My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1605

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At the end of the war, Zhuang Momo said, "I didn\'t seem to provoke you, Mr. Zhan. What do you want to do when you put on a picture of eating people?"

Zhan Li finally gnashed his teeth and said, "yes, you didn\'t provoke me. I ate too much myself."

It\'s because he ate too much that he helped her. I knew that she would be killed by poison.

Zhuangmomo looked around and saw how many quilts he was lying on: "at the end of the war, did you tell Joe and Xiao Jia about my snake bite?"

"Don\'t you want to keep it from us?" The answer to Zhuang Momo is not the end of the war, but Hu Qiaoqiao holding a hot coconut shell porridge. "Momo, I\'m not saying you. Why are you so stupid? Do you really think Xiao Jia and I are two useless things? "

"I don\'t mean that, I just don\'t want more people to worry about me," said Zhuang Hu Qiaoqiao knew that Zhuang Momo didn\'t tell them that he didn\'t want them to be afraid, but he still understood her: "first, drink this bowl of coconut porridge. Remember not to be so silly in the future. If you are injured, you must tell us in time. If you have something long or short, which of us has the face to go back to the army

"Yes, it\'s my fault. It won\'t be like this in the future." Zhuang Momo gave a sad look at the end of the war. She asked him not to tell Hu Qiaoqiao and Xiao Jia whether he was a man or not. He also said that there was no man\'s responsibility.

"Hu Qiaoqiao, you take care of this ungrateful woman here. I\'ll have lunch with Xiao Jia." At the end of the war, I\'m afraid that he will stay. I\'m sure I can\'t help tearing up Zhuang Momo, a woman who doesn\'t know how to behave.


As soon as Zhan left, Hu Qiaoqiao gathered around Zhuang Momo and gossip: "Momo, you don\'t know how worried Zhan Gongzi was last night when you were in a coma. He is worried about your appearance. If someone who doesn\'t know the real relationship between you looks at it, he will think he likes you. "

"What are you talking about? He didn\'t worry about me, but he worried about me hanging up. He couldn\'t return to the army. After all, we\'re a team. I\'m afraid that we can\'t go back without others. "

Hu Qiaoqiao nodded and admitted Zhuang Momo\'s saying: "but he is really worried about you. No matter what reason he is worried about you, if you can get back this life, you have to thank others and Mr. Zhan. Don\'t show them a bad face. They really don\'t owe you anything."

"I know," murmured Zhuang. It\'s just that when I saw him, I rejected him out of instinct. I didn\'t feel well when he approached me. "

Hu Qiaoqiao said, "I\'ve really convinced you, Miss Zhuang. Seriously speaking, we, Mr. Zhan, have never done anything to offend you. "

Zhuangmomo said: "he has not done anything to offend me? What is the big thing in your heart? "

"What\'s the big thing that you think he offended you?" Hu asked

Zhuangmomo thought about it seriously, as if he didn\'t have one, and reluctantly found a reason: "he called me manpo."

"Not only does he think you\'re like a manly woman, but I think so," Hu said

Zhuang Momo: "Hu Qiaoqiao, can we still be good friends?"

Hu Qiaoqiao added: "in fact, in my opinion, it\'s his identity that really offends you. Since he came to our team from the beginning, you have believed that he came in through the back door, so you are biased against him. " When it comes to Zhuang Momo\'s heart, Hu Qiaoqiao has always been biased against Zhan limo\'s report because of Zhan limo\'s identity, so she always looks at Zhan limo in a different way. But after a long time, she finds that Zhan limo has the advantages of Zhan limo, which is incomparable to anyone in their team.

Hu Qiaoqiao added: "Mo Mo, let go of the prejudice in my heart, and look at Zhan Gongzi seriously. In fact, he is a very responsible man. It\'s really the blessing we have built in our last lives that we can make friends with him."

Zhuangmomo poked Hu Qiaoqiao\'s head: "Hu Qiaoqiao, what kind of ecstasy did the end of war fill you with, let you talk for him like this?" Hu Qiaoqiao said with wide eyes: "am I a person who can make people easily infatuate with their soul?"? I look at people with my heart. I\'m good at finding the advantages of everyone with my heart. I found the advantage of Zhan Gongzi, that is, I think this man is good. Just as I found out your advantages, I think you are a special person. You are the same person who is willing to make friends with you. "

Being good at discovering other people\'s advantages is also Hu Qiaoqiao\'s advantage. Zhuang Momo admits: "well, we don\'t know if you know how to find other people\'s advantages with your heart. You are satisfied, Miss Hu. "

Hu Qiaoqiao said, "don\'t talk nonsense, just drink this bowl of porridge. You\'ve just cleaned up the poison in your body. You\'re still weak. You should have a good rest. "

Zhuangmomo didn\'t admit that he was a patient: "porridge is for drinking, but you don\'t really treat me as a patient, I can eat and sleep now, and I am very healthy."

Hu Qiaoqiao: "if you are asked to drink porridge, don\'t talk so much."

"OK, I\'ll have porridge." Zhuang Momo is drinking porridge, but she is a little absent-minded. She was unconscious after the snake venom attack last night. She doesn\'t know what happened next.

After she was in a coma, what method did Zhan Li end use to clean up the snake venom in her body?

Zhuang Momo wants to find out the answer from Hu Qiaoqiao, but apparently Hu Qiaoqiao doesn\'t know. If Hu Qiaoqiao knew it, she didn\'t need to ask. Hu Qiaoqiao\'s loudspeakers had told her all about it.

Zhuangmomo didn\'t think about it. He would have a chance to say thanks to Zhan LiMao some other day, and then ask what method he used to save her.

…… On the outdoor kitchen side, Zhan limo choked his stomach at zhuangmomo\'s, and all his anger was on Jia Zhuangsheng who prepared lunch for everyone: "I said that Jia Zhuangsheng asked you to prepare a lunch. You\'ve been preparing for two hours, haven\'t you steamed a fish? What are you doing?"

Jia Zhuangsheng immediately handed the spoon made of coconuts to Zhan Liming: "Zhan Gongzi, I can\'t do it. Come on, try it."

This is to survive in the wild. There is nothing like cooking gas. It takes a long time to make a fire. It\'s so easy to cook.

At the end of the war, it\'s better for the young master to come out and shout at him. He doesn\'t want to do it. Is it possible?

At the end of the war, he felt aggrieved: "I didn\'t sleep for a night because I was tired for several of you. I can\'t lose my temper." Jia Zhuangsheng said, "did you stay up all night for us? Mingming is just for Zhuang Momo. I think you may be angry at Zhuang Momo and put it on me. "