My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1617

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Zhan limo is still such a simple answer that can\'t be simpler. It\'s hard to hear Zhuang Momo. She\'s ready to leave. When she leaves, she remembers another thing to make clear to Zhan limo: "we\'ve sent Xiao Jia back to his hometown for burial. My uncle and aunt are also taken care of. You can take care of him."

Referring to Jia Zhuangsheng, the mood at the end of the war finally fluctuated. He looked up at Zhuang Momo. After looking up at her, he quickly looked away and said a few words lightly: "thank you for your help! The spirit of the heaven can be at ease

"We are all Xiao Jia\'s comrades in arms," said Zhuang. "You don\'t have to thank me for doing these things."

At the end of the war, he didn\'t talk anymore. Zhuang Momo felt that Far away, yes, far away. Suddenly, her uneasiness was strong: "I\'m sorry to run to see you without telling you in advance. Am I bothering you?"

She asked carefully. She was also nervous for fear that Zhan Li would say that she was disturbing him

At the end of the war, Zhan Li was very upset. This kind of upset came from Zhuang Momo. He had different feelings for Zhuang Momo from others. He was clear. However, his proud temperament did not want to admit that Zhuang Momo was the type of woman he liked. Think about it. At the end of Zhan Li, he still thinks that he is in a good condition because he hasn\'t seen a beautiful girl for a long time and hasn\'t gone out to drink flower wine with his little girlfriends for a long time. He thought that as long as his life returned to its former form, he would probably remove Zhuang from his mind. It was a matter of minutes. After such a thought, Zhan couldn\'t wait to get rid of the relationship with Zhuang Mo: "well, you didn\'t say hello to me in advance before you came. It was quite a sudden. I didn\'t have any preparation. If you want to come to see me in the future, please come with other comrades in arms. We have a partner together. I don\'t need to treat you separately. "

At the end of the war, Zhuang Momo\'s heart was cold. What he meant was to tell her that she and other comrades in arms were in the same position in his heart. She overestimated her position in his mind.

Zhuang Momo\'s heart is astringent, and he can\'t explain why he has such emotions. Maybe it was Jia Zhuangsheng\'s words before he died that made her think that Zhan limo was good to her, and she didn\'t want to miss such an excellent man, so she thought that she would try to take a step forward.

After all, life is only a few decades. It\'s really short. Sometimes it\'s just that in a blink of an eye it\'s gone. In particular, Jia Zhuangsheng\'s sacrifice hit Zhuang Momo a lot, so there is no young life.

All of a sudden, he saw through a lot of things that he could not see before, so Zhuang Momo wants to take good advantage of these decades, cherish the good days he has now, cherish the excellent people around him, and don\'t wait to miss them to regret.

Now, seeing that Zhan limo has such an attitude towards himself, Zhuang Momo knows how much he thinks about it. In the end, she and he will always be people on two parallel lines, and there will be no intersection. She thinks too much, and she wants to climb.

Shouldn\'t be, shouldn\'t be After thinking clearly, all the impulses of Zhuang Momo slowly returned to reason. She quietly clenched her fist and tried to smile politely at Zhan Li\'s end: "Mr. Zhan, I\'m sorry to disturb you, but I won\'t be able to do it in the future."

Zhuangmomo smiled at the end of the battle, turned around and left. However, the end of the battle stopped her again: "wait a minute!"

At the end of the war, he wanted such a result. However, when Zhuang Momo treated him politely and strangely, he felt that even if he refused her, she should not be so decisive. He was not surprised at all.

It\'s going to hurt his man\'s self-esteem. When he heard the voice of Zhan limo, he thought that Zhan limo was going to change his mind, but he heard Zhan limo use his pleasant voice to say merciless words: "Zhuang Momo, take away the flowers you bought, and don\'t buy these things for me in the future. You don\'t know what it means to send roses. Don\'t do such a misleading thing in the future. "

Zhuangmomo felt cold all of a sudden. She looked at him, but she was too cowardly to look at his eyes. She walked over and picked up the flower she put on his bedside table: "I\'m sorry, I\'m not thoughtful. I won\'t do it again."

Never again.

Will he never do anything that he misunderstood?

Or will he never be a little better to him?

At the end of Zhan Li\'s mind, a variety of ideas emerged. What he even wanted to keep Zhuang Momo\'s words clear was that he had no courage.

Seeing that Zhuang Momo picked up the flowers and left, Zhan Li stopped her again at the end of the war. He didn\'t ask what he wanted to ask, but he said what hurt people. He knew that it hurt people, but he still said that he didn\'t want to leave room for himself in the matter of Zhuang Momo.

He said, "Zhuang Momo, since you just heard it outside the door, why did you come in?"

Zhuang Mo is confused. What did she hear outside the door?

In her ignorant state, Zhan added: "yes, I admit, sometimes I think you are very good, sometimes I suddenly think what will happen if this person is my girlfriend, but it\'s all strange ideas that come out occasionally." Even the chance of buffering was not given to Zhuang Mo, and Zhan Li continued: "my reason tells me that you are not the type of woman I like. My reason also tells me that I will not be with you. So please don\'t think about it, don\'t hope for me. If you can see and understand clearly, we will be good comrades in arms in the future. If you don\'t understand, we may not even have to do it in the future. " Zhan limo said simply and directly, stabbing Zhuang Momo\'s heart, a little astringent, a little painful and a little sour, but Zhuang Momo didn\'t show it at all, and even raised a good-looking smile: "Mr. Zhan, you are so arrogant, you don\'t like me, you won\'t be with me,

do you think I like you, think I want to be with you?"

She raised her lips slightly and smiled more brightly: "I tell you, if you are not so arrogant and conceited, we will still be comrades in arms in the future. If you think that women all over the world are going to surround you, then our comrades in arms will not have to do it in the future. " Zhuangmomo has never easily conceded defeat. Even if she loses, she will not show it. Her character makes her show indifference. Her character makes her proudly return all the words she said to her at the end of the war to the end of the war.