My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1612

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The hostages were rescued and soon sent away, because the war in front of them was well coordinated with those of the end.

After the hostages were rescued, the rescue team had no worries. Zhuang Momo and Hu Qiaoqiao followed the leader and rushed to support Zhan Liming and others. When they arrived, Zhuang Momo saw Jia Zhuangsheng shot in the body and fell into a pool of blood.

She rushes to him madly, drags the injured Jia Zhuangsheng to the ditch aside, and avoids the enemy\'s attack: "Xiao Jia, hold on, we must hold on..." Jia Zhuangsheng grabbed Zhuang Momo\'s hand: "Momo, remember to tell Mr. Zhan that he must bring my words to my parents. Tell my parents that their son is not a coward. His son is an honest soldier. He died to protect the country and the people. Let them not be sad. " When she went to the battlefield for the first time and saw the wounded for the first time, Zhuang Mo was very afraid, but she did not allow herself to be afraid. She pressed Jia Zhuangsheng\'s wound with her hand and tried to prevent the blood from flowing out: "Xiao Jia, don\'t talk, you will be OK. The men of our large army are behind us, and the military doctors are on their way. " Jia Zhuangsheng\'s injured position is very close to his heart. He has no strength. If he doesn\'t say some words now, he will never have a chance to say again: "Momo, it\'s my honor to be a comrade in arms with you, Zhan Gongzi and Qiao Qiao. If there is a real next life, I will know you

, and I will become a comrade in arms with you. "

Zhuang Momo shouted heartily, "Jia Zhuangsheng, I want you to stop talking about frustration. You will be OK. Do you hear me?" "Mo Mo, don\'t be sad, don\'t be sad. I am a glorious sacrifice. It\'s a glorious thing. There\'s nothing to cry about." Jia Zhuangsheng tries to raise the corners of his mouth to show Zhuang Momo a smile, but because of the pain in his body, he laughs very ugly, even worse than crying, but he doesn\'t know from

himself. He still has many words to say, "Momo, some words, I didn\'t dare to say before, but now I must tell you. Mr. Zhan is a responsible man. If you like him, go after him boldly. Don\'t miss it. You will regret it in the future. "

At this time, Zhuang Mo is not in the mood to talk to Jia Zhuangsheng about his feelings: "Xiao Jia, don\'t talk now. When your injury is cured, we will talk slowly later." "If you don\'t say these words now, there will be no chance in the future." Jia Zhuangsheng tightly grasped Zhuang Momo\'s hand, as if he had the strength to continue saying, "you always want to know how to detoxify the snake venom for you in the desert island. He won\'t let me say, and I dare not say, but now I want to tell you that he risked being infected by the snake venom and sucked the poisonous blood out of your body with his mouth." Yes, Zhuang Momo always wanted to know how Zhan limo detoxified her, but she didn\'t ask. Until today, she heard it from Jia Zhuangsheng. But at this time, she only cared about Jia Zhuangsheng\'s injury. Other things were put aside first: "Xiao Jia, I know, I know all about it, now

don\'t talk, save some physical strength, I will take you to see a military doctor. ”"No, Momo I want to say Mr. Zhan is really good to you. Although he often says that you are a man and a woman, in private, he appreciates you very much. He often told me that Zhuang Momo, a man and a woman, is more powerful than many men. After a long time, she must make great achievements. " Maybe it\'s to see that both of them think each other is good, but they are reluctant to admit it. So when they are seriously injured, Jia Zhuangsheng still wants to push them and accomplish a good thing.

"Xiao Jia, I know. Please don\'t say anything more, OK?" Tears rolled down Zhuang Mo\'s eyes without warning. In fact, Jia Zhuangsheng\'s words usually made her feel much better, but her strong self-esteem made her reluctant to think in other aspects.

It\'s good for you to give up something early if you can\'t get it.

Some people, with their own can never be together, then do not delusion, that is good for themselves. "Momo, remember that opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. If you like them, don\'t give up. Be brave..." Jia Zhuangsheng has been in a coma, but he holds Zhuang Momo\'s hand tightly, like catching the last straw for life. "Momo, you know, I\'m satisfied to know you.

I\'m satisfied to die. Really, now I am not afraid at all, not hurt at all, on the contrary, I think I am very great and happy, but the only one I can\'t rest assured... "

It\'s the parents who can\'t rest assured

But the latter two words, Jia Zhuangsheng did not say, never have a chance to say.

He did not breathe, the body in the arms of Zhuang Momo slowly lost temperature, slowly become rigid. Hu Qiaoqiao then arrived. When she saw Zhuang Momo holding Jia Zhuangsheng, who was covered in blood, she fell down on the ground with a thump, and her tears flowed down: "Jia Zhuangsheng, we agreed yesterday that when we were on holiday, we would go to the sea to travel together. We would like to take a luxury yacht, and no longer have to suffer as we do on a desert island. Did you forget what you said? You get up for cainiang, and she won\'t let you leave us. "

Zhuang Momo doesn\'t want to admit that Jia Zhuangsheng has no breath, but the fact is in front of her. She has to admit that she gently put Jia Zhuangsheng on the ground, took the gun in Jia Zhuangsheng\'s hand, climbed up the hillside, fired five shots in a row, each shot hit an enemy.

When the bullets in the gun are finished and Zhuang Momo is changing bullets, she sees the end of the battle ahead. Like a warrior who is not afraid of death, he stands on a high place, holding a gun in his hand. Every time he pulls the gun valve to shoot a bullet, an enemy falls in front of him.

Zhuangmomo has never seen such a serious and fierce battle leave the end. At this time, he is a hero, a man who stands tall and stands tall. He seems to have his own diaphragm, which is so dazzling and dazzling that people can\'t move their eyes.

Looking at him, Zhuang Momo even forgot where he was at this time, and looked at him like a fool. Until she saw an enemy appeared on the side of the end of the war, and the enemy\'s muzzle was aimed at the end of the war, Zhuang Momo just woke up: "the end of the war, be careful!"

When roaring, she turned the muzzle of her gun, aimed at the enemy, and shot him in the head.

At the end of the battle, she also successfully dodged the enemy\'s attack after hearing her cry. On the battlefield, they looked at each other, didn\'t say anything, and entered the fighting state again. However, they all knew each other. That look was to let the other be careful. The four of them have already sacrificed a small Jia. There must be no more second sacrifice.