My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1613

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The fight continues.

I don\'t know how long it lasted. The army finally arrived.

After the arrival of the large army, it took a short time to wipe out the enemy, leaving no survivors.

After the enemy was wiped out, the wounded body was dragged back to Jia Zhuangsheng at the end of the war. He wiped Jia Zhuangsheng\'s eyes with his hands, bit his teeth and said: "Xiao Jia, you are a hero, our hero and the people\'s hero. We are proud of you, the people are proud of you, the motherland is proud of you, and you are also proud of your parents. Today you go first. I will take good care of your parents for you. You should take good care of yourself in heaven. "

At the end of the war, he didn\'t shed a tear for Jia Zhuangsheng, but he got up slowly, took off his hat, and gave him a military salute - Xiaojia, go all the way! If there is any afterlife, we must be your comrades in arms.

Zhuang Momo stood by the end of Zhan Li, and made a military salute with Jia Zhuangsheng. When she looked up, she saw that Zhan Li\'s right arm was injured and the wound was still bleeding. She was so anxious to catch Zhan Li\'s end: "at the end of Zhan Li, would you like to go to a military doctor to deal with the wound first?"

There is no answer until the end of the war.

Zhuangmomo was a little anxious: "at the end of the war, the four of us came out together. Now we have left a little Jia. Do you want to follow him?" As she spoke, Zhuang Mo Mo\'s eyes turned red. She still remembered that on the day when he left for the desert island, Jia Zhuangsheng said in his loud voice, "the captain asked several of us to finish such a difficult task, surely he wanted to hone us. The captain looks up to me so much. In the future, I must try my best to win more military medals, honor our flying eagle team and make my parents proud of me. "

Those words seemed to ring in his ear, but Jia Zhuangsheng left them forever and never came back.

Jia Zhuangsheng can\'t come back. Now the talents who are still around are particularly important. Zhuang Momo can\'t care whether Zhan Liming misunderstands her any more. He grabs his hands that are not hurt: "Zhan liming, first deal with the wound with me."

"Let go," he said coldly

Jia Zhuangsheng was brought out by him, but he failed to bring him back. His heart ached and convulsed at the end of the war, but he could not cry because he was a man. In fact, he often wanted to cry like Hu Qiaoqiao when he was sad, and cried out all his feelings.

Zhuang Momo said, "at the end of the war, do you want to die?"

Zhan Li shouts at the end, "what\'s the matter with you?"

Zhuangmomo bit his lips, endured and endured: "at the end of the war, what strength do you say you are stubborn?"

As he said this, Zhuang Momo suddenly seemed to understand. Did Zhan Li feel that the comrades he brought out didn\'t take them back well and wanted to make amends with death?

With this idea in mind, Zhuang Momo is more reluctant to let Zhan limo do anything for the sake of: "Zhan limo, go to see a military doctor with me and deal with your wound immediately?"

Zhan Li shouts at the end: "go away, don\'t you mind me."

Zhuang Momo: "at the end of the war, will you not be so childish?" When the two of them quarreled fiercely, Hu Qiaoqiao, who cried weakly, said: "Xiao Jia often told me that he admired both of you. He said that in normal training, you two can simply win the first place, and he can\'t win the first place with any effort. In his mind, you two are wizards. He has always hoped that you two can cooperate well, and that in the future, he will make great contributions to the war. " After a while, huqiaoqiao said: "Xiaojia is actually a very sensitive person. He can remember every word we say to him. Sometimes he feels inferior and we all look down on him. But most of the time, he still thinks that it\'s the happiest thing in his life to have our comrades in arms. " Hu Qiaoqiao looked at Zhan limo and said, "I can understand your mood, Mr. Zhan, but if you die, you can\'t come back to life, and we can\'t die with him. Our best practice is to pass on his spirit and try our best to become better. When we succeed in the future, tell everyone that we have another comrade in arms. He just left earlier than us, but he is as successful as us. "

Hu Qiaoqiao\'s words, every word is like a needle in the heart of the end of the war. Although the heart is hurting, he also heard it. He should live better and work harder to make himself better, so that more people can know the existence of their dead comrade in arms in the future.

"Well, I\'ll go and heal!" At the end of Zhan Li\'s step, he suddenly felt dizzy in his head. His tall and strong body fell down without warning. Before it fell to the ground, it seemed that there was a scream of Zhuang Momo and Hu Qiaoqiao - Zhan Li\'s end! They seem to be shouting his name, but it\'s useless. He can\'t control his body. He fell on the ground, but it seems to be a little soft after he fell on the ground, not as hard as he thought, but he didn\'t have time to figure out why the ground was soft. Soon he entered a deep coma state.

He couldn\'t hear anything. He went into the abyss of darkness.

"From the end of the war..." At the end of the war, Zhuang Momo wanted to hold him, but because he was so much bigger than her, she not only failed to hold him, but also let him take her to the ground with him. "At the end of the war, wake up! Don\'t scare me. Wake up! "

Zhuang Momo wants to hold the war and get up to the doctor, but his whole weight is on her body, so that she can\'t push him away with all her strength. She is so anxious that she can\'t help kicking him, but she is reluctant after all.

Fortunately, Hu Qiaoqiao is on the side. Zhuang Momo can\'t move under the pressure of Zhan limo. Hu Qiaoqiao goes up to help and drags Zhan limo away. She also takes a lot of effort to drag Zhan limo away: "sure enough, this is the difference between men and women."

Zhuangmomo quickly got up, while examining the wounds on Zhan limo\'s body, he said: "Qiao Qiao, I\'m here to watch Zhan limo\'s body. Go and call the military doctor. There are so many wounds on him that we can\'t delay any longer. "

Hu Qiaoqiao turns around and runs to the military doctor, leaving Zhuang Momo to take care of Zhan limo.

Zhuangmomo felt a lot of blood on her hand. If she didn\'t guess wrong, it was all from Zhanli end. Zhuang Momo takes off Zhan limo\'s shirt in a hurry, and wants to check his wound. When she takes off Zhan limo\'s shirt, Zhan limo\'s big and small wounds appear in front of her eyes, which makes Zhuang Momo\'s heart almost pull together. He would like to suffer these injuries for him. You are also the only child in your family. Can\'t you think more about your parents? "

But Zhan Li didn\'t give her an answer. Zhuangmomo only knew that when he saw these wounds on Zhan limo\'s body, his heart really hurt.