My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1619

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"Hey, you stay away from me." There is a smell on this woman. Zhan limo doesn\'t like it very much. She retreats from the disgusted land. His eyes sweep the people again and see a quiet beauty. "Little baby, come here to talk to my young master." "Mr. Zhan, people just miss you so much. These days, I miss you at home every day. Apart from thinking about you, I don\'t know what else I can do. " The woman said that the pear blossoms with rain, and saw that Zhan Li was very careful. Her liver quivered twice. "Oh, my little baby, don\'t cry

, don\'t cry. When you cry, my heart will break." Get back the feeling of seeing the beauty at the beginning. It\'s no longer a state of indifference to seeing the beauty. Zhan Li is a little excited at the end of Zhan Li\'s heart. He holds the crying beauty in his arms and gently taps her back to pacify him: "baby, don\'t cry, don\'t cry, and come to see you after my injury is cured.

”Finally, we can face up to these beauties and get rid of Zhuang Momo\'s face. Zhan limo is thinking happily. However, when he looks down again, the woman in his arms turns into Zhuang Momo\'s face. She looks up and smiles at him strangely. The eyes are like saying to him: " Zhan limo, you don\'t want to admit that you like me, it\'s OK Department, I have a way for you to admit it. " Her hand slowly slid to the position of his heart, gently patted twice, and then slowly said, "since you don\'t want to admit that you like me, I\'ll take out your heart to see how your heart is growing, and see if there is a

me in your heart."

"No, you go away!" At the end of the war, he was shocked and pushed the beauty out of his arms. "Son Zhan, what\'s the matter with you? What\'s wrong with you? " The beautiful woman is the first one to hold in her arms at the end of Zhan Li. She thought she was different from other people at the end of Zhan Li. Just now she was immersed in the gentle countryside at the end of Zhan Li. Who knew that she was pushed away by Zhan Li\'s last hand

which made her uncomfortable, but she didn\'t dare to show it.

In the past, Zhan limo was very gentle to women, and never refused to give up a woman to give up. But looking at Zhan limo\'s eyes, his eyes are not the same as usual today. At least when he looks at them, he doesn\'t have the luster before, and seems to have some disgust.

Yes, yes, she just saw disgust in her eyes at the end of the war.

At the end of Zhan Li\'s war, he looked at the woman carefully. It was clear that she was an ordinary beauty. How could he regard her as Zhuang Momo?

Was he poisoned by Zhuang Momo?

At the end of Zhan Li, he clapped his head angrily: "it\'s OK, it\'s OK, just now my body is suddenly a little uncomfortable. Baby, I didn\'t hurt you

As Zhan limo explained, the beauty felt comfortable and hurried to Zhan limo\'s side: "Zhan childe, where are you uncomfortable? Let me feel it for you. "

"It\'s OK. You sit next to me. Don\'t come back." There are so many beauties around him, but Zhan Li\'s mind is still zhuangmomo. He thinks he\'s really finished this time.

In the future, he will inevitably go on the road of Zhan old man and Qin Yinjian, and be eaten to death by a woman.

I think of a great man who would be led by a woman by the nose. His heart is bleeding. God, he only likes to see all the beauties in the world. He doesn\'t want to be eaten to death by a man\'s mother.

The woman squeezed her eyes and dropped two more tears: "Mr. Zhan, did I make you unhappy? If I don\'t do a good job, tell me, what I can change is not to drive me away, OK? "

With so many beautiful women around him, Zhan limo not only didn\'t find the feeling of the past, but also felt bored. He waved impatiently: "I\'m not feeling well, so I\'m going to have a rest. Let\'s go first. I\'ll call you to play some other day when I\'m free."

"Mr. Zhan, let\'s spend more time with you."

"Get out of here and leave me alone."

One by one was obviously reluctant to leave, but who was it at the end of the war? If I didn\'t obey, I\'m afraid I would never see him again.

"Let\'s go first. When you need our company, you must come to us."

"Well, I\'ll find you." I don\'t want to see them at the end of the war.

So all the beauties came in a hurry and went out of frustration. When they came out of the ward, there were still a few complaints.

As soon as the women left, the room was finally empty, and the war was quiet. However, the smell of powder in the room was still strong, which made people feel headache.

Zhan limo got up and opened the window. The fresh air ran into the room. At the same time, he saw a man sitting in the garden downstairs.

The woman is holding a bunch of bright roses in her hand, but she just sits on the chair so stupidly, and hasn\'t moved for a long time, as if she is trapped in her own world, unable to walk out and others can\'t walk in.

It\'s zhuangmomo, it\'s zhuangmomo, it\'s her. Why hasn\'t she left?

In the past, Zhan limo really thought that Zhuang Momo was not good-looking, but after comparing with those ordinary powder, Zhan limo thought that the woman was very beautiful.

At the end of Zhan Li, he wanted to take back his eyes and didn\'t want to be influenced by this woman again, but after his eyes fell on her, he could never take them back.

Zhuangmomo is a woman with her unique beauty. Even among many beauties, she is still the best one to see. Thinking of this, Zhan limo slaps his head hard and scolds: "Zhan limo, are you blind? You don\'t think so many beautiful women just now are beautiful. You should think that Zhuang Momo is a beautiful woman. Do you take a closer look? Is there something a woman should look like on the whole body of Zhuang Mo Mo\'s man woman? "

Yes, no, but he just thinks Zhuang Mo is pretty.

"It\'s over! Finished! I\'m really finished! It must be a disease. It needs treatment. " At the end of the war, he forced himself to take back his eyes. He tried to think again and again. Maybe it was just those women that he had seen for a long time and was tired of aesthetics.

As long as he changes to a group of beauties, he will definitely get back to the original feeling, and he will never think that Zhuang Momo is a beautiful woman again.

At the end of the war, he quickly called Qin Yinjian and said, "Qin Yinjian, you can find me some beauties with high beauty value to accompany me in the hospital."

Qin Yinyi at the other end of the phone said, "at the end of the war, I really want to find a beauty to accompany you?"

War from the end of impatient way: "so much nonsense do what, immediately look for, the higher the quality of the better." Qin Yin said, "I\'m afraid that no beauty can enter your eyes except Zhuang Momo."