My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1600

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Chu Yuan is the first time to see a man who has no responsibility. He despises this man named Fang from the bottom of his heart.

As a man, since he dare to do it, no matter who is right or who is wrong, he should bear the result.

Such a man was despised by Chu Yuan, so he said again that Chu Yuan even omitted the polite disguise: "Fang, you can also say these words. It seems that we were blind before and didn\'t recognize you as a scum." Doctor Fang said in a hurry: "chamberlain Chu, did that woman say something to you? You thought it was me who was lying? Chamberlain Chu, you are an understanding person. You should be clear about how long you know her, how long you know me, and my character. If you analyze carefully, you will know who is lying between us. "

Doctor Fang was very urgent because he wanted Chu Yuan to believe him. As long as Chu Yuan believed him, he could transform his identity into the identity of the victim.

compared with Fang, Chu Yuan once again thought that the woman was not bad. At least someone else did something wrong and dared to admit it, and didn\'t put the responsibility on others\' heads. It\'s no wonder that the woman clearly gave birth to Fang\'s son, but she still coveted Mrs. Qin\'s position.

The virtue of Fang, whose surname is Fang, doesn\'t deserve to lift shoes for his young master.

Chu Yuan didn\'t want to talk to doctor Fang at all: "my husband is the victim of this incident. No matter who you are, he will not give up easily, let alone those of us who work under him."

Doctor Fang looked at Chu Yuan and hurriedly asked, "steward Chu, what is Mr Qin going to do?"

He is so eager to ask, in fact, is guilty, Chu Yuan all see in the eyes, but he is also silly refused to admit.

Chu Yuan added, "take your women and children far away, and never show up in minluo City, let alone in front of my master, or you will be responsible for the consequences."

How to deal with this matter? Chu Yuan didn\'t get Qin Yinze\'s instruction, but he knew that this way would be enough. Now Jirou\'s child has been more than seven months. It\'s not important to have this surrogate child. What\'s important is that they collaborated to cheat Qin Yinze.

Fortunately, it did not cause too much loss, so such punishment is enough.

Fang wanted to defend himself, but when he saw Chu Yuan\'s fierce eyes, he swallowed all his words.

Qin Yinze did not hold him responsible for his crimes, which should be regarded as a better result.

Just, will they make it public? Will he never find a job again?

He knew nothing.


After dealing with doctor Fang\'s affairs, Chu Yuan went back to Qin Yinze\'s villa and reported the result to Qin Yinze. Qin Yinze was satisfied with the result: "Chu Yuan, you handled this matter very well."

Chu Yuan: "I just did my job."

Qin Yinze added: "Pengshan people do things without brains, these years hard you."

Chu Yuan said, "it\'s my duty to share your worries and solve your difficulties, young master. You let me do things, is to trust me, I am too happy, how can I feel hard

Qin Yinze nodded: "after you look at Pengshan more, his man has not made any progress for so many years." Chu Yuan said: "in fact, Pengshan\'s advantage is that he doesn\'t know how to change. Young master, you don\'t lack people to handle affairs. Your loyalty lies in Pengshan. Since he can\'t change his temperament, let\'s not force him to change. Even if he keeps his present appearance, it\'s actually very good.

for Pengshan, Qin Yinze knows, and the people around Qin Yinze also know. Qin Yinze is glad to hear Chu Yuan say this, and Chu Yuan really considers it for him, so he can see the flash around Pengshan: "hard you, go back to rest earlier."

Chu Yuan: "yes."

When Chu Yuan came out of Qin Yinze\'s study, he met Ji Rou, who was delivering tea to Qin Yinze. He said politely, "Hello, little lady!"

Ji Rou smiled: "chamberlain Chu, it\'s hard for you."

Chu Yuan said, "you are welcome, young lady."

Ji Rou: "you should go back to have a rest. Then go back earlier, and I won\'t disturb you." There was a gap between Ji Rou and Chu Yuan before, but later, Ji Rou knew that all Chu Yuan did was to help Qin Yinze, so he took the initiative to make a good relationship with Chu Yuan. For those who really treated Qin Yinze well, Ji Rou respected them and prepared some small gifts for them every year during the Spring Festival.

Although the gift is small, but her heart is valuable. After receiving these gifts, Qin Yinze\'s people are more loyal to Qin Yinze, and their attitude towards her is much better. They get along with each other for a long time and sincerely accept the mistress Ji rou.


Ji Rou pushes the door into the study, and Qin Yinze, who is busy with his work, immediately looks up. Seeing that she has brought him tea in person, he frowns displeased: "how many times have you said that you should give tea to others to do these things? Why are you so stubborn?" "Because I like to serve you." Ji Rou smiled and approached Qin Yinze, and handed the tea to him. "My mother told me that although carrying tea and handing water to my husband are too small for me, they can close the relationship with each other. After so many years, the relationship between parents and husband is still as good as glue, so I also do what she says. No matter how long it has been, you can still love me and pet me like now. "

Even if she doesn\'t do it, he will always love her and pet her.

Qin Yinze nodded her head: "you. In fact, you don\'t need to do so much for me. You just need to take care of yourself and our children. As long as you two are good, I will be happy. "

Ji Rou: "but I just want to do something for you. You don\'t mind me. You can work quickly. "

Qin Yinze: "you go back to your room to have a rest."

Jirou shakes her head: "you work hard. I can\'t help you with anything. The only thing I can do for you is to work with your baby."

Qin Yinze: "OK, then you and the baby are good."

Because of the company of Ji Rou, Qin Yinze is in a happier mood at work, which also makes his subordinates in the video conference feel much better. Ji Rou sits quietly beside Qin Yinze. She doesn\'t disturb Qin Yinze\'s work at all, but she listens carefully to how he communicates with his subordinates and how he deals with some problems. From time to time, she tells her baby in her heart: "baby, you see how powerful your father is. When you grow up, you should also study like your father and be a man of the sky. "