops on her body and put on her pajamas. In fact, she didn\'t want to wear them, but her clothes were wet. She would definitely catch cold in wet clothes.

At the end of the day, it\'s her own fault. It\'s her own brain problem.

Zhan Li calls her nervously at the end of the day. She is even more nervous and braves such a heavy rain. She drives nearly 20 kilometers to see him.

If you\'re not lucky, it\'s a small matter whether the car is flooded or not. It\'s a big matter when people and cars are washed away by the flood.

I don\'t know why I came here in such a heavy rain?

Zhan limo\'s refusal is so obvious. Does she think it\'s other meaning for him to call her?

"Zhuang Momo, you came to see me in such a heavy rain just because of my phone call. Do you really like me?"

At the end of the war, the voice came again. Let Zhuang Momo wipe his hair a little.

Yes, she came here in the rain just because she liked him. Zhuang Momo wanted to tell him frankly, but he didn\'t want to make fun of himself. He warned her in the daytime, and she kept it in her mind.

Zhuang Momo came out of the bathroom and looked at the end of the war on the hospital bed with a smile: "Mr. Zhan, it\'s good to have self-confidence, but it\'s not good to have too much self-confidence. Don\'t think you have a good life experience and a good face. All the women in the world will be around you. "

At the end of Zhan Li\'s reign, danger replied: "you know that I have a good life experience and a good face, but you don\'t care about me. Do you want to tell me that you are different from other women?" "Ah... You can think as you like. As long as you\'re happy, don\'t worry about what others think. " Zhuang Momo doesn\'t want to pay attention to this smelly man whose tail is rising to the sky. Really, if you say more words to him, you will have more points to destroy her heart.